Kooks discover outside their tiny cult no one’s ever heard of Heather Ashton

Ashton's popularity
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I’m getting impression whenever I mention Dr Ashton / Ashton’s manual to GP’s or Psychiatrist no one of them seem to reflect. I feel like I’m mentioning name of some unknown shaman?

What’s your experience there?

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A lot of doctors in the US have never heard of Dr. Ashton. Some disregard her work simply because they “think” they know better. My doctor was receptive and was willing to use her taper plan for my withdrawal.


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I am in the UK … and my psychiatrist had never heard of her. He also denied that my sxs were due to benzo withdrawal. He said something about there being no clinical trials …    on benzo withdrawal.

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So I’m in Ireland… same here.

In addition, the best thing I heard today from one psychiatrist is that my addiction at this stage is merely psychological .

Generally they are all aware Benzos are bad and they will be reluctant to prescribe it, but when it comes to Benzo addiction in their eyes it looks less significant.

Those two things are not in proportion…
I wish they are right though

Benzo Buddies maniac shrieks doctors deserve a bullet between the eyes

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Same here.
I am currently so full of anger that Clonazepam took so many years(11 and counting) of my life. F*cking psychiaters and f*cking Roche. I want to sue them, but I feel like it would be useless, since there is nothing they can give me that gives me back all those years.

I have a beautiful son, but I feel dead, felt like that for the last 7-8 years or so. I want to be present for him. I hate the idiots who did this to me. Sorry for the foul language, but it would be crazy to
feel different, even while it’s negative.

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No need to apologize for the language..NO NEED AT ALL. What has been done to us is quite simply a crime against humanity. It is only natural and perfectly appropriate to be ENRAGED!! Yes, anger episodes are part of withdrawal/recovery, but any rational/thinking human being would respond with utter disbelief and rage after being so gravely damaged by a chemical suggested to us by a doctor and PERSCRIBED by a doctor. Think about that for a second. A trained (12 to 16 yrs of medical training) medical professional (neurologist, psychiatrist, m.d.) is literally telling you that you have something wrong with you and that they want to put you on something that will help you. Something that is more neurotoxic and damaging to the brain than crack, cocaine, alcohol and heroin COMBINED!!! AND THEY ARE CLUELESS TO THIS REALITY!! AND EVEN WORSE, SOMETIMES THEY NO DARN WELL HOW NEUROTOXIC BENZOS ARE AND STILL THEY PRESCRIBE THEM !!! THAT IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR! !!…PERIOD!!

It amazes me that ANYONE ever makes it through this!!! Because benzos damage the encoding function in the brain, along with short and long term memory, you literally are trying to figure out and fight your way through the most despicable and relentless torture known to man WITHOUT the one thing you desperately MUST have to make it through – YOUR BRAIN!!! NONE of your thoughts can be trusted while going through this!! And YOU HAVE NO IDEA about any of this. Everything you do or […] stands a good chance of being wrong because your brain is simply to damaged to help you or to be trusted. And even the best Neurologists at esteemed university hospitals are utterly clueless. WVU Hospital, Johns Hopkins and Pittsburgh University Hospital – TOTALLY CLUELESS ONE AND ALL !!!!

But every Tom, Dick and Harry in any medical facility or rehab knows exactly how to take somebody off of cocaine, opiate pain killers, heroin, crack or alcohol!!! IT IS AMAZING THAT THEY CAN WITHDRAWAL PEOPLE OFF OF ANY STREET DRUG OR BOOZE WITH SCIENTIFIC PRECISION. YET NOT ONE F**KING CLUE ON HOW TO TAKE SOMEONE OFF BENZOS OR HOW PROFOUNDLY DAMAGED A BENZO PATIENT IS. IT’S UNCONTIONABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE.

If an over the counter med like Tylenol or Zantac was causing stomach or GI problems there would be national outrage, recalls and law suits up the ying yang. Yet benzos are semi permanently damaging people’s brains and not a peep from the medical community, consumer advocacy groups, the legal community or the Government!!! In my opinion, the doctors and drug companies responsible for this should be sued for BILLIONS…stripped of all their posessions, shunned, abandoned and forced to spend the rest of their lives volunteering for those they have so profoundly injured and destroyed. OR A bullet between the eyes would work too. (just kidding…I would never advocate such a thing..at least not publicly)

We are literally trained to seek a qualified professional when confronting physical or mental issues. We trust these people for God’s sake!! So its no surprise that millions of us end up walking right into the throws of chemical dependency (not addiction..and yes there’s a huge difference) and unimaginable suffering and loss. In fact, in my case I was vehemently against pills of any kind…period. The doctor spent a lot of time convincing me that I had an anxiety problem (yeah..it’s called managing 1.8 billion dollar marketing budget through the biggest economic crisis since the great depression) called General Anxiety Disorder and I had to take this little pill…much like a diabetic needs to manage their diabetes. Yes…the idiot broke out the old faithful diabetes scenario to sell me on taking clonazepam!!

