Benzo Buddies angry at Jordan Peterson for getting better

Re: Jordan Peterson is in rehab for Clonazepam
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She said something like: Daddy is fine. He was having an allergic reaction to a medication. They removed the medication and now he is OK.

IMHO, I question that explanation. Who, besides a devoted cult follower would believe that?

Re: Jordan Peterson is in rehab for Clonazepam
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I watched his daughter on youtube. She stated they were putting him on a shorter acting benzo to help withdraw him. Funny how I was told over and over to do just the opposite. Hmm…not sure that’s the right way to go. The medical and detox community are really clueless about these drugs. Seems they think 28 days and get the drug out of a person system fixes this. If it did, this message board would not exist. Wait till he finds out that getting the drug out of your system with a rapid taper can cause more damage and then the real horror is just beginning. Unless he has logged into a message board like this he really has no idea what he is in for. Maybe he’ll be one of the lucky one, but from all my reading and on these boards, if it starts out bad trying to stop it only gets worse. If the rehab f-cks this up with him, which there is very good chance that could happen considering this is benzos not alcohol or opioids, a lot of attention will come down on this problem.

Re: Jordan Peterson is in rehab for Clonazepam
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I think it’s a lie. I came to this conclusion based on her delivery. It is inconsistent with the TMI way she normally speaks. She tells you he was on klonopin, tells you where every bone and joint replacement in her body is. She told us in detail exactly what happened to her mother including what was leaking and into where. . And now he had a mysterious reaction to a “medication” that she didn’t mention the name of. That is why I think she is lying.

Re: Jordan Peterson is in rehab for Clonazepam
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One minute you’re illegally leaking the first real televised expose on benzo damage, the next you’ve just had a bad reaction and are fine. Just your average survivor story.

Maybe you leave the hospital but it takes you a while to slow taper off your allergic reaction.

I had a lot of sympathy for this family, but they clearly don’t understand how important this shit is and how they are jerking around with people’s understanding of how damaging these drugs can be.

I will say this again, it pisses me off that no high profile person who has been through this has ever made any real effort to educate the public in any sustained way. Stupid EMINEM wrote like three albums on the theme of addiction and recovery (and relapse) and you’d need a decoder ring and a special Ashton edition of the urban dictionary to understand what drugs he’s talking about.

I read about this stuff all the time. People’s spouses die from benzo “overdose.” Next thing they’re cutting a comedy album. People whose entire careers are based on telling the ‘truth,’ and being confessional about their pain.

It is unfathomable to me.

Kook dumps husband to marry Benzo Buddies cult

Leaving Partner in WD
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I’ve decided to leave my husband, i can’t take the verbal and emotional abuse any more, we’ve been to counseling but the counselor said he was narcissistic and won’t change. The stonewalling, gaslighting and passive aggression from him is hindering my recovery I’m sure.

I’m on my third day of driving 900 kms with my dog to be with my son, having to stay in motels and getting a barrage of cruel emails from him. Tomorrow i will be there, hopefully i won’t get too much of a setback from this. Leaving the house was very difficult but i know I’ve made the right decision.

Anybody else out there done this in wd? Any support appreciated from anyone.

Benzo Buddies: Doctors are killing us

Benzos are only one tentacle of the beast
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I have known for years that conventional diet “wisdom” is mostly nonsense but recently I have been been doing a lot of research on the keto diet and come to find out there are some doctors out there who are waking up to the fact that their med school education is at best inadequate and worst case it can have serious negative consequences (including death) to patient’s health.

I have listened to a few podcasts with Dr. Ken Berry He lays out the case for how conventional dietary advice that is sanctioned by many (most?) western governments and the medical establishment is effectively killing people. It’s scary how wrong they are about a fundamental health issue but it just goes to show that benzos are only the tip of the iceberg. If they are making us fat and unhealthy with bogus dietary advice and pushing drug after drug on us to mask the symptoms, what else is there that we need to be paying attention to?

We simply cannot take anything for granted, especially when it comes to our health and well being.

