Angry addict’s rage puts two-year old at risk

Extreme Rage/Anger
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I have this constant rage or anger where I just want to start screaming or punching walls. It lasts almost all day. I have zero patience with anything/anyone. Can anyone relate/validate this for me? When did it subside for you? I have a 2 year old daughter and I get so frustrated way to easily.

I need reassurance 

Re: Extreme Rage/Anger
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deep massage in the liver

it went away with time for me

Re: Extreme Rage/Anger
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I’ve been having this on and off during my taper. It is very hard to not actually get very angry at something for me. I think the longest it lasted was two weeks but it seems to keep coming and going for me.

Benzo Buddies members filled with hatred toward the medical profession

Pharmacist reaction
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Yesterday, I was picking my my Valium rx at my same old chain grocery store pharmacy and a new pharmacist was working. The pharmacy technician was ringing me up and the pharmacist came over and said, “You actually take these all at once?” (10mg pills and 2 mg pills, totaling up to 13mg a day).
I said, “No, I split it up into 3 doses through the day”. She looked at me like I was crazy. I told her “I’m tapering down and if you look at my history, I actually started at 20mg about 2 months ago. I’m under the supervision of a doctor and trying to get off this medicine.” The rx is even written out, “To be taken in 3 doses through the day”.
She said, “Aren’t you just super drowsy all the time, how are you walking around?” I was so befuddled.
I just smiled and said, “I’m doing fine, thank you for asking.” Signed for my rx and left. The nerve! This was the actual PHARMACIST!

What I wanted to say, “Lady, my body is begging for more of this damn medicine, I’m FAR from drowsy or even tired. Actually, I feel like I could climb a wall or jump out of my skin.” Oh well. She’s not my judge, she’s not my dr. I’m sure they see people on much higher doses of valium than 13 mg a day! I am not almost 40 years old, it shouldn’t be a shocker to see a grown woman getting a rx filled monthly, with monthly visits to the same dr, lowering doses!

Anyone else ever encountered a judgey pharmacist?

Anti-psychiatry site Benzo Buddies threatens psychiatrists

These people should definitely go to jail for a long time.
I’m more than angry at these so called, doctors.. my doctor was an addictions specialist too.. I think they specialize in getting people addicted!
  1. Legal drug dealers, that’s what they are!

I’m mad too.

        • I went to the best doc of my city.
          I was diagnosed with major depression and he gav me escitalopram + benzos when I was under benzo WD without have any ideia ? ? ?
          I had hallucinations, etc
          thank you
I should know, I’m a clinical psychologist
Vent: My old psychiatrist should be in jail
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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I’m just having a hard time accepting the fact that NOBODY TOLD ME QUITTING KLONOPIN WOULD BE THIS HARD


A doctor that prefers cash

The same doctor that has been prescribing my dad klonopin for the last 12 years when my dad is a very obvious alcoholic.

“People […] in from all over the country to see me”- yeah, because you are their dealer…

My new doctor, the one who insisted I taper off, did not believe my former dose. I had to bring in an RX bottle.

Scientologists at Benzo Buddies post years-old discredited Mad in America article to feed doctor-bashing frenzy

10 ways mental health professionals increase misery in suffering people
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Re: 10 ways mental health professionals increase misery in suffering people
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Good article LorazepamFree. I ran into one psychiatrist who incorrectly diagnosed me based on an intake form, even before talking to me, and immediately recommended a high amount of anti-depressants. He said I had to get sicker to get better and called himself “Nurse Ratchet” (like the one in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest movie) and would strictly monitor whether I was taking the drugs. He didn’t care about the fact that I was in tolerance withdrawal from benzos. I was stunned and resisted, so he got mad and stamped his feet and told me to listen to my husband (he was stunned, too). Unbelievable-never saw him again Fortunately, my other counselors have been compassionate and helpful. One of them said that “Nurse Ratchet” shouldn’t be practicing. I hope sites like madinamerica can help bring awareness to patients and providers alike.

Scientology-lover at Benzo Buddies calls doctors fuckers, threatens to bring them down

I wish we could bring these f*ckers down
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Disclaimer: I am sorry, this thread won’t be very positive.