I’ve spent weeks months and date I say years learning all I can about benzos and the damage they cause and the long term prognosis post benzos. And I can tell you that the receptors (GABA) destroyed in our brains DO REGENERATE. BUT the new receptors are much more frail and will NEVER be as effective and durable as the ones we are born with. So YES you will recover BUT NO YOUR BRAIN WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. 10 years from now if you have a stiff drink or a glass of wine or a flouroquinalin antibiotic etc you can and probably will end up right back in benzo withdrawal.

If you are taking benadryl. ..STOP. if you are taking sleepy time tea or st johns wort or any other natural supplement – STOP. If you are taking lyrica or neurotin…STOP. If you are taking antipsychotics to help with benzo withdrawal. ..ABSOLUTELY STOP (especially perphenezine and any in the perphenezine family). if you are taking NSAIDS like aleve, aspirin, advil, etc – STOP. Tylenol only. No caffiene and no chocolate. Pretty much any medication a doctor tried to give you to help you through this can and probably will hurt you. BELIEVE ME I’VE LIVED IT. Each time you reinstate you shock and more profoundly damage your brain. Therefore each withdrawal is more complex, more symptoms, exponentially more intense and longer/harder. This is a phenomenon known as “kindling.” Its very common in alcoholism (alcoholic damaged brain) and benzos.

Your best bet is to taper for YEARS if you have to. Trust me a very very very slow taper is the way to go. Go to Ashton Manual, Recovery – Road.org and Benzo WithdrawalHelp by Dr. Jennifer Leigh and LEARN ALL YOU CAN AND STAY AWAY FROM HOSPITALS AND DOCTORS. THEY ABSOLUTELY CANNOT HELP YOU

Doctor-bashers organize attack on woman who asks them to stop doctor-bashing

“There’s no such thing as a ‘low dose’ especially when you’ve been on it SO LONG! I see you say for patients to educate themselves but unfortunately you are not educated on the long-term effects of what has happened to your body by being on them for 30 years. If your doctor cuts you off, you will find out really quick how sick your body really is. Come join the 20,000 of us that have had so much damage from these drugs!” – angelaandgijoe1

Angela obtained her medical degree from L. Ron Hubbard University. 😉

“Benzobuddies don’t have 20,000.00 at point, but they have had about 20,000.00 since they started a little over 10 years ago. Right now I think they have about 1500. That includes actually members and those that ‘peep’ in through the curtains.” – Shelly Ann

Benzo Buddies has a few hundred – tops – members that participate (most make between 1-5 posts and leave). They do not have 20,000, or even 1500, active members. Colin, and anyone that believes his hysterically padded membership rolls, is delusional.

“stop the doctor bashing on benzo’s … educate yourself” (video since removed)


Defending science-based medicine: 44 doctor-bashing arguments …and their rebuttals

“Supporters of alternative medicine and purveyors of quack remedies love to criticize conventional medicine and science. They keep repeating the same tired arguments that are easily rebutted. This handy guide will help skeptics answer common criticisms from doctor-bashers.”

Massachusetts Medical Society hits back at kooks, demands anti-patient benzo bill be rejected

MMS Testimony in Opposition to House 4062, An Act Relative to Benzopiazapines and Non-Benzodiazepine Hypnotics

Before the Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The Massachusetts Medical Society wishes to be recorded in opposition to House 4062, “An Act relative to benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepine hypnotics.”

The Medical Society strongly supports the careful prescribing of benzodiazepines given concerns over addiction, over polypharmacy abuse with opioids, and given the clinical acuity of the detoxification process from benzodiazepines. Many of the continuing medical education courses that we provide free to all prescribers include section on improving benzodiazepine prescribing. The MMS supports thoughtful safeguards to promote best practices and to eradicate any fraudulent prescribing of these and other drugs. However, the Medical Society also believes that benzodiazepines are essential drugs for the wellbeing of many patients, including those in recovery from alcoholism. At present, the proper tools exist to ensure proper prescribing, and we ultimately feel that House 4062 will have a detrimental impact on care provided to patients.

