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Fiance and myself off xanax
« on: April 17, 2016, 06:07:26 pm »


Joined because my fiance has been abusing Xanax for 6 years (taking 10-12mg a day), he quit cold turkey ended up in hospital from a seizure a week later. He’s been on 1mg daily Klonopin and Depakote 3x a day for 11 days. Discontinuing Depakote today due to horrible side effects. I myself was taking .25-.5mg Xanax almost daily for 2 years but quit cold turkey a month ago due to being pregnant.

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He wants to put me in rehab.
« on: March 21, 2016, 04:28:36 pm »


My husband, that is. I can’t seem to explain to him that it probably won’t work, we’d be out thousands of dollars for nothing, and I’d (statistically wise) probably get more pills as soon as I got out.

But I couldn’t tell him any of that, all I could do was cry when he told me. He doesn’t understand benzos, I can’t make him understand and neither can anyone else.

I know he just wants to help me but ripping me away from my children, my home, my job, everything……that doesn’t seem like helping to me. I do everything for my kids, my husband isn’t even working right now and the youngest is in preschool/daycare, the older in 5th grade.

Has anyone actually BEEN to rehab and/or detox and will you share your stories with me? I also have a pdoc appt tomorrow, going to ask if at all possible can I switch to valium. He will probably say no due to the amount of X I am on but all I can do is ask.

Happy Frickin’ Monday, everyone.


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Angry Spouses
« on: March 19, 2016, 06:41:25 pm »


So my spouse gets really frustrated with me….I would be too if I were him. I only make dinner 3 -4 days a week. I also have a low libido. I’m not the usual happy-go-lucky gal that I used to be before benzos. I just don’t feel well and this interferes with everything. All the energy that I have goes towards my job as a teacher. It takes everything in me to get through the day.

I keep telling him that I’m getting better. Unfortunately, he keeps getting frustrated. I don’t know what to do. Any recommendations? 

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Women's issue, your experiences would be appreciated
« on: March 02, 2016, 04:28:53 pm »


I read where women get urinary tract infection symptoms but are tested and it’s negative. I had one small spotting of vaginal blood, because I went through menopause 5 yrs ago went to dr who ordered an ultrasound and follow-up with gynaecologist. it does look like my vaginal discharge may have blood in it as it’s dark yellow and seems to stain underwear. I’m terrified that they’ll want to do something invasive when this may all be due to hormonal stir up caused by benzo.

Has anyone had any experience with this?



Turning off user signatures
« on: December 30, 2015, 07:42:43 am »


I noticed that I was obsessing too much with other users’ signatures and taper histories. I’ve turned that off, and it’s made me feel better….

Re: Turning off user signatures
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I’d like to make a suggestion for you- try a lightbox. It may be just the ticket you need to feel better.

Re: Turning off user signatures
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I agree about user signatures. They can really freak me out too. I stay away from the horror stories and stick with threads like Accentuate the positive. Also, when I started my taper 7 weeks ago I literally sat on my couch all day on benzo buddies. I now go on twice a day for fifteen minutes and get on with my life. We have no choice in what we are going through but we do have a choice in how we deal with it.

Re: Turning off user signatures
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Thank goodness the signature lines are in small print. Many are way too lengthy and to me your entire history and tapering schedule from day one doesn’t belong there. I wish folks would modify their signatures. I just try to ignore these unless I have some reason to want to know a person’s back story.