I’ve been informed that some of the kooks are filing their FDA complaints multiple times. I’ve taken the liberty to forward the links, of cult members bragging they’ve filed more than once, to the FDA. No need to thank me. 🙂

FDA MedWatch Program campaign failing, only 277 kooks fill out complaints to date

“277 reports may not be enough!” – panicked Benzo Buddies member

Benzo Buddies claims to have 33,085 members yet can’t rouse a paltry 1% of them to fill out a complaint to the FDA. The tiny, secret Facebook groups have perhaps 2000 members combined (most join multiple groups in order amplify the self-pity they can wallow in everyday as they talk about how bottled water can send them into a wave) but despite hounding by zealots can’t get more than a handful of their members to do this.

BALA admins crack the whip on mentally ill members as FDA campaign stalls

Like the failed owner of Benzo Buddies, BALA is delusional re: active membership i.e. the majority of BALA (or Benzo Buddies) members are not active, don’t do anything except sit and moan 24/7 about how doctors fucked them over.

BALA is even giving away money and still can’t get more than a handful of addicts (less than 1% of their tiny membership) to fill out the form.

I wonder if, out of desperation, the BALA gurus will start sending in fake complaints to the FDA?

Welcome to the real world kooks. Stay on your meds.

Kooks blame high humidity for taper torture

Does High Humidity Make You Feel 10x Worse?
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I’m holding my taper in an attempt to stabilize and the last week has been much worse but so has the humidity. I stay inside all day with AC but does anyone know what humidity does to a body on benzos/in withdrawal/unstable?

Re: Does High Humidity Make You Feel 10x Worse?
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Yes…it happens the same to me. Now in Spain we are hitting 40 degrees (european system)…and with the humidity it’s fucking insane.

I feel it a lot in the legs…and burning feet.

Anti-psychiatry maniacs blame Orlando shootings on Big Pharma

Orlando shooting .... Mental illness ? ( more like psych drugs)
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Someone just forwarded this to me

Re: Orlando shooting .... Mental illness ? ( more like psych drugs)
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I wouldn’t be surprised if this disaster was caused by psychiatrists and their drugs. These types of mass shootings are very common in those who are taking psychiatric drugs. Federal governments need to investigate the psychiatric industries and their pharmaceutical cohorts and bring them to justice.

Re: Orlando shooting .... Mental illness ? ( more like psych drugs)
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Here’s another article in MacLean’s magazine (Canadian), from the Associated Press:, also posted on

Every mass shooting has one thing in common and that is psychiatric drugs. How long do we have to wait for this to be common knowledge?

TRAP psycho laments destruction of his freak show

The TRAP Killer ?
Enough Is Enough

Forgive me, but I think I have just experienced something VERY unpleasant. Perhaps THIS creature is the person or company responsible for the effort to close TRAP….

I am appalled.

This offensive site has “WordPress” as its operating system.

I think it may be a case of referring this hate filled diatribe to WordPress for them to adjudicate whether the material and content therein violates their own policies.

Then having the appropriate jurisdictional solicitor/attorney issue the relevant “Cease & Desist” notice pending legal action against the miscreant.

As a former police officer, I know that there ARE laws against this sort of thing.

If this is the sort of vile hate that the TRAP mods have had to put up with, little wonder there is a concensus to close the TRAP Forum.