Benzo Buddies: “Is my doctor insane?” (this is a psychiatric patient wondering if his/her doctor is insane)

Is my doctor insane?
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I don’t live in a western country currently, and I went to change my valium from 5mg to 2mg as I’m nearing the end of my taper. After talking with my doc, he told me benzos don’t cause withdrawal. He suggested maybe I’m just hallucinating. I said, “yep, from the withdrawal”. He agreed it’s best I stop taking this medication, but insisted til the end that benzos cannot cause anxiety interdose, and that withdrawal does not occur during cessation. Hahaha just tell me he’s nuts and not me, please.

But Matt Samet admitted abusing illegal drugs and alcohol…

“Over the years, I’ve shredded body and mind with poisons and palliatives, and sweated out the mess: benzos, booze, marijuana, muscle relaxants, opiates, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti­psychotics, coffee, sugar, computer games, food, puke, shit, piss, blood.” – Matt Samet, Beauty in the Breakdown

I may have reached a pain specialist by using a book
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Hi everyone,
Many of you may be aware of the book “Death Grip” by Matt Stamet from 2013. Anyway I seached “benzodiazepines” on the county library site and it was the only book which came up (and this is a BIG county) but anyway I dove into it and since I was seeing my “pain management” doc for the 2nd time I took it along. He’s a younger guy and had already said he’d never heard of Ashton. His very large and expensive group does NOT ever prescribe benzos which I told him was great on visit #1. However, he is clueless of the masses which are going to be coming to him broken from these things. I just wanted to share that he showed a lot of genuine interest, and will hopefully read the book (I gave him the library slip for the title). This, plus talking my psychiatric nurse practisioner into doing a micro-taper with me, wow I hope to be planting a seed to help many people sometime in the future.

BTW this book has already been mentioned on the archived threads here. Stamet is/was a rock climber, now recovered from benzo hell. His book is fabulous and really digs into the experience of the medical and psychiatric systems and how they sideline us and polydrug us. It’s pretty radical because he did a fast taper so suffered bad protracted w/d. If you’re easily scared or in that spot, maybe not a read for you. Otherwise, great. Recommended for jocks, especially.
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Maniacs at Benzo Buddies taking psilocybin so they can keep tapering

Psilocybin and MDMA (Psychedelic Drugs) for Psychiatric Disorders
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Novel psychopharmacological therapies for psychiatric disorders: psilocybin and MDMA

“A promising new model of treatment is under investigation in a resurgence of research into use of psychedelic drugs to augment psychotherapy. In this model, the drug is used on one or a few occasions during psychotherapy sessions to overcome obstacles to successful psychotherapy and to catalyse a therapeutic experience. It is theorised that the experience itself, rather than simply the pharmacological effects of the drug, might lead to cure or sustained remission of severe, treatment-refractory psychiatric disorders”.

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Re: Psilocybin and MDMA (Psychedelic Drugs) for Psychiatric Disorders
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HA! Yeah, been there done that. A few of us here tried microdosing (psilocybin) and YES, it can help with PTSD tremendously by not allowing negative emotion to process within the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala, it doesn’t help directly with the damage caused by the benzos. I actually did have a couple doses stop my waves dead in it’s tracks, it was only a couple times out of many and mostly it wasn’t very pleasant because my GABA receptors couldn’t play their role. During the dose it didn’t really help but it was usually the following days that felt a bit better. I stopped because it was just wearing me out. Did it help at all, in the long run? YES!! When I started, I was having nasty headaches and now they’re gone completely. Doesn’t help with gut damage though. It was an exciting experiment for sure I’m sure you can find the threads on it in here somewhere.

Cult maniacs recommend Ecstasy as benzo withdrawal cure

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Well i think that´s is the right section — I really would aprecciate if some of those above clear headed , wise yhat wrote about the “pharmacology”of many things that happens in the brain could Chime´in

So , i remember when i was on a heavy dose of clonazepam , at that time i was already hooked to it, In case of Running out of Pills
i would feel very , very bad
I was out with friends always at that time , thats not the poit — The point is I remember that When i took an ectasy on that time , like – wake up – take the benzos , soon later drop the ecstasy , i would feel fine all day long , I would sleep at night , and on the next day i would feel fine , great , and not needing any benzo , times that lasted 2 days without needing it , My question is why ´s that ? Why i didnt needed to take the benzos on those 2 days , after i took the extasy ? if i was already real hooked to them ?

This happend more then once or twice , i break my head trying to figure out , but i cant , may i have some help ?

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Ty , vallley . I wonder why a drug is not developed from it . SMDH

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The US is actually doing trials on MDMA and ketamine for treatment of different issues. Both are good for benzo withdrawal when used in moderation.

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Maybe is time to get some pills 

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Quote from: [Buddie] on February 28, 2016, 02:01:02 am
Maybe is time to get some pills

I had an RFA on my thoracic area a couple of weeks ago and was given ketamine. It was amazing how much it relieved sxs. I wouldn’t recommend using it much though due to addiction potential. I would think MDMA to be a little safer. I wish there was a clear cut way to mitigate withdrawal.

Hallucinations 14 months out? That’s NOT in the Ashton Manual!

my kitchen cabinets were warping..
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I am 14 months out, and I have had a variety of symptoms, but the warping object one I have never had until tonight. I went into the kitchen to make some tea and suddenly the cabinets began warping in and out, side to side. I felt a bit woozy also and had to hurry to sit down. Why am I just now getting this symptom? Shouldn’t I have gotten this while I was in acute? Can brand new symptoms crop up like this? My ears are clicking too when I swallow.

Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this for me.


Two Advil = cult panic

advil set back
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Is it possible that 2 advil could have brought this acid burning and brain buzzing back full force ? I’m screaming in hell. I have not had this,degree of burning in months nor anY brain symptoms. I’m terrified I set myself up for months more of this or years. How is thjs even possible? I can’t continue on like this. I’m in literal hell on earth!!! Every single nerve ending is torched!!!!

Re: advil set back
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I don’t think so…I take advil and never have this happen but we are all different.

Re: advil set back
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Some people can handle NSAIDS. I’m not one of them. The one thing I’ve found out about taking other pharma drugs during w/d is that they tend to enhance some of the side effects of benzo w/d and vice versa.

I would stop taking the Advil altogether if I were you. I think this is just a temporary setback. Just hang in there, and you’ll stabilize.

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Hugs to you!! :smitten: