Members terrorized by cult beliefs

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When does the fear ever subside? Every day has been different. Sometimes, I’ll awaken and I’ll be experiencing high crying episodes then other days, I feel fearful-where nothing “feels” the same. I can’t make a routine because it feels so “off” and different. It is truly the scariest thing; feels as if I’ve had a stroke. What can you do but rest in it? I don’t even know how to cope…

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I experience terror-not fear mostly in bed at night to the point i couldnt sleep until sunrise and could see the light. I was on a much higher dose then you were for a linger period of time. The terror subsided at around 5-6 months and is gone now at 11 months. I prayed all night long to combat the terror. Good luck.

Cult laments destruction of

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Does this information mean that has shut down permanently?

Thank you.

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Hi all,

There appears to be some concern about what has happened to BW; there even have been worries that it has been hacked. My first thought was that Andrew (RUNVS) forgot to renew the domain, but this appears to not be the case – a ‘whois’ lookup indicates no recent changes to the domain details (so no change of ownership). It seems that the domain ( is now ‘parked’ with GoDaddy (Andrew’s webhost). ‘Parking’ is generally used for the purposes of making money by running adverts on webpages that are no longer being used.

I see that another site of Andrew’s,, has been parked too. It seems unlikely, as has been suggested to our team, that BW (and OW) have been ‘hacked’. There is no evidence that there has been a security breach.

I can allay fears regarding ‘security’ at this forum. Our forum has not been hacked, nor was Andrew’s forum when he experienced problems last week. ‘Hacking’ refers to exploiting weaknesses in software; ‘cracking’ refers to compromising (weak) passwords. Although some accounts were indeed cracked at BW, as far as we know, no accounts were compromised here. Last week, we published some recommendations about how to properly secure your accounts with BB, and e-mail, etc. (link to follow). So long as you take reasonable precautions in generating passwords, do not share your passwords or login details, or fall for ‘phishing’ e-mail, your accounts at BB (and elsewhere) should be safe from cracking attempts.


On benzo’s for almost four months for anxiety/stress.  Off benzo’s for almost 21 months, did a c/t unknowingly.  Symptoms are much better, but I continue to suffer with w/d’s each and every day.  I have always been very sensitive to medications.

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Yes Tiffany. It seems so.

2 mgs of clonazepam for 4 yrs.
6/29/11-2 mg to 1 mg in one day.-sick
7/25-.875 mg
8/4-.75 mg
8/15-.625 mg-sick
8/24-.562 mg
9/7-.5 mg.-tremors.
10/20-Have decided to continue to hold until stable.Buddie Blog:
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OMG…LOL 500 Z….who cares about Jon’s short list.

Jon is the proverbial criminal, weakling and sloth. Most criminals cry misunderstanding and innocence and use any kind of organized system to further their sociopathic delusions of grandeur.

Jon wanted to be the big man on benzowithdrawal. Jon posted pictures of himself with people he felt were influential. Nobody knows, to this day, who they are. Jon posts in bold and claims it’s because he doesn’t see well so he can direct attention toward himself. Old people like Jon need reading glasses. Jon is a pathological liar.

Jon took drugs and drank as a young child. He liked it and boasts about it. His brain has been ruined by his constant compulsion to self-medicate and get loaded. Jon is a criminal alcoholic/addict who likes to drink. Jon also smokes marijuana and takes opiates on a consistent basis but never speaks about it in his posts because he is secretly afraid of rejection or persecution. This is why Jon always tries to make himself into a big man. Jon wants command and control over things like  Jon also thrives on having some type of sinister control over other people, particularly women. He cannot stand if someone else is getting more attention than he is and will connive in any underhanded way to achieve his imaginary status. Jon has always hated M59 because M59 is  charismatic and intelligent. Jon fought hard to push M59 off of the forum so he could reclaim his imaginary status. Jon was so busy planning M59’s demise that he didn’t realize it would backfire on him like it did.

Jon boasts about the many relationships he’s had with women on  Jon accuses people of being predators. Jon has a severe case of psychological transference.

Most people can’t stand Jon. Jon’s children can’t stand him. Jon embarrasses his children so they ask him to stay away.

Jon will use you and lie to your face with the guise of someone who cares and one you can count on when the going gets tough. Jon has no conscience and will turn on you at the drop of a hat.

Jon sells drugs to members and then threatens to expose them for their addictions and secrets if he decides he doesn’t care for their behavior. He will threaten you both privately and publicly as well as try to threaten and expose you at his whim. Before he even engages in a transaction or conversation with you he will have thought it out as to what he will be able to use against you in the future should the need arise.

Jon has Napoleon complex:

Napoleon complex is an informal term describing an alleged type of inferiority complex which is said to affect some people, especially men, who are short in stature. The term is also used more generally to describe people who are driven by a perceived handicap to overcompensate in other aspects of their lives. Other names for the term include “Napoleon syndrome” and “Short Man syndrome”.

Urban Dictionary says:  napoleon complex – A personality complex that consists of power trips and false machismo to make up for short height and feelings of inferiority.

Jon has short lists because he is probably short just like Napoleon and George Costanza.

If you have a secret don’t tell it to Jon. He is dangerous and takes sadistic pleasure in exposing you and witnessing your social withdrawal.