Mother of three begs cult for permission to go to rehab

Going to a 28 day rehab tomorrow-don't hate please
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I know this isn’t necessarily advisable, but tomorrow I am going to a 28 day rehab facility. They will detox me, but not cold turkey me. I’m scared to death to go, but I’m scared to death to not go. I am afraid. Afraid of not feeling better, afraid of never getting back to myself. This morning I was suicidal and just couldn’t get up and go through the day again. Every day I put my full amount of positivity into myself and day and nothing changes. I wake up in the morning with the same sense of dread that hit me around Christmas last year, about two months into taking Ativan. The benzos have caused me to become depressed, which I never was until benzos came into my life. I have been hospitalized twice, and the new psych I got after the hospital, an Addiction Specialist, has really done nothing besides give me a high dose of 80 mg Prozac and put me on Seroquel. She diagnosed me with PMDD, which I’m sure I have, so last week I got out my Mirena and started taking Nikki, which is the generic form of Yaz. I have been a complete wreck since then. I’ve had horrible nausea and what feels like PMS although my period is weeks away. The doctor says it will take a couple of months to work. I have been allowed to taper by 5% starting last week, but there are no plans to move forward with the taper. My doc just keeps saying I’m not ready. I’ve just lost faith. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. I was driving myself back to the hospital this morning and just decided I wasn’t going back there. I’m doing something different. To those who pray, please pray for me, and if you’re just spiritual, please send out some positive vibes that this will go somewhat smoothly. Thanks bbs.

“I live in the dark”

K taper making EMFS WORSE
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The lower I get on klonopin the EMFS get worse
I live in the dark
Anything with voltage
Are my voltage gated calcium channels open?
I do have mold toxicity and that’s the reason for EMFS BUT they’re still getting worse coming off klonopin
I can’t live at all
I read about it but still not taking it all in
Do these VGCC close eventually ?

Re: K taper making EMFS WORSE
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I know someone who was on Ativan… got off slowly. She has the EMF thing. First it was screens, phone, computer, now apparently anything that plugs in!
What effects do they have on you?

There is some place in W.Virginia, I think, a place free from EMFs…

Anti-psychiatry haven Benzo Buddies compares hospitals to prisons, warns members to stay away

Psych and detox facilities
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I am watching Orange is the new black when I can, and cannot shake the feeling that American psych hospitals and (possibly, don’t have any experience with those) detox facilities are way too similar to prisons.

How you cannot leave the facilities, or have much of your personal stuff, phones, even a kindle, how visitation is limited, how you have this ancient wall phone, how you are treated like a child, how your complaints are ignored, how you are stuck with medications they think are best for you and not given what you need (I was refused my asthma inhaler once, despite wheezing!!!), how the food is awful and without much regard to your food sensitivities, how you are forced to the social activities. Some places it’s even physically dangerous, because they mix violent manic patients with detox patients.

Re: Psych and detox facilities
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Although I’ve never been in a mental hospital, I have been to a voluntary hospital detox, sent there by a well meaning but clueless doctor to get off xanax. It was only 4 days, but it was awful. I don’t recommend this to anyone. Far from being an “easy” way to get off benzos, as some seem to think, it’s literally going from the frying pan into the fire for most of us who’ve experienced it:

Nine years ago, I went to a major Seattle hospital for “detox” where the doctor was supposed to be a “benzo expert.” He wasn’t, and I only saw him for a few minutes the whole time. All they did was cold turkey me off a high dose of xanax, feed me, and monitor my blood pressure for 4 days. I was the only benzo person on a floor full of alcoholics, and there was NO follow up treatment or counseling. Price: $16,000 (2009). Afterwards, I had hellish relentless symptoms that never stopped. These were so bad that I reinstated 4 months later, only to taper off a few years later. I’d kindled by then, and it 2.5 years for me to heal.

One thing, and I say this from my own experience. It might be better to limit watching tv shows or movies that disturb you. We tend to be extremely emotional and suggestible during withdrawal, and it’s often best to limit our exposure to such upsetting things. That’s what I did, and it helped. I focused on positive distractions like classic movies, audible books, spirituality, art, crafts, and short trips and walks out of the house. Anything that took my mind of my suffering for a little while,


Re: Psych and detox facilities
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Oh my gosh, your detox experience sounds horrible!

I’ve had that too, though, at regular hospitals: monitor blood pressure for several hours, and charge a thousand or two for it.

I’ve been bed ridden for 10 months, so I’ve watched all the feel good shows already. If you can recommend anything particular, that’d be great!

Re: Psych and detox facilities
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In my opinion….Detox centers are a waste of time and money. I could of done the same CT to me at home and had more money in my pocket. The pain and suffering would of been the same. The aftermath of what you experience when you leave a detox center is horrific. Your in a lot of pain searching for answers. I highly advise against it.

Re: Psych and detox facilities
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Yes. I wish doctors were not leaving their patients hanging and cutting them off, thereby forcing these dangerous detox situations. The revival of the market for the benzos had already happened in a big way in the last 10-15 years, and there is no backing out of it just like that, right now. What was prescribed needs to be carefully and slowly de-prescribed.