Brainwashed Benzo Buddies members check soap, deodorant, perfume for alcohol

I have a theory...
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Considering that any tiny bit of alcohol on things like deodorant, soap, perfume can cause a noticeable effect on me. Should we use GABAA Antagonists to balance things out? Or does natural glutamate from food already helps? Like, when people drink Alcohol and they have a flare up that last for days, they heal that flare up from eating???

what do you think?
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Re: I have a theory...
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I think you should look for soaps, and deodorants that don’t contain alcohol. Read the back of the products and look. Or call the 800 # listed on the back. And give up the perfumes since most do contain alcohol. Maybe some do not, but I don’t know since I don’t wear any myself.

And for heavens sake, don’t take any gaba a antagonists “to balance things out.” You’re off the benzos and gabapentin, so just get on with life. “Gaba antagonists are drugs that inhibit the action of gaba and produce stimulant and convulsive effects. They”re used mainly for counteracting overdoses of sedative drugs.” (Slight paraphrasing from Wikipedia; you can read this yourself.)

Natural food with glutamate is a good thing no matter what the circumstances. And many people who have withdrawn from benzos can never drink alcohol again while many others can. It depends on numerous factors-genetics, how hard withdrawl was, number of withdrawl attempts, number of “brain meds” involved and more. It’s really an individual thing as we’re all different people with different Central Nervous Systems.

So your “theory” is what exactly?

Seasonal allergies affect benzo withdrawal?

Are seasonal allergies worse during withdrawal?
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The past two years I’ve had what I’ve assumed were horrible seasonal allergies. It’s mainly sinus pressure and congestion. I also feel like my ears have water in them, but when I’ve had them checked the doc doesn’t see anything. I know benzo withdrawal causes a host of problems and affects the immune system. Wondering what the science involved is with the allergies being so bad. I’ve had no sinus or ear infections but sometimes the pressure between my eyes is just unbearable. Any thoughts?

Re: Are seasonal allergies worse during withdrawal?
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I think so, its been YEARS since mine have been this bad.

Re: Are seasonal allergies worse during withdrawal?
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Yes, mine have been worse this year since I got off benzos. I think withdrawal can ramp up any other health issues we have. I think maybe that withdrawal puts us in an inflammatory, reactive state and our bodies can over react to all kinds of things-old and new…ugh.