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Lawn fertilizer exposure - please talk me out of anxiety over this
« on: November 02, 2020, 06:02:32 pm »


Hi guys,

I’m having major anxiety attacks over this… I’m hoping it’s irrational? My neighbor had her grass fertilized today. My husband noticed that some of our garbage had blown into her yard, so he walked into the yard while the sprinklers were running to pick it up then immediately got into our car to drive it up the driveway. I have to leave to pick up my child from school in the same car and I’m having near panic attacks about having to get into the car with fertilizer residue all over the driver’s side floor. I’m worried about inhalation or any kind of exposure to it. I don’t know if I’m reactive to fertilizer at all, but I feel so fragile in this state that I worry about anything and everything. Is there any reason to worry over this? Please help… I feel like I’m drowning in anxiety.

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Can't shower/can't handle anything anyone have this?
« on: February 16, 2019, 07:32:33 pm »


Ok ever since I’ve been in my setback I cannot showed causs I can’t handle it,it causes major anxiety.
Any type of stimulation I cannot handle,does anyone else have it this bad? Like in my chest and it’s like I can’t handle the adrenaline,even trying to do very light lifting my body can’t handle it,I want to know how many people have had it or have it? Thank you

Re: Can't shower/can't handle anything anyone have this?
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I’ve dealt with it/deal with it. It’s been horrific. Extremely destabilized nervous system.

Re: Can't shower/can't handle anything anyone have this?
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It’s really common for people in the throes of benzo withdrawal to have a really difficult time, sometimes even impossible to shower.

Re: Can't shower/can't handle anything anyone have this?
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i also have this the shower is a battle for me every time but i keep doing it at least ever 2 to 3 days i do not do much beside eat and lay in bed 90 percent of day and sleep when im not watching movies or tv on my laptop

Re: Can't shower/can't handle anything anyone have this?
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Yes, i suffer from severe heat intolerance ever since starting benzo’s. 3 years off clonazepam and i still can’t handle a hot shower or warm weather in general.
Heat triggers my orthostatic intolerance / POTS. My veins swell up like crazy and hurt, then my heart rate goes up, i feel dizzy and sick. The only think that then helps is to lay down in bed for the rest of the day with the airconditioning at the lowest setting.

Re: Can't shower/can't handle anything anyone have this?
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I manage a bath about ever three weeks atm because the look and sound of the water terrifies me.

Super-long benzo taper produces hallucinations, twitching over entire body, inability to sleep, hundreds of doctor visits

Bucksfan - going off clonazepam (20 years) need help please.
« on: July 10, 2018, 07:46:21 am »


hi. my name is mike and i have been on clonazepam for 20 years (1 mg) and am tapering off it (down to 0.5 mg). i and am very sick and i think i have been in withdrawal for 15 years and never knew it. i have had hundreds of doctor visits and many hundreds of blood tests and they can’t find anything wrong with me.

the symptoms i have been having for 15 years are:

-terrible inflammation in my joints especially my sacrum and shoulders, neck and spine. has recently moved to my toe and sometimes my kness
-terrible and excruciating muscle spasms in my back, shoulders, right toe and my sacrum
cannot sleep (4-10 hours per a week maybe)
-terrible pain in my right toe (epsom salt seems to help).
terrible constipation (seriously feel like i am gonna die from this)
-ears ringing
-incontinence and trouble urinating
-random fluttering heart palpitations
random twitching of muscles all over the body when i feel like i might have to go to the bathroom (#2)
audible hallucinations (sounds like someone is clapping to boards together right when someone first starts talking. it’s a loiud CRACK! type noise
visual hallucinations – when my dose gets to low to fast (was down to 1/4 mg) the wood panel on the door looked like a conveyer belt moving
feel like my brain is floating outside of my head in the upper right front part.
-my face feels hot while at the same time my body feels cold and my temp drops to 96.3 randomly

the reason i think the clonazepam is causing all this is because i forgot to take a dose a few years a go and as the day went on my muscles loostened up and i could urinate properly. then i realized i forgot to take the dose. so i took the dose immediately and about 20 minutes after taking the dose my ears started ringing, i tried to uirinate and it was difficult again and then about 45 mins later my back muscles spasm’d as well.

so i was’t sure at the time why i felt better and then i missed a dose again and i felt better again – exact same thing as before.

then it happened again and that was when i thought wait.. maybe it is this clonazepam that is making me sick? so i intentionally didn’t take a dose for a couple hours and felt great and then i consciously remembered how i felt before taking the dose compared to afterward and it was apparent that this drug was making me sick all these years.

for the last 20 years i have been on it i have had terrible muscle spasms and i now suspect it has been this all along. can anyone confirm this might be the cause? the doctors cannot figure anything out except when i get too inflamed they give me prednisone which drops the inflammation and then the muscle spams stop.

so i started to taper off it about a year and a half ago and i am having terrible time with this.

can anyone help me with the terrible muscle spams and sleep problems or general advise.


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« on: July 11, 2018, 07:42:46 am »



I am having problems sleeping with 22.5 mg oxazepam. The doctor does not want me to back to 25mg but she wants to give me sleeping meds. I cannot tolarate Remeron and do not want other sleeping meds.

What is your experience with the valerian root, please? It helped me last night but i remember reading it here that its not good…what is the problem if you take it?

Wishing healing to all,
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and i can hardly eat…i am can i continue like this? cannot focus on anything, agitation is all day long..

please i need help

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Please somebody reply with some input…i feel that I am losing all

Kooky Monday: Constant need to spit, internal bubbling

If I hear an internal bubbling when I drink liquid.
« on: March 19, 2018, 03:31:33 pm »


Hi, I need help today.
If I hear an internal bubbling when I drink liquid.
and I constantly need to be spitting, I do not know if saliva or flow that comes from my esophagus
My mouth is burned. please give me a hope that this will happen

Thank you