I am almost at the end of my taper and I am getting angrier at, especially my ‘doctors/psychiatrists’ (but also on my pharmacy and the manufacturer) by the day. They took at least 10 years of my life and there is nothing we can do nor do I feel that they can do anything to repair this.

However, when I do feel better and have more energy I will definitely try to sue all of them. They should have told me about the potential of addiction and what it can do long-term. Also, when I started this all this stuff wasn’t mentioned in the leaflet. Also, I don’t understand why my pharmacy didn’t warn me, they should never have given me dosages for such long periods.

I do have the problem however that most-likely it has been too long ago that the first psychiatrist gave me this benzo and secondly that I’m located in The Netherlands where my chances of receiving more then a miserable €1000 for this would be close to none. I don’t care too much about money, but I couldn’t finish my college study because of this.

I want to sue these f*ckers even if my chances of winning are close to none and even if this is very negative, I want to let them know what they have done.

Benzo Buddies: “I hate doctors!”

I hate benzos!
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Not sure what board this belongs to but just had to rant a little.

I hate benzos!
I hate benzo withdrawal!
I hate doctors who prescribe benzos w/o discussing possible side effects or withdrawal effects!
I hate that the process takes sooooo long!
I hate that I feel like I’m wasting away some of my life!
I wish so hard that I could go back in time and never taken benzos!

Ok that is all.

Anti-psychiatry ‘movement’ threatens hunt down doctors and put them out of action

Mad in America: Anti-psychiatry maniac stabs to death psychiatrist who had him committed

Revenge killing: Mental patient stabs psychiatrist to death

Member of Benzo Buddies?

A gruesome killing occurred in the early hours of October 14 when 21-year-old Christopher Frick snuck into the home of a psychiatrist who may have had him committed years earlier before stabbing her to death.

Dr. Caroline Ekong, who celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary last month, was an Attending Psychiatrist at Rockford Center, a 118-bed mental health facility located in Newark, Delaware when she tragically had her life cut short.

Despite the fact that they had not spoken for three years leading up the crime, Frick reportedly grew obsessed with Ekong, 55, after she allegedly had him committed to Rockford Center when he was 18 years old.

The News Journal reported that “Frick wrote about his involuntary commitment to Rockford in an August 2014 letter” addressed to the editor at the Wilmington-based newspaper.

“The staff framed me as suicidal, as well as everyone else I saw the night I was ‘evaluated.’ The commonplace involuntary commitment at Rockford Center is prominent because it is owned by the for-profit company Universal Health Services,” wrote Frick.

21-year-old killer complained about psychiatrist in Google Reviews

Last year, Frick also posted a Google Review of Rockford Center in which he specifically named Dr. Ekong as the woman responsible for having him locked up. “The person who imprisoned me was Caroline Ekong, whose ego is so large that she would never be able to admit doing something wrong,” says the review.

Authorities uncovered further proof of Frick’s obsession with Ekong when they searched his home, learning that he had plotted her death for at least a year prior to the brutal attack, The News Journal reported.

“Police charged Frick with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony, home invasion and possession of burglary tools. He is being held without bail.”

Police quickly learned of the perpetrator’s identify after he confessed to the murder.

“Authorities said Frick called 911 about 30 minutes after Ekong’s body was discovered by her daughter at 4 a.m. Wednesday inside the doctor’s two-story home on Withers Way in the Sanford Ridge neighborhood,” according to reports.

“In the call, placed from his parent’s Springbrook Lane home about 3 miles away, Frick took responsibility for the killing, according to investigators.

“Police said Frick went to Ekong’s home with the intent to kill. He parked his car in a parking lot near the Ekong home, broke into the house shortly before 4 a.m. and confronted her, police said. Ekong was stabbed numerous times, according to investigators.

“He then went back to his car and drove home to his parents’ house in Autumnwood, police said.”

Ekong was originally from Nigeria and cherished by many of her co-workers.

