Dark Thoughts

Dark thoughts and nightmares
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I have had violent thoughts on and off throughout this despicable predicament I’m in. I thought they were a thing of the past and I was afraid to even post on here that I was having them. I had a nightmare that I punched the woman my ex husband is having a baby with. I do not even know what the woman looks like. This is just disgusting…I hate myself, this is not okay!!! I want to be back to normal…this has been a very difficult week. Does anyone have violent nightmares or thoughts? I did a search and found a post but it was a long time ago…am I going insane?
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When I read horror stories about tapering too fast and what comes with that, I get scared and fear makes me feel like I might not be able to do it.  When I read about slow tapering and the success stories, I have hope.  I took Benzos most of my adult life.  If it takes half that time to be free again, Ill be one very happy old man.  I am  not counting days or years. I am listening to my head and body.  It tells me when I can taper down again so at least I can be somewhat happy and functional. 

I detoxed,  off 20 mgs of valium,  almost 22 months ago,  I know how powerful these drugs are, as do many others who have come off in this most horrifying way.  I don’t want anyone to ever feel that scared or lonely or sick.  

Zoe, I am sorry you had to detox. we will never know if your cumulative amount of suffering would be greater if you had taken 22 months to taper vs your detox. Would you rather be just coming off today instead of being 22 months free?

Please understand that taking several months may be better for most people that a few days, or a few years. Too little or too much time to taper have serious draw backs.

Seek the golden mean my friend 


You are an insulting sob.  Get a life.


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