VA cutting off beer-guzzling 25-year Xanax addict

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I have been on Xanax for about 25 years. Dosages as high as 4.5 mg a day years ago to down to .5 mg a day (and up and down over the years). Currently on.5 mg a day and tapering (i hope). The V.A. is trying to get people off of the Benzos I think because of a (perhaps) causal link to dementia. The Dr has added hydroxyzine on a trial basis starting at 20mg a day….we will see. My primary symptom was dizziness along with (at times) heart palpitations. Before Xanax I was self medicating with beer, up to 12 cans a day. The symtoms would be constant for months and then go away for months…I haven’t figured out what might have triggered the symptoms in that long ago time. They gave me a CAT scan with (happily) negative results ( in about 1987 or so). And then gave me some Halzion to help with sleep. I found that by taking the Halzion in the daytime my symptoms went away almost immediately! Anyhow because Hazion was not for anxiety per se, they went to Xanax. This in spite of the fact I didn’t have to take the halzion on a constant basis, but only as the symptoms showed up. (Dr.s always know best, of course, they are “M.D.s”……Medical deities………) […] says “hello to all”

Addict blames psychiatrist for thirty year love affair with Xanax

30 years of benzo and now in the procees to leave it.
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In 1985 a psychiatrist whom I trusted prescribed me Alprazolam starting with 1 mg a day, raising the dose more and more until March 2015 when the dose was 6 mg. In that same year a good psychiatrist responsible and ethic took it away with Diazepam, Qeutiapine and other support medications. To this date I still suffer abstinence. In my terrible sleepless nights I started reading Ashton Manual and seeked to find people who managed to wake from this nightmare and so I found benzobuddies. The stories of people having victory, has given hope that there can be a full recovery process. I have small windows (good days) which are becoming a little more frecuent.

Endless self-pity from weaklings who blame doctors for their drug addictions

The Accidental Addict
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I was prescribed Ativan .05 mg for my fear of flying in 2015. As my need to fly increased so did my Ativan. One day I started having panic attacks even on the Ativan and I had to take more to stop them. It was at that point I realized I have become dependant on them. I got scared and stopped immediately..since that day in September 2015 I have never been the same. I survived a virtual hell on earth of 10 days in non stop panic attack, muscle tremors, confusion and did I mention a PANIC ATTACK that lasted 10 days I didn’t sleep or eat for days and lost 25lbs…and still have massive anxiety, muscle twitches, dizziness,severe depression and a multiple of other bizarre symptoms to this day 8 months later!!! Since I stopped cold turkey in September I’ve only had a few sort of normal days a month. And even those days I can’t shake the feeling of dread in my chest. The worst days for me start with uncontrollable shaking, dizziness and absolute panic. The doctors tell me there is no way this is from Ativan withdrawl but cannot find anything medically wrong with me. I am a quivering mess that the doctors have no clue what is wrong with me so they say take Prozac. Its not working…I need some ray of hope that I will return to the bright and calm person I once was. Now I can barely read or focus and am TERRIFIED this will be the rest of my life? Please tell me this will end one day?
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