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Re: 5 month off. Keeps getting worse. Really need encouragement or advice
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I’m afraid ican is right, I was on valium, the most damage I got are physical, neurologicaland cognitive. The physical pain and torture from neuropathy, parathesia and muscularskeleton damage is beyond belief.

On day 5 taking v, I could not walk with feeling of Parkinson’s disease. I have been completely bed ridden ever since then for the past 13 months and still bedridden now 70 days off.

I was going to gym and office day before taking v.

2009-2017–Lexapro, including 4.5 yrs taper
2017-2018 —Multiple reactions to msg, art ificial Sweeteners
Year 2018, started 2.5mg V for back injury induced dystonia, 0.5mg x 5times
11/20–0.6mg, single evening dose only.
Year 2019

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Re: HELP!! Do I need to taper?
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Not trying to scare you but I was only on Klonopin for 10 days and my doctor wouldn’t allow me to do an Ashton taper because I was only on for such a short time.

I was hooked by day 7, unknowingly, when I took half a dose one night and woke up with heart palps. Damn pills nearly killed me when I quit after a rapid taper that was basically a CT.

It’s been over 15 months and I’m nowhere near healed.

I’ve come to realize, however, that I am in the extreme minority. You’ll probably be fine though.

Paxil: 2000-2007
2/08: Adverse reaction to 9 days of Saw Palmetto extract for hair loss (PFS)
Klonopin: .25mg PRN 2/08-7/08
Prozac: 11/08-3/09

Drug free for 9+ years, life was great

4/19: Severe ear infection, temporarily deaf, tinnitus – rx Augmentin

4/26-5/1: Steroid taper pack

4/26-5/5: Rx Klonopin .5mg nightly by ENT for insomnia/tinnitus (heart palps on Day 7 with .25mg, dependent in a week?!)
5/6: Cut to .25 mg (cut 1mg tabs into quarters) – BAD symptoms. Run to GP for help
5/10: Cut to .125mg (per GP advice) – even worse symptoms, bad advice from doc
5/13: Jumped. WAY TOO SOON. HELL. Should’ve reinstated, basically CT. Didn’t have sufficient supply, GP wouldn’t prescribe more. Wrongly assumed short use would be short WD

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Looking for my 2014/2015 buddies
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I’ve been feeling really lonely lately as the symptoms drag on into year three. Losing hope for a miraculous turnaround, wondering if I should just learn to cope with the way things are, the new normal- you know the drill.

I used to post a lot on the working taperers group, the moms and dad’s cafe and the Ashton taper thread. I thought about posting there to see if anyone was still around, but decided to do this instead.

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Re: Looking for my 2014/2015 buddies
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Hi […]. I’m still hanging around. Get a bearable day once in a blue moon. What are your symptoms?

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Third time trying this :(
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First time, failed cold turkey in September 2016

Did 4 month liquid taper that ended Feb 28th ,2017. Failed after 6 week jump. Big mistake using gabapentin. Made me lost take my own life.

Last and final attempt. Going to get of of this rat poison gabapentin which made benzo withdrawl seem like a joke. Then do the klonopin taper.

Once I am stabaloze, how long so you think it will take to taper off 1.5mg k. I do not want to rush it, nor prolong it. Please someone offer some advice. Would 9 months seem excessive?

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Re: Welcome TO BB, Place Your Thoughts About Joining BB.
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Thanks, since I’ll be here forever……………..

Re: Welcome TO BB, Place Your Thoughts About Joining BB.
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Quote from: [Buddie] on June 10, 2016, 11:59:52 pm
Thanks, since I’ll be here forever……………..

Yep me too, I am not rushing for anything, Been there failed X 2, and I will probably be buried in the BB cemetery. And just think all the Buddies we will follow and the Trolls that will be ousted.