Am I just lazy?
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Yesterday I got out and cut the grass and felt bad. Today I have the don’t wants. So much to do. Whoa is me.

Re: Am I just lazy?
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I feel so down. Anything I see depresses me. I wish I had someone to talk to. Nothing are no one to get motivated for. I just sit here and post. It feels like a big weight on top of me.

Re: Am I just lazy?
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Well you’ve already done more than I have in a year I bet lol. I am normally outside from morning to dark last two summers, nope and I am not seeing much being dif so far this summer.

K sucked the life out of me and I don’t do shit all day.

You’re not lazy I asked the same thing one day, you can’t just change like that.. its the w/d. You will be back to normal one day just keep hanging on.

Addict throws online pity party after being accused of laziness

Because I'm sick ,I was called a LAZY BUM!!
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I tried to post this before but I guess it didn’t go through. I was called a “Lazy Bum”. People don’t know how debilitating this ordeal is unless they go through it themselves or have a illness that keeps them from doing ordinary things. I pray I get healthy and can go back to work next year. I go to CBT and read self help books, to help with my severe anxiety.However, this W/D has made my inner ear Disease so much worse that I have vertigo,ear pressure and horrible balance everyday. I want to know who could work under those conditions. I’m not talking about minor dizziness either.Head spinning the whole nine yards. People so quick to judge us and that probably couldn’t even handle a week of this torture!!! I been going through this for almost two years. I do feel pathetic but it’s not my fault I know .The Doctor should of known better. I’m stuck suffering and being criticized for it SMDH.

Wife’s slavish devotion to anti-psychiatry cult isolating her from normal society

Comments by JB:
Cult victim or stooge to reinforce cult thinking?
First she sets up the post to say the forum is her lifeline, saying just one reply shows they’re supported and points to how nobody on tho outside understands, yet she has a husband that’s understanding and supportive.
It’s yet another case of programmed language/thinking, isolation and cult worship, which flies in the face of the outside real world!
The level of delusion just keeps increasing, it’s self-perpetuating and traps new victims along the way.
It’s nothing short of tragic!

I need to hear there "IS HOPE"
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One day just keeps rolling into the next without much relief. I feel like I’m stuck in my body and I can’t get out. I had a little bit of freedom last week for 2 days and I think this is what is making me feel so robbed and helpless. (tricked into being normal)
I’ve had a big melt down this afternoon with lots of crying. My husband is so gorgeous he was even crying. He just wishes he could do something to help me. I said to him all I need is love, support and a shoulder to cry on.
I know I’m early days but it’s just so hard to live a normal life. There is nothing normal about the way I feel. I think I just need to hear once again that things are going to get better and in years to come this will be all behind me.
Sending love to everyone going through this hell. May you all have the inner strength to hold on and bathe in those days of wellness again.

This site is my saviour. Just getting one reply makes you feel supported and not alone. As we all know this journey is very lonely. No one knows our inner pain.

Love from my heart to all you strong, courageous and beautiful people.


Endless self-pity from weaklings who blame doctors for their drug addictions

The Accidental Addict
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I was prescribed Ativan .05 mg for my fear of flying in 2015. As my need to fly increased so did my Ativan. One day I started having panic attacks even on the Ativan and I had to take more to stop them. It was at that point I realized I have become dependant on them. I got scared and stopped immediately..since that day in September 2015 I have never been the same. I survived a virtual hell on earth of 10 days in non stop panic attack, muscle tremors, confusion and did I mention a PANIC ATTACK that lasted 10 days I didn’t sleep or eat for days and lost 25lbs…and still have massive anxiety, muscle twitches, dizziness,severe depression and a multiple of other bizarre symptoms to this day 8 months later!!! Since I stopped cold turkey in September I’ve only had a few sort of normal days a month. And even those days I can’t shake the feeling of dread in my chest. The worst days for me start with uncontrollable shaking, dizziness and absolute panic. The doctors tell me there is no way this is from Ativan withdrawl but cannot find anything medically wrong with me. I am a quivering mess that the doctors have no clue what is wrong with me so they say take Prozac. Its not working…I need some ray of hope that I will return to the bright and calm person I once was. Now I can barely read or focus and am TERRIFIED this will be the rest of my life? Please tell me this will end one day?
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Kooky Monday: Self-pitying addiction vs iatrogenic dependence discussion devolves into wild bar brawl-style slugfest of personal insults

Appreciate the article, but not sure why this relentless