Man who can’t remember why he started Klonopin given Lithium, Pregabalin, Depakote, Risperdal, Latuda, Invega, Nortriptyline, Remeron sandwich

My FINAL Klonopin Taper & Use of Benzos
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Hi All,

I wanted to share my current experience on my taper, as well as other plans I’m considering.

– 50 yrs old
– Suffered from anxiety my whole life
I can’t even remember which quack put me on Klonopin at this point, but it’s finally time to end this nightmare. I’ve been on and off it for 20+ years.
– I never suffered from depression in my life until about 3 years ago. I’ve currently been in a MDD episode for a year and a half – yes, you read that correctly. And on work leave for the second time in one year.
– Have been diagnosed with GAD, MDD and CPTSD
This go around with another pill pusher shrink, I’ve been given Lithium, Pregabalin, Depakote, Risperdal, Latuda, Invega, Nortriptyline, and Remeron. NONE of these did anything for this MDD episode.
I am now off every medication they gave me, except Klonopin of course, and I am actually feeling better than when I was on them.
The only remaining medication I take is Prazosin at night, which is very helpful for nightmares, but I don’t consider this a neuro drug, because it’s not, so I’m comfortable still taking that.
– My goal is to never take a neuro medication again. The majority of neuroscientists, shrinks, etc. will readily admit they STILL know very little about the brain. So, how in the world can Pharma companies and doctors responsibly dole out drugs to help when they admittedly know very little about how the brain works?? Hence, no more neuro meds for me again if humanly possible.

– Beginning dose: 2mg Klonopin daily. 1mg morning | 1mg night. I’ve been on this level on & off for a long time. I’ve taped to 1mg with no problems at all. I’ve tapered completely off Klonopin before with very little symptoms along the way. I can’t remember why I started again (thank you benzo memory killer), but I think it coincided with a highly stressful job I just started, so it’s difficult to tell whether the symptoms were withdrawal or situational.
– First step: 1mg morning | 3/4mg night for 21 days. Some symptoms, but very manageable
– Second step: 1mg morning | 1/2mg night so far for 5 days. Will hold here and see how it goes. So far, so good.
– Next Steps: Will keep you posted

*Side note: I am seriously considering a Flumanezil-based more rapid detox at The Coleman Institute. I have read very mixed reviews about this, but I am still considering as another slow taper will just not work for me given my leave from work and other factors. Of course, a rapid detox could result in my condition worsening and maybe even causing me to permanently leave my job, but I’m willing to take this chance.

Addict becoming increasingly paranoid as abusive mind control cult-enforced benzo taper drags on for years

*Friends* who KNOW I am tapering & have anxiety disorder seem to be instigating.
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So my ex-landlord missed the 30-day deadline to file for damages against my security. He MAY have gotten to the post office in time so I still have to check mail this week to be sure the weasel didn’t send something via certified mail at the last minute..

However my concern is the other tenants in the building. They WANT to *stir things up* because they believe they can win money in a lawsuit against this slumlord. The guy just spent 1/2 hour trying to convince me to go in with them on a lawsuit.

I don’t want to. The entire issue should be settled by my leaving the security deposit for the landlord to use for legitimate stuff we left behind and one repair I did not get to.

Now they (the tenant’s) have me suspicious that they tipped the landlord off about the Friday deadline and if I get something in the coming week asking for damage $s beyond the security deposit, my anxiety is going to go through the roof!!!!! Should I just cut all of these people off? I am so glad I didn’t say a word to anyone about the deadline until AFTER the deadline passed.

I moved to a quiet small town in Appalachia to get AWAY from BS and start my taper. Now they have me all worked up again, saying the landlord probably went to the post office at the last minute and I will get some kind of billing this week . (My landlord is not the brightest, so I would suspect someone helped him make the deadline if I get something postmarked by July 30.) I guess I just have to distract myself AGAIN for 6 more days of stress waiting on this week’s mail. Thanks buddies for working the anxiety up again!!! (That’s directed at the other tenants in the building.)

This taper failed: 60-year-old wants back on Klonopin after sitting in garage with gun in hand, ready to end it

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I am 9 wks CT from K at .75 mg that I was on for three months. Now I remember why doctor put me on this to begin with. I have extreme health anxiety. I have been doing fairly well with my withdrawal symptoms and even sleeping pretty well. Now I have just got news that something was wrong with my liver function test. I haven’t talked to doctor or got results, but I am living in extreme fear and panic and it’s not the withdrawal. I just can’t deal with health issues. If he tells me there’s problems with my liver I don’t know what I’d do. I can’t even make the appointment. I don’t know how I’d […] see him or get liver tests done. Seriously what would happen if I went back on K? I know it’s not recommended but lots of people do it. I think I’d rather live my life calmer than live with this anxiety even if it means a lifetime of drugs. Or would it not work for me? I can’t do it. I mean I literally can’t. I can’t get it out of my head the what if’s. I am paralyzed with fear. I would be like this for any health emergency for life, not just because I’m in withdrawal. I have been suicidal. Yes have even sat in the garage with the car running, taken the overdose, had the gun in my hand. Please help me make a decision. What else could possibly help me. Is there a drug that’s not a benzo? I can’t wait for an antidepressant to work. I’ve tried two and they made me sick as a dog. . I can’t […] on like this. I’m 60 yrs old.


hey everyone back again
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I signed up years ago and I’ve decided to start being active here again. I was on Klonopin 2mg took 1.5 daily for 15 years and completed my withdraw back in 2012 I think. Due to covid stress I asked my doctor to put me back on .5 mg and I only take .25 for about 6 mos. I will withdraw again, it won’t be that bad. Its real easy. I started the tapping method which really works.

