US Weekly jumps into bed with Scientology doctor-bashers

Pro-Scientology End Psychiatry leader: ‘Psychiatry inspired the Holocaust’

Scientology-lover at Benzo Buddies calls doctors fuckers, threatens to bring them down

I wish we could bring these f*ckers down
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Disclaimer: I am sorry, this thread won’t be very positive.

I am almost at the end of my taper and I am getting angrier at, especially my ‘doctors/psychiatrists’ (but also on my pharmacy and the manufacturer) by the day. They took at least 10 years of my life and there is nothing we can do nor do I feel that they can do anything to repair this.

However, when I do feel better and have more energy I will definitely try to sue all of them. They should have told me about the potential of addiction and what it can do long-term. Also, when I started this all this stuff wasn’t mentioned in the leaflet. Also, I don’t understand why my pharmacy didn’t warn me, they should never have given me dosages for such long periods.

I do have the problem however that most-likely it has been too long ago that the first psychiatrist gave me this benzo and secondly that I’m located in The Netherlands where my chances of receiving more then a miserable €1000 for this would be close to none. I don’t care too much about money, but I couldn’t finish my college study because of this.

I want to sue these f*ckers even if my chances of winning are close to none and even if this is very negative, I want to let them know what they have done.

Wonder if this L. Ron Hubbard lover was going to introduce anti-benzo legislation?

Benzo Buddies member charges site brainwashes people, riddled with Scientologists

Benzodiazepine Abuse Prevention
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I have been seeing my psychiatrist for the past ten years. She has been prescribing me benzos on and off to get me through rough episodes. I was researching on other methods of tapering such as titration to get off benzos. I asked my doctor about this and she advised me it is very dangerous as it tampers with the chemical of the pills component. She explained to me that if someone who genuinely has anxiety and is taking the meds as prescribed there should be minimal effects of coming off the medication. If people take the meds as perscribed and do not take more than the recommended dose there should be no issue. I made the mistake of trying to come off my klonopin without her consent which was a mistake. My point is if a person is taking the meds as perscribed and not overindulging in taking more than recomnended there should be minimal discomfort. I got caught in the trap of reading horrible withdrawal stories and it made me not want to take something that is helping me at the moment. When my doctor feels i am ready to come off the medication i will keep everyone updated on my progress. My point is keep your doctor informed of your mental state and let him or her create a taper that is safe. I know the withdrawal can be difficult. Even if you feel you cannot talk to your doctor you should try. A lot of people get caught up with being hooked on benzos is because they did not follow their doctors advice. Think to yourself would you rather deal with general anxiety to deal with the consequences of coming off a dangerous drug without a doctor supervising you. A taper plan should bevgiven by your doctor. If the symptoms are unbearable speak to your doctor about a slowe approach. I wish everyone the best
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Re: Benzodiazepine Abuse Prevention
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I have read all of your replies. Again, I am only trying to look out for innocent people’s best interest. Please keep in mind that doctors go to med school and have extensive training in their field so I am sure that they are not oblivious to medications. I would rather take a doctor’s advice as opposed to people on this site who are not medical professionals. There are many risk factors as to not listening to your doctor, especially when it comes to psych meds. Unfortunately, many people get seriously ill or even end their own life due to not having their medication handled properly. On the signature of every member’s reply on this site, it specifically states to consult your physician before anything. Isn’t this contracting the purpose of this site. Also, many members on this site are unaware that this is all scientology backed information, which can be dangerous. Again, I don’t understand why a person, like most members of this site would go on a medication without even researching the medication first. Take some self responsibility. Again, to people who are on this site trying to seek help, keep in mind you really don’t know the people you are talking to online. People can be drug addicts, sex offenders, cult members and who knows what else. I wish you well and please keep in mind what I am saying. so called “doctors” like Ashton are not always the answer.

Re: Benzodiazepine Abuse Prevention
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Thank you! Same to you! Also, at first, I was “upset” with my psychiatrist because the first cut of klonopin she made was a bit much. I told her about it and she told me first off, I was not ready to come off the medication because my anxiety was not under control and secondly, when I am ready to come off, she will make the cut smaller…’s that simple. I hate to see people going through such a terrible time with their medication. be honest with your doctor and they will work with you, not against you. If every doctor did this, how many lawsuits would be in action? Again, members of this site are not medical professionals and really have no business giving advice how to taper from such potent medications. Also, it is very unjust to keep putting such negative stories and brainwashing people how bad these meds are. Liquid tapers? I called numerous pharmacists, consulted with a few friends of mine who work for pharmaceutical companies and other professionals and they said it is ludicrous advise to be giving out. Please be careful who you get your information from, that’s all I am saying. Many members of this site from what it seems are part of a scientology backed group and try to scare the daylights of out other members with their horror stories. I am not being insensitive. If they would have researched the medication before taking it, which anyone should do, or possibly abused the medication we would not be talking about this.

