Kook composes twisted lullaby to Ativan

If I was going to write a song about lorazepam, it'd be like....
« on: May 19, 2016, 06:21:47 am »


Lorazepam lullaby,
took half a pill on a fly,
to stop the panic and doom,
to feel like other people do

Lorazepam abstinence,
why am I so anxious? it makes no sense
what is with this crazyness?
is it coffee or the food I ate?

I am anxious I need these pills,
But no longer know how I feel,
Does this stuff helps or hurts,
Lots of stress in life and
I’m feeling worse

Lorazepam danger zone,
this ain’t good for me, but I can’t stop
my anxiety is killing me,
and I am barely functioning

Lorazepam twilight zone,
am I dying all alone,
I went to the ER,
They said, “oh, you’re fine”

Lorazepam meltdown
What is this withdrawal thing?
Benzobuddies sites offers hope,
but why do I feel I can’t cope?

Lorazepam tapering,
what kind of world am I living it?
Feel like Frodo in Lords of the Rings
This can’t be possibly happening

To the rescue comes valium,
The nasty pills from 70’s films
Thought new benzos were safer things
Feel like fool for believing it