Kooks wonder if Justin Bieber has PAWS


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Justin Bieber in PAWs?
« on: March 10, 2019, 10:35:24 pm »


…just something I was thinking about today… he had a run-in with Benzos from what I’ve read and now he’s suffering through some pretty significant challenges according to the news and some of his tweets. I wonder if he’s going through PAWS? Just a coincidence maybe.

Re: Justin Bieber in PAWs?
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if so, i’m sorry to speculate that fame or fortune won’t be able to buy him relief

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for benzo withdrawal?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
« on: February 27, 2019, 05:14:59 pm »


would like to hear from anybody that has tried this in withdrawal. Anybody super sensitive do ok with it or have a reaction? I would like to hear any experiences please. I’m not looking to treat withdrawal, but a sinister skin condition.

Thanks guys

Re: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
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Please check what kind of chamber you are thinking of paying for. I paid $500 to lay in the equivalent of a decompression chamber. My naturopath did not realize that
his soft unit did not have any method of supplying any oxygen. I learned a lot by looking at the machine and researching the brand and seeing that this office only had
a compressor running. There is no way a compressor can induce a higher oxygen level. Needless to say the doctor is now purchasing the unit needed to raise oxygen levels to a level that will indeed help healing and about 4 lbs p.s.i. True oxygen therapy surely can’t hurt.

By the way, is your skin issue a dermatitis type issue. I thought my severe rash was caused from gluten, but now I now know that it is definitely benzo related. Symptoms from benzos are all over the board.

Good luck in your research.

18 years on 2 mg C.
Suffered tolerance withdrawal for years before I figured out what was wrong with me
titrating off last .1725 mg at a rate of .0175 every two weeks or so

Re: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
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I did about 30 sessions. I was in a large chamber with oxygen masks. I think what helped the most at the time was the oxygen but who knows. I feel like maybe my brain isn’t getting enough oxygen… probably due to shallow breathing habits and not talking most of the day. Anyway, it helped a little but not enough to continue (I think you need to do like 60+) and it was also very expensive for what I got out of it.

I figured because they use it as a treatment for TBI with PTSD, Stroke, and Cancer that it may provide some benefit.

Good luck if you decide to try it. And yes you need to find someone who has a proper chamber where they feed you oxygen.

A benzo withdrawal coloring book?

“Distraction is an important tool in coping with symptoms brought on by withdrawing from a benzodiazepine. This simple coloring book of mandalas can help you take your mind off of your withdrawal symptoms and give you a few moments of peace. Four encouraging affirmations are tucked into the book to help lift your spirits. You’re encouraged to share pictures of your finished designs with the author on her website.”

Kooks at Benzo Buddies give decaf coffee and cocoa big thumbs down

Decaf Coffee or Cocoa OK During Withdrawal?
« on: January 18, 2019, 07:40:09 pm »


I understand caffeine affects Gaba receptors, so I quit drinking regular coffee. But I DO have a decaf I make myself (3 mgs) and a homemade cocoa (ditto, as I read cocoa from Starbucks, etc, was much higher.) I seem to be recovering quite well mentally, but still have oodles of physical pain caused by the benzo’s. Should I quit even decaf? (I love it – makes my day start beautifully!)

Re: Decaf Coffee or Cocoa OK During Withdrawal?
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cocoa has caffeine in it. I cannot take it while on taper, makes me hyper.

Re: Decaf Coffee or Cocoa OK During Withdrawal?
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Hi Benzo P!
There are two problems drinking coffee and cocoa. Coffee has caffeine and even the decaf has at least 14% in it. Cocoa also has caffeine and sugar. Both are excitatory substances 😀 . If you are tapering you probably want to stay away from it or at least take the decaf only in the morning. I replaced coffee with Roma Kaffree. It’s a plant base and really taste like coffee. If you put milk you won’t notice a big difference. Yes, it’s hard to quit things that you enjoy…

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Cult blames Big Pharma for incarceration of benzo community member related to synthetic marijuana ring

Cult member: “Few common symptoms of benzo include OCD, and predetermined conduct and behaviour which are totally out of one’s character. This is often wrongly diagnosed as schizophrenia cause one has a real self and an obsessive self. Benzo does this. Paul proved himself, his real self, to the group. For those who were not there will never understand. It may be confusing and contradicting to many and a great disappointment too…it just shows how far benzo can lead one to self destruction and how much a benzo-warrior who went through doing stuff outside one’s character ends up in a conflict with strong impulsive intrusive thoughts during healing. Benzo!”

Benzo withdrawal community member sentenced to 46 months in prison for mail fraud, money laundering charges related to bath salts and synthetic marijuana trafficking ring