Benzo Buddies freak asks kooks for permission to go to the hospital after hitting head

Accidently hit my head really hard :(
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OK this is kind of an odd post, but i just hit my head really hard. Should i be concerned?

My head feels tingly and somewhat numb. It also feels like Ive got a bit of head pressure atm. I would say these are just withdrawal side effects, but the symptoms only appeared after I hit my head…

Anyway I’m really worried about it. I was about to go to bed because it’s 8am and I’m tired from staying up all night. I’m scared to go to sleep now…

I don’t want to be over dramatic and go to a hospital. But what should I watch out for? I don’t want to go to bed if my brain is bleeding or have a mild concussion. May fall asleep though since I’m so tired.
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Psychiatrist tosses Ashton Manual in trash, makes up own taper plan

Psychiatrist modified Ashton taper
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I went to the shrink yesterday. Trying to get of ativan, bad widrawal 9 years ago. He had me going down from 3 mg/day by .5mg a week. When I got to 2 mg, I started to have tremors and a very high level of anxiety, pacing the floor. Backed up to 2 1/2 and it didn’t stop. Went back to three. Went online and found the group and the Ashton method. Makes sense to me. Printed it out and showed it to him. Said he would follow it with his own revisions. He said I couldctly to Diazepam equalivalent from Ativan. Part of the reason is that New York State law only allows 4 mg of Ativan per day, and the state would consider adding diazepam as double dosing because it is similar. He agrees witn the diazepam taper after that. Any thoughts?
Also, he said according to his chart, 1mg Ativan = 5mg diazepam, not 10 like on the Ashton chart.
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