Scientology-lover at Benzo Buddies calls doctors fuckers, threatens to bring them down

I wish we could bring these f*ckers down
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Disclaimer: I am sorry, this thread won’t be very positive.

I am almost at the end of my taper and I am getting angrier at, especially my ‘doctors/psychiatrists’ (but also on my pharmacy and the manufacturer) by the day. They took at least 10 years of my life and there is nothing we can do nor do I feel that they can do anything to repair this.

However, when I do feel better and have more energy I will definitely try to sue all of them. They should have told me about the potential of addiction and what it can do long-term. Also, when I started this all this stuff wasn’t mentioned in the leaflet. Also, I don’t understand why my pharmacy didn’t warn me, they should never have given me dosages for such long periods.

I do have the problem however that most-likely it has been too long ago that the first psychiatrist gave me this benzo and secondly that I’m located in The Netherlands where my chances of receiving more then a miserable €1000 for this would be close to none. I don’t care too much about money, but I couldn’t finish my college study because of this.

I want to sue these f*ckers even if my chances of winning are close to none and even if this is very negative, I want to let them know what they have done.

80-year-old buys ticket on Benzo Buddies roller coaster to Hell

Who I am.....
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I am Ron ,age 79. I am badly addicted to clonazepam. My physician warned me of this possibility, and now MUST do something about it. I have been taking 2MG daily for over 10 years. I’m sick and tired of sleeping the clock around, but CAN NOT sleep without my daily ‘hit’. (Also tired of being sick and constantly tired)

Benzo Buddies brainwashes member into fearing menthol cough drops

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Does anyone know if menthol is ok post withdrawl? Perhaps I’m being overly cautious. I have a cold and want to see if anyone had any problems with cough drops. I have had so many setbacks that I fear things. Thanks

Husband and wife join anti-psychiatry’s Internet Jonestown

Fiance and myself off xanax
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Joined because my fiance has been abusing Xanax for 6 years (taking 10-12mg a day), he quit cold turkey ended up in hospital from a seizure a week later. He’s been on 1mg daily Klonopin and Depakote 3x a day for 11 days. Discontinuing Depakote today due to horrible side effects. I myself was taking .25-.5mg Xanax almost daily for 2 years but quit cold turkey a month ago due to being pregnant.

Benzo Buddies members ask the million dollar question

Members of Benzo Buddies, if you analyze the membership statistics, as I did, you will see that the majority of the so-called 20,000 members have posted under five times i.e. they joined the site and once they saw what an anti-doctor/anti-psychiatry shit show it was they ran screaming for the nearest exit door.

There are a few hundred active members – at best. The membership rolls are padded.

(Incidentally, it is the same with all of the assorted Facebook benzo groups. They number a few hundred active members – in total. Usually, it the exact same people who join the various groups. A few hardcore zealots run the groups. Their time is spent moaning about Big Pharma and threatening doctors/nurses with legal action, or worse – violence.)

If millions are on benzo's, why are there only 20,000 members here?
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That’s just a fraction of people on these drugs.

So where is everyone?

Re: If millions are on benzo's, why are there only 20,000 members here?
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Apparently most people have no problem going off of them.

Re: If millions are on benzo's, why are there only 20,000 members here?
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Quote from: [Buddie] on March 23, 2016, 08:36:34 pm
Apparently most people have no problem going off of them.



What's the point of holding on?
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What’s the pointing of existing when nothing is getting better? I am so sick and tired of this and there’s nothing anybody can write to make me feel better. Sick and tired of this hell. I didn’t sign up for this, I am tired, tired, tired. It’s all temporary. Yeah, right. I hate this, hate this, hate this.

Maybe I should just stop taking the stupid pills and whatever happens, happens…..