If you’re not addicted simply don’t get them filled – don’t blame the doctor

This is the problem...
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For those that can’t see it clearly, it’s a quantity of 120, 1mg tabs per bottle with 5 refills.

Need I say more?

Addict binges on drugs but blames Big Pharma?

I have everything: grades, looks, connections. What do you think is wrong with me?
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I’m blessed with so much yet can’t seem to get my act together, it’s a shame.

– No motivation…
– addictive personality, tendencies to binge on things then abstain wether it be food, or a video game, or the monopoly game at McDonald’s
– I have girls throwing themselves at me but don’t pursue :idiot: :P
– I’m on 200mg Zoloft
I use drugs all the time, even though I’ve been getting cleaner and cleaner since getting arrested
– it runs in the family my cousin just died from overdose and my in uncle just got out of ICU for alcoholism
– sketchy behavior


Benzo Buddies member coop tells people not to listen to their doctors

Re: Is there a point where healing is no longer possible?
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coops wife

Unless it’s life threatening and you could do harm to yourself or others do NOT take antidepressants or any mood altering pharmaceuticals. They will continue to wreck your life. You will recover. Change your diet, exercise, adjust your life style but please have faith in your body’s ability to heal. Do not fall back into the destructive hands of the ultra rich big pharma companies.