There are many ways that the standard of care in the practice of medicine is enforced in the Commonwealth. The Board of Registration in Medicine has a team of attorneys that continuously work to hold accountable those physicians who improperly prescribe. The Department of Public Health has a clinical advisory group that mines Prescription Monitoring Program Data to highlight cases for further review by licensing boards. The Office of the Attorney General, the tort system, and law enforcement all also have roles in maintaining best prescribing practices. Additionally, benzodiazepines are the only class of drugs, along with opioids, that are part of the explicit regulatory requirement that prescribers check the PMP before issuance of such a prescription to a patient for the first time. The MMS supports this current requirement.

Many of the specific provisions in this bill are problematic and will not result in the intended effect. The definition of non-benzodiazepine hypnotics is imprecise and has sufficient ambiguity to disallow any anticipation of its application. While the Medical Society appreciates the complexity of the medical discontinuation of benzodiazepines, protocols by the Department of Public Health are not the answer. The Department of Public Health does not have the clinical expertise as an entity such as the Board of Registration of Medicine, and the again the aforementioned existing safeguards are more than sufficient to promote best prescribing practices. A protocol-by-protocol approach to issues of public health concern is neither sustainable nor consistent with the long history of the provision of good medicine in Massachusetts.

The “brightly colored” paper provision is also problematic. In a time when we’re trying to destigmatize mental health issues and to promote recovery of diseases such as alcoholism, requiring recipients of benzodiazepines to have to present to the pharmacy with a scarlet letter would be antithetical to the improvements in mental health and substance abuse care over the past many years. It does not seem to provide a concrete solution to any issue and it’s yet another burden to prescribers.

Lastly, the final section requiring written informed consent is also problematic. Physicians make decisions on a daily basis about how best to provide informed consent. Many factors dictate how best to communicate medical information to a particular patient- what level of scientific detail should they provide on the risk and benefits, what types of alternatives are relevant to this particular case, and in what medium can the information best be conveyed? Written form is most effective in some instances and physicians will elect to utilize it. In others, a verbal discussion is more appropriate because of various factors (i.e., multiple informed consent forms signed or discussions had over the course of refills, literacy issues, or prioritization of time during a given clinical encounter.)

The Medical Society supports the thoughtful prescribing of these complex medications. The Medical Society supports the intent to ensure that improper prescribers are held accountable and that patients are properly informed of the risks, benefits, and alternatives to benzodiazepines. But the Medical Society firmly opposes this bill, and believes that the specific policy provisions put forward in House 4062 will have a detrimental impact on the provision of care in the Commonwealth. The Medical Society asks you to reject this bill.


Drug-seeking addict seeks cult’s help in finding new doc to supply pills

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Anybody else struggling to get their doctor to believe them about their protracted benzo withdrawal? When I see my dr. he asks me how I’m doing but then gets irate when I tell him the truth. He insists that benzo withdrawals only last 7-14 days ( it’s been 5 months for me so far). He’s accused me of pill seeking even though I’ve never asked for medications, and has even told me “you’re better than this”. I’m so frustrated. How do you go about finding a Dr. with experience treating benzo withdrawal? I’m not looking for meds, just someone who acknowledges that I feel the way I feel.

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WOW. Just wow. What’s wrong with your doctor? Arrogance? Ignorance? Lack of empathy for his suffering patients? I could go on. Is this the same doctor who gave you the benzos to start with and got you into this mess? Wasn’t HE better than that? I’m sorry you are dealing with such a doctor Katz. When I hear about doctors treating those of us struggling with benzo withdrawal in such an ignorant and callous manner, it makes my blood boil. IMO its time to find another doctor.


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Yes, he’s the same Dr. that prescribed them to me 8 years ago.

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HE IS AN IDIOT ! That is what is wrong with him !! You are 5 trillion times better than him. Don’t pay any attention. My dr. pretty much said same thing to me. Thank God we know better now. I would never go to him again.

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‘Withdrawal’ means removal of the drug, so he’s seeing this as having been accomplished already. You’re left with the process of recovering from the temporary damage the benzo has done…the healing or recovery process, which is very symptomatic for those of us who find ourselves here searching for answers. Docs get caught up in semantics and lack of information on the length of time it takes for the GABA receptors to heal. And that’s how they let us down as patients, by not validating this.

Benzo-wise doctors are few and far between, most of us must go this on our own. It’s a shame that most of our doctors aren’t better educated about what benzodiazepines can do over time.

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I had read somewhere that it was called “PAWS”, for Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. Which most if not all Drs. who prescribe these meds have no real knowledge of the harm these meds cause. I too searched for some Dr. to help me and only got frustration from the ones I turned to. I tried Drs. and drug clinics and didn’t find much support. I just wanted someone to “listen” and be compassionate and encouraging and the only place that I have found the support I needed was here at BB. Sharing back and forth really helps, keep doin it. Keep reaching out. Thanks to everyone who has helped me.