Straw that broke the camels back
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Hey all, maybe some of you have read my I frequent postings. My story is like many others, overuse of benzodiazepines, a really hard withdrawal and a gradual recovery. I elected to dismiss the common knowledge of this board and keep pushing as hard as I could throughout my recovery, despite several severe life circumstances I just kept going. I had an ex girlfriend unexpectedly call me saying […] had given birth, and was planning on giving the baby away. I got to spend 3 days with my daughter, and it shattered my heart. I moved to Australia to work on a super high visibility project, working long hours away from all support. I fell in love while I was there, deeply, and in the midst of my withdrawal. I had a tumor found in my testicle, and had it removed, no cancer though. And finally the girl who I loved told me […] had been dating someone new back in Germany, and I shattered. It was the straw that broke the camels back, and I flew home to the USA to unravel. I am so alone, so empty, I feel like the life I have I don’t recognize anymore, I’ve used up all my resilience and I just have nothing left. I never dealt with grieving the baby, grieving my withdrawal, grieving my operation, it was just move forward, move forward, go go go, don’t stop don’t be a victim don’t stop. And now I’m back on a benzo because I can’t stop having panic attacks thinking about all the things that happened the past year that I buried, and the girl who helped me get through it who decided […] would rather someone else.

I feel so weak. Like such a failure


The anti-psychiatry cult organizes themselves to attack patients, often mentally ill, who’s only crime is taking their doctor prescribed medication. The brainwashed zealots see themselves as saviors on a crusade to save people from Big Pharma’s evil medications. They don’t care who they hurt on their mission to destroy psychiatry. To these miserable wretches, the millions of people helped by medication can all go to hell. Promotion of cult ideology is bad enough, and to be honest, no one but other cult members sees it or cares, but the harassment of the sick is not going to be tolerated.