Here is a dicussion between Dr. Berry and a PA who is also clued in about the diet thing. Some very interesting information about how doctors are constrained by “common practice” making it very difficult to provide patients with information and treatment that goes against the orthodoxy. Very relevant to the benzo discussion.

Benzo Buddies claims it isn’t anti-psychiatry yet attacks psychiatry every single day

Psychiatry's Incurable Hubris
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From ice baths to Prozac, each development Harrington describes was touted by its originators and adherents as the next great thing—and not without reason. Some people really did emerge from an insulin coma without their delusions; some people really are roused from profound and disabling depressions by a round of electroconvulsive therapy or by antidepressant drugs. But in every case, the treatment came first, often by accident, and the explanation never came at all. The pathological basis of almost all mental disorders remains as unknown today as it was in 1886—unsurprising, given that the brain turns out to be one of the most complex objects in the universe. Even as psychiatrists prescribe a widening variety of treatments, none of them can say exactly why any of these biological therapies work.

Re: Psychiatry’s Incurable Hubris
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Another interesting article that was linked from the other one-

Re: Psychiatry's Incurable Hubris
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Then there is the idea that an entity as ‘mental illness’ exists. Hard to grasp. Like the flue ?

That some things are not mentally healthy is a different matter.

The pharmaceutical industry has been pumping money in the education of doctors and psychiatrists alike, and with success. My guess is that it will stop at some point. Who will pay for all of that ? The iatrogenic burden will simply become too great.

Re: Psychiatry's Incurable Hubris
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Quote from: [Buddie] on March 21, 2019, 09:01:03 pm
Then there is the idea that an entity as ‘mental illness’ exists. Hard to grasp. Like the flue ?

Mental variations exist. Mental illnesses? Maybe things like schizophrenia could be considered an “illness”, but when the DSM starts categorizing normal masculinity and internet use as “mental illnesses” it’s easy to see how slippery that slope is.

The more illnesses you invent the more office visits you can charge for and the more drugs you can sell. Create the demand by pathologizing normal human behavior. What a great business concept!

Another cult death

One dead in stabbing at Scientology’s Australian ‘Advanced Org,’ 16-year-old taken into custody

A Scientologist murdered: Our experts try to make sense of Australia’s ‘Advanced Org’

Scientologists told to seize on Australian stabbing death as a recruiting opportunity

Panicky Benzo Buddies leader tries (and fails) to calm his rabid anti-psychiatry flock

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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This thread is veering far off course now.

There are a couple of points I’d like to address. First of all, everyone agreed to follow rules and policies when joining the forum. This includes being careful with profanity. There are people who are sensitive to the use of profanity and while we don’t edit out each and every occurrence, mostly due to the fact we have a small team to moderate a large forum, it is important to post in a manner than is acceptable by all.

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Secondly, we are not an anti-benzo, anti-doctor, anti-medical profession forum (LOL – Editor). There is a place and a need for medicine and doctors in this world. While some of us, perhaps many, have been subject to inferior medical care, your comments should only refer to your particular instance and not generally debase the entire medical profession.

I know a little boy very well that is still undergoing periodic chemotherapy sessions to make certain his cancer stays in remission. Where would he be without this care?

Anti-doctor, Anti-psychiatrist and Anti-medicine Comments

Whilst some of our members report negative experiences with doctors, psychiatrists, or the wider medical profession, and although we do not wish to outlaw comments about how members feel let down or mistreated in their personal medical care, you are not permitted to use this community as a platform to spread general anti-doctor or anti-psychiatry propaganda. Nor should you, unless you are posting a recommendation, name those involved in your healthcare.

Please read the referenced links for more information.


Benzo Buddies: There isn’t a person on the face of the earth that needs an AD

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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There isn’t a person on the face of the earth that “needs” an AD. It isn’t air or food or water.

Honestly I don’t think a lot of people understand that like benzos, AD’s don’t cure anything, they can be every bit as dangerous as benzos and when you take them you are taking a big risk with your health.

I understand some people might be at the end of their rope and in those cases it might be an option to consider but in my opinion that is the only justifiable reason to take them. I would suggest anyone who is considering it to do lots of research and weigh their options very carefully.