Do Ashton benzo tapers cause premature ejaculation?

Sexual question for men
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One horrible thing that’s happened to me after coming off Benzos is I suffer from pretty awful premature ejaculation. It feels like I’m just way over stimulated down below and don’t have the muscle control I did before. Very embarrassing for me but not the end of the world. Would love to hear from those that have overcome it or seen it improve. Before benzos this was not an issue of mine. Doing much better otherwise though. Thanks

Re: Sexual question for men
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Hey bro . I think you just need to strengthen those muscles again. If you’re back in the gym do some leg based lifting. If you have a partner you might need to do it with them more often or if not you may need to have fun by yourself more often for those muscles to strengthen back up. Also to train your brain as well around it. I noticed that even before benzos it took time to build up endurance if it had been a while.

Kooks add burping to list of 90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

Anyone out there burping like crazy...
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Hey all,

This burping withdrawal symptom is nuts.

Anyone else burping all the time?

I just wondering if it is benzo related or if I need to see a doctor – I really am tired of seeing doctors.

Re: Anyone out there burping like crazy...
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I burped like crazy Feb-recently when I did my first taper (too large) of Klonopin… it took a while to settle down but did…. note I had pre-existing GI issues which caused me to start the Klonopin to begin with in January….

Benzo Buddies member taking psychedelics daily to cope with benzo withdrawal

Re: Psilocybin and MDMA (Psychedelic Drugs) for Psychiatric Disorders
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I microdose pretty much daily. I was so afraid at first and the first month but it has proven well worth it as I have been practicing having this in my life for 3 months now. It helps me with concentration, staying present, organising sentences, facing obstacles and fears, processing emotion, handling emotion and so much more. I also experience less pain through withdrawal as psylocibin allows my energy to flow through my chakras as opposed to getting stuck and causing unneeded stress. I am 17 months into protracted and I give a lot of credit to my shroomy fungi friends. Every morning and night I also drink at least 1 to 2 grams of lions mane mushroom in my tea or steeped in hot water. The fibers are known to help our nerves grow along with a bunch more benefits. . This is just my journey :)

Kooks add soy sauce, sushi, olives with (or without) garlic, MSG to list of forbidden foods

Soy Sauce????
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I was reading about “kindling”. It talked about the overproduction of glutamate. Soy sauce has glutamate. I ate sushi last night with tamari & this morning had a bad episode of symptoms (weak & shaky legs, distended stomach, blurry vision). Any correlation??

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No clue I ate some green olives with garlic and immediately had issues be I don’t know why

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Tons of MSG in both Sushi at a lot of places, and soy sauce, which also contributes to glutamate.

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MSG is a major trigger for many people during withdrawal, and soy sauce is really high in it. Yes, there is definitely a correlation between MSG and waves.

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Absolutely! Even now, almost 10 months off, if I were to consume soy sauce, it would get real ugly, real fast.