Re: Benzodiazepine Abuse Prevention
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[…] thank you for the clarification. BB is a very good resource for support to help people who are going through a hard time. Unfortunately, there are members of this site that are uneducated and feel they are capable to give medical advice, especially to people who are most vunerable (like […] for instance). Some titration plans I have read are completely insane, for instance, using alcohol to help titrate off a benzo! I called a few pharmacists and asked them about this and they told me they never heard of such a method. In rare cases, they explained titration may be used in hospital settings where a patient cannot swallow the pill. The only method they heard of was reducing the medication gradually. Some people may be experienced at this but some new members may have no clue what they are doing and harm themselves. Both benzos and alcohol are depressants on the respiratory system and can do major harm. I also noticed when people are desperate for more information and help, their concerns go unanswered, which can be really devastating. Many members (not all) follow scientology based views, which can be harmful. Also, as I advised, don’t always believe what you read on the internet. In plain English, there are many sickos out there. I did my research on this site and […] and other admins such as […], Benzos R Cruel and Meghan have been very helpful answering questions. On the other hand (and this was my original point), don’t take advice from any person. You don’t know who they are, what their intentions are and what their true beliefs are. I myself have been through a lot, suffered many years with anxiety and the purpose of me posting on this site is to try to help people feel and be safe. You may all be saying to yourselfs who is she but I feel that after all I have been through and have almost recovered fully from years and years of anxiety, it is time to give back and share some of my experiences and pass on the knowledge I have from doctors, friends and professionals that have helped me get through everything. I truly wish everyone well and do not have any bad intentions here at all. Unfortunately, some people do. Also, another thing I truly believe in is that medication is a band aid to fix the problem AT HAND. You need it when you need it to help you get through a rough patch in your life. The main key to success (in my opinion) is self discipline, coping techniques, patience with yourself and to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself and learn to self cope, the medication is worth nothing.
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End Psychiatry leader lashes out at woman who benefited from ECT

Melissa Ortega: “ECT is a last-ditch effort at stabilizing profoundly depressed individuals. These are people who tend to have suicidal ideation and for whom other therapies have failed. Studies–that can be replicated, which means they are SCIENCE and not fear-and-ignorance-based anecdotes–show that ECT is extremely effective for these patients. Stop sensationalizing medicine. Unless you know what you’re talking about, and it’s apparent that you don’t, stfu and stop stigmatizing people who could benefit IMMENSELY from this treatment.”

Susan Wales: “I find it interesting how Daniel claims to be an advocate for misdiagnosed and ill informed people, which is a good and noble stance, yet can so viciously attack another human being in such a hateful and evil way – which completely negates the thoughtful humanitarian he is trying to present himself as being. Sharing one’s own thankfully positive outcome is in no way a statement on or advocacy for any other person’s experience. Attacking a fragile person who struggled mightily for her own survival is vile and frankly, an evil and merciless act.
I truly hope not one more person respond to this vitriolic hateful person.”

Daniel Carter: “I’ve personally watched hundreds destroyed by psychiatry, many of whom are dead.
You’re spitting on their graves and you should be ashamed.
Don’t try to oppress my form of expression and protest against TORTURE. Fuck tradition. Fuck oppressive psychiatry and fuck anyone who thinks only of their own happiness and is incapable of considering what it would be like to be force treated unnecessarily.”

ChaCha Lambert: “Daniel Carter you are a misogynist asshole”

Izzy Swank: “It’s sad, it’s really fucking sad, that you have no empathy for the people struggling with mental health disorders so bad that they need follow through with such extreme treatments.
I, too, wasn’t an advocate for ECT for the longest time. Watching how depressive disorders can destroy people’s ability to function first hand really changed my mind though. And you know what? Despite the lack of research and negative side effects, it appears that it worked for someone closet to me in my life, and for that I am BEYOND thankful.
Quite frankly, I think you should go fuck yourself.

Narcissa N David Dyste: “I think Daniel does have some other issues going on though…he lashes out even when people aren’t arguing with him…”

Daniel Carter:I may be an asshole at times, but I do it for a good reason and at least I can admit it, Aimee. Forced psychiatry is nothing short of criminal and you seem to have a conflict of interest when it comes to your happiness and advocacy, at the expense of VICTIMS of torture. That’s if you even care.”