Mental health providers are four times more at risk for violence than average American worker

“She was very professional and dedicated to her work. She commanded excellence from her treatment team. She was direct, but respectful of people’s self-determination, independence and experience,” said Chris Park, who worked with Ekong at Rockford Center for four years.

Park has since started a petition that seeks to offer more protection for social workers, counselors and nurses. He believes their personal information, including their home address, should be kept private.

“Some of these are public records, but there should be checks where you have to apply for the information and provide a reason you are requesting the information,” Parks said.

A survey by the Department of Justice found nearly 56,000 instances of violent crimes committed against mental health professionals during 2005 and 2009 – four times higher compared with the average American worker.

Additional sources:

Mentally ill Benzo Buddies member feels like hurting strangers

Comments by JB:
There you go.. perfect example. And this guy has lethal weapons, training, AND is indiscriminate in who he unleashed his temper on?
He’s refusing to take their ‘poison’, yet he’s becoming a real danger to others by NOT taking it?
Let’s see how many buddies do the sane thing and advise him to keep taking the med that’s keeping others safe while he gets help!
If thinks the VA docs don’t know what they’re doing, but to me they seem to know he’s dangerous and are medicating him accordingly!!
God help the people around him because he’s heading towards killing someone once the forum convince him he’s doing the right thing!!

Full of rage and anger while tapering off of Clonazepam
« on: May 25, 2016, 04:41:24 am »


Have been so full of rage and anger while tapering off of Clonazepam after 23 years of taking it. I yell at coworkers and loved ones. I hate the way I feel. Got to love the VA. Don’t talk to them. Just medicate them. They probably will be happy I will save them money while getting off meds. Hell 22 Veterans kill themselves every day. I’m nothing but a number to them. I got more information from benzo buddies about how to get off this poison than all those useless people making six figures working for the VA have given me.

Re: Full of rage and anger while tapering off of Clonazepam
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Hey- I just wanted to say the VA put me in this situation too and I am also a veteran if you need someone to talk to. They know very little about withdrawal effects so I’ve found it best to talk to people on this board more than what I tell my doctor. They would just try to prescribe me more crap and I am done with taking anything they are giving!

Re: Full of rage and anger while tapering off of Clonazepam
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Hey. Thanks for answering. Yea I have gotten more information about my meds and how they effected my brain and what to expect during my taper and how to taper. Then the VA docs. They are useless drug pushers. Their poison steals your soul. I do not want shit to do with them. Once I’m free from their drugs I’m going off the grid. I don’t want to be around people anymore. Is it normal to be so angry during a taper? I feel like getting to fights with total strangers. It’s weird. I’m afraid to pack a piece and blade like I used to every day. I don’t trust myself. Like I’m a powder keg. I hate feeling like this. I just start cussing people out. Like I can’t control it.

Re: Full of rage and anger while tapering off of Clonazepam
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I’m so sorry you had to go through all this and still do. Thank you for serving… I am so sorry to hear you have been so I’ll treated. I would feel so angry too. This is all too insane. Good for you getting off of this. I can’t even imagine 23 years. I’m sick that greed has caused you all this pain. I want not to complain ever again. I can’t even begin to imagine how betrayed you must feel. I am deeply sorry you have had to go through all this. I pray the anger subsides and you are gifted a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Benzo Buddies anti-psychiatry freaks see doctors as inhuman monsters to be avoided

Re: MiA comment re BB
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I stay away from all doctors, occasionally I have to see a urologist for UTI. Doctors, did me more harm than good. They were convinced my pain was due to my gallbladder, and removed my gallbladder and my gallbladder was healthy. Then they diagnosed me with Obstructed Defecation Syndrome, because I lost the sensation to sense a bowel movement, they recommended surgery. I then discovered BB and realized all my weird sxs were due to z-drug WD.

During tolerance WD, my out of pocket medical expenses were $62,000. So I saw a total of 14 specialists during my 3 years of being on ambien and NOT one was aware of adverse affects of ambien nor tolerance WD. I was prescribed 20 different drugs (xanax, cipro, elavil, etc) I read my medical records, they wrote me up like a “nut” case.

You want to trust your health and body to your doctor, go ahead. I’ll pass.