Christmas visit to psychiatrist ends in disaster

Psych mistake
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I went to see the psychiatrist just after Christmas. I have intrusive thoughts and she wanted to change my antidepressant to help this. So I had to come off 100mg Nortriptyline and she gave me six weeks to do that. My dose was made up of 4x25mg tablets per day. So I cut down to 75mg. I felt okay and was optimistic. However, ten days after I’d gone down to 75mg I felt worse than ever and my intrusive thoughts were completely out of control. Now I am barely functioning. I have talked to the psychiatrist and we agreed to go back to 100mg. I am seeing her again next Wednesday. But now I am stuck in bed and the situation is much worse. I don’t know what to do. Any ideas? Thanks.

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"Rescue Doses"
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Ok fellow buddies-we need to rename “rescue dose” something more apt…like ” fuck you up good doses”, or “immediate retardation doses”, or maybe something catchier like”zombie dose”? We cannot EVER do Benzos, or barbiturates, or even alcohol if we want to keep our FREEDOM! Please don’t think it’s OK to take “just one” because our brains CANNOT HANDLE these poisons. The longer we are FREE the easier it is to stay that way. I took one .25 mg tablet as I hadn’t slept at all for months. My Drs said I could go back on the damn things but other than that they had nothing. I was a 4 y/o in the body of a 52 y/o man thanks to taking that one ” rescue dose “. No one I know has benefited from taking rescue doses. Do anything else but please, don’t take any “rescue doses”. Same same as rusky roulette, me hearties…..