Pill gobbler hungry for new party drug after benzos let him down

Benzo Substitue
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Ok so I’ve gone the Benzo route and we all see how that went. I legit have anxiety – is there anything non-rebound/dependent out there?

Addict goes doctor shopping

Just a little rant against Doctors
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So I wasn’t sure where else to put this, but just wanted to get it off my chest. I went to see my 2nd p-doc within the last month in order to attempt to obtain a legitimate prescription to valium for the purposes of tapering. Also was looking for a script to remeron, since my sleep is still pretty bad even after reinstating. I made the mistake of mentioning tapering down, and switching over from the klonopin that I had previously been on. Big mistake. In the US, doctors just don’t get it. He actually said “well if there’s an addiction, we need to stop the benzos. You’ll feel a little anxiety for a few days, but then you’ll be ok” Lol. He then said but if you have GAD, and valium or klonopin seem to work for you, then we can go that route. I immediately said yes, I think I’ve have GAD. You see, docs just don’t want to get involved in the whole tapering business. It’s messy. I’m not sure if they’re completely ignorant to protracted WD, or if they just don’t want to get involved in a tapering schedule. With them, everything HAS to have a diagnosis. And if it’s benzo dependancy (addiction or not), than they are apparently almost never willing to write a script to taper. Because if it’s dependance, the solution is to get off the drug right NOW, find some other diagnosis, and put you on some other med that probably won’t help, and will likely make things worse. Long story short.. I get ONE WEEKS supply of valium and remeron, and have to go back in a week (another $150) to re-evaluate. I’m just going to stick to my GAD diagnosis and taper on my own. Hopefully he will trust me enough to change the visits to once a month.

Here is the real kicker: In the whole visit, he offered me gabapentin, paxil, effexor, anafranil (which I’d be willing to retry at some point b/c it of positive past with it). And the most outrageous of all.. He actually offered me buprenorphine (Suboxone) to help treat DEPRESSION!! Are you kidding me?? I was trying to be as personable and friendly as I could, so I just said “hmmm.. I haven’t been on opiates in about 8 months. That might have made a little more sense if I made the transition back then, but at this point, I’m not sure what the benefit would be?”. Come to find out, their have actually been clinical trials using buprenophine for depression, and it’s soon going to be a new depression treatment! What’s next? Oxycodone for depresssion? It makes you feel good, right? Anyway, he just refused to believe or accept that I’m trying to allow my brain to slowly recover from years of addictive psychotropic drugs. And that it takes time. But that’s just not how they think. It can’t last that long, they say. There must be some underlying condition that needs to be treated with a new drug. That’ll fix it. Sigh. Western medicine.. I guess that’s how they stay in business.

First question: “How do I find a doctor (who will give me benzos)? I fucking love them!”

My first question to everyone...
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How do I find a doctor that will taper me over a long period of time. All three tapers I have tried were between 1 and 3 months. And they all resulted badly, severe depression and anxiety along with cognitive effects and pain.
It seems like every doctor knows how to prescribe Benzos and I can’t find one to taper me off them without crashing me.
3mg clonazapam for 17 years. Was great for the first year and the years after just got worse and worse. It has changed me for the worse in so many ways.

“Looking for Dr. Wonderful!”

I loLooking for Dr Wonderful
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Here I am again, trying to find a doctor who will work with me on a valium withdrawal from temazapam as outlined in the Ashton manual. The nearest doctor is a 4hr drive away and charges up front $250 for the first visit and $115 for subsequent ones, which may or may not be reimbursed by my ins. co. Does any one know of a Doc Wonderful in Sacramento. I am desperate for help so will probably suck up the car ride and price gouging.

Psychiatrist cuts off accidental’ addict, panic ensues

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I am tapering from klonopin and working with a wacky psychiatrist. I am three days short of doses before I see him next. Instead of calling the pharmacy to get me enough until I see him next he calls me and leaves me a message saying he doesn’t have time to call the pharmacy. He suggests I “stretch it out”. What?  If I had epilepsy would you tell me to stretch it out. The pharmacy won’t refill because it’s a “controlled substance”.
WHAT RIGHTS DO WE HAVE? I don’t want to be addicted to this medication but I am and I have to deal with that. What do you all recommend (besides getting a new doc)? I’m tapering not updosing so why is he so freaked about calling in a few extra days for me???