If you go on youtube and search “Tapping for anxiety” you’ll find lots of methods to reduce your anxiety without the help of benzos.

Taper terror: 5 mg of Versed for colonoscopy causes complete collapse

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I need major reassurance!
I’ve been having a hard time lately, a very hard time.
As some of you may know I’ve been struggling to get off a very short time use of Ativan.

Following a colonoscopy in late Oct, where I was given Versed, things have been very bad.
I can’t remember anything, I can’t concentrate, lots of visual and auditory problems.
I also have lots of POTS like symptoms, my body is not holding onto liquids at all, I drink and it goes right through me-literally!!!
Given this, I’m getting tons of dizziness and feeling faint.

I moved to liquid Ativan in Jan and have only been able to taper down to 0.699 mg, and that nearly killed me.

I’m having to file for long-term disability, as my short-term disability has been used up.
I can’t even fill out the paperwork, that’s how cognitively challenged I am (I have a masters degree in engineering and run half of the engineering department for a large municipality – so I’m normally very sharp and with it).

I just found out that the Dr at the colonoscopy gave me 5 mg of Versed!!!

This is why I’ve been the way I am.
I’m now convinced that I will never heal, and I also am feeling very defeated, like I will never be able to get off this drug.

At first I was tapering 0.007 mg a day, I crashed and burned on that, waited two weeks and started 0.001 mg per day and crashed on that after 16 days. I can’t even go 0.001 mg per day!!!!

I feel like my body is shutting down, it feels like my brain is not working at all correctly anymore?
During the day it feels as if I’m fighting to stay alive – very weird feeling.
I do have a bunch of tests coming up to see if they can determine a problem

I don’t know anyone else on this board that has had this happen!!

I need major reassurance that I’m going to be able to recover from this!!

I wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain from the headaches!

Please, please someone, tell me this is going to be ok!!!

I’m very distressed, I don’t want to die from this, I don’t want to leave my girls!

I can’t take years to get off this drug!!
It feels like it is killing me now!

Please help!!!

Winnie :'(

Brutal Ashton taper leaves man unable to walk 16 months post-cessation of drug

Can’t walk. This has never happened WTF?
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Hi everyone. I hope your holidays were OK. I’m actually just happy that they are over. I don’t know what’s going on with me I have never had this happen in benzo withdrawal. I have had difficulty walking and I’ve had pain in my legs and feet and lower back, but not to the point where I actually cannot walk around the block. I mean I can but it’s so damn painful. I was supposed to help my girlfriend do a photo shoot outdoors today and I couldn’t go because I can’t stand on my feet. My right heel feels like there’s an internal bruise, they’re shooting pains going up my legs from my feet, and my lower back is killing me. I’ve been popping ibuprofen like crazy. I’ve been laying in bed since last night, and they were shooting pains in my legs even when I’m not putting any weight on them. My primary care doctor is great. He tells his patients that he can’t believe he actually has one patient that got off of Clonopin. He’s been practicing for 35 years and said that he has never seen one person successfully get off of it. I called him this morning and he called me back. He says he has no idea what it is. He said that some of the symptoms sound like gout but other ones don’t. I wanted to tell him that I think it’s benzo withdrawal, but I don’t want him to think I’m crazy because that seems to be the look I get when ever I offer that is a solution to my physical pain. I’ve read a lot on here about different messed up physical symptoms that people have, and I’m wondering if this particular group of symptoms is something that someone else’s experience. I usually ride my bike and or walk 3 to 5 miles a day. I can’t even walk around the block without being in extreme pain. I have tried to stay physically active throughout my benzo withdrawal, but I’m stuck at home now in bed. I work and have worked full-time throughout withdrawal, and I have never been bed ridden because of physical symptoms and am terrified that I’m actually getting worse 16 months post taper.
Any insight or encouragement would be much appreciated. I’m stuck in bed all day. Thank you.


I reinstated my klonopin please help everyone scaring me!!
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I was tapering and I got from 2mg daily down to 1.25mg over the course of some
Months I was doing well… my mom passed and I just had back to back panic attacks and 5 trips to the ER, in a week! So I reinstated yesterday and I feel
Much better but I absolutely want to get off, I’m
Just wondering why do people fear monger? NOT in this forum but in others I’ve been told
If I try to wean again I will be in horrible condition, I will not be able to do it, I’m at a larger risk for seizures… is this really true please help!

Re: I reinstated my klonopin please help everyone scaring me!!
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I can relate, don’t know what to tell you. I am freaking out 24/7 for almost nothing and everything at the same time. Everything is a trigger and race my anxiety and fear. But I notice that when I go for a walk and do my sport and yoga (I do it almost every day), my mind is busy and I am less triggered. But still… I can barely being around people. Some days are better than other, for exemple today I was incapable to see anyone but Friday I went to the restaurant with a friend, I was anxious but I managed. I try to push myself to get my brain use to a normal life style, don’t know if it help or not because usually if I do something and force too much, seems that I pay it for days after… I cannot help you with taper because I cold turkey 🙁