Hungry addicts offer each other doctor-shopping tips

What to Do When You Have a Clueless Prescriber?
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I am currently seeing a nurse practitioner who prescribes my Klonopin. Although I have told her since Day 1 that this drug is ruining my life and all I want is to come off it safely, she refuses to acknowledge that the litany of symptoms and side effects I’m experiencing are from the benzo and they are all just from the under lying anxiety disorder. Since my agoraphobia, insomnia and depersonalization have gotten a lot worse she now wants to put me on Paxil when I have told her explicitly that since I know how bad the discontinuation can be from Paxil added to the fact that no SSRI’s have helped that I want no part of it. She also says when it’s time to get off of the Klonopin, Buspar and Gabapentin will make it easy which we all know is not true at all. I don’t want to lie to her but I need to Klonopin to continue my taper. I don’t know how all you people are able to work with your medical professionals during my taper but I’ve been looking for one who understands for over three years and cannot find one and it’s the most frustrating thing I’ve ever experienced. I got unwittingly addicted because of these people but they won’t help me come off or even acknowledge that they’re causing or even contributing to my symptoms? What should I do? I’ve tried to find another prescriber but if I go in and say “I want to come off of Klonopin” they usually say “Ok, here’s a month’s worth and a prescription to Lexapro and then I’ll never prescribe anymore.”. I really feel lost and don’t know if I should just do the taper on my own while putting on the facade that I’m actually taking the Paxil.

Re: What to Do When You Have a Clueless Prescriber?
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I don’t know if this is a good idea for you, but what I did was just tell my prescribernwhatnshe wanted to,hear so I could get my prescriptions. I tapered quickly because I hated doing that, but didn’t wanting risk any issues. i would be careful to do nothing that would risk yor refills,

Drug-seeking addict seeks cult’s help in finding new doc to supply pills

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Anybody else struggling to get their doctor to believe them about their protracted benzo withdrawal? When I see my dr. he asks me how I’m doing but then gets irate when I tell him the truth. He insists that benzo withdrawals only last 7-14 days ( it’s been 5 months for me so far). He’s accused me of pill seeking even though I’ve never asked for medications, and has even told me “you’re better than this”. I’m so frustrated. How do you go about finding a Dr. with experience treating benzo withdrawal? I’m not looking for meds, just someone who acknowledges that I feel the way I feel.

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WOW. Just wow. What’s wrong with your doctor? Arrogance? Ignorance? Lack of empathy for his suffering patients? I could go on. Is this the same doctor who gave you the benzos to start with and got you into this mess? Wasn’t HE better than that? I’m sorry you are dealing with such a doctor Katz. When I hear about doctors treating those of us struggling with benzo withdrawal in such an ignorant and callous manner, it makes my blood boil. IMO its time to find another doctor.


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Yes, he’s the same Dr. that prescribed them to me 8 years ago.

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HE IS AN IDIOT ! That is what is wrong with him !! You are 5 trillion times better than him. Don’t pay any attention. My dr. pretty much said same thing to me. Thank God we know better now. I would never go to him again.

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‘Withdrawal’ means removal of the drug, so he’s seeing this as having been accomplished already. You’re left with the process of recovering from the temporary damage the benzo has done…the healing or recovery process, which is very symptomatic for those of us who find ourselves here searching for answers. Docs get caught up in semantics and lack of information on the length of time it takes for the GABA receptors to heal. And that’s how they let us down as patients, by not validating this.

Benzo-wise doctors are few and far between, most of us must go this on our own. It’s a shame that most of our doctors aren’t better educated about what benzodiazepines can do over time.

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I had read somewhere that it was called “PAWS”, for Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. Which most if not all Drs. who prescribe these meds have no real knowledge of the harm these meds cause. I too searched for some Dr. to help me and only got frustration from the ones I turned to. I tried Drs. and drug clinics and didn’t find much support. I just wanted someone to “listen” and be compassionate and encouraging and the only place that I have found the support I needed was here at BB. Sharing back and forth really helps, keep doin it. Keep reaching out. Thanks to everyone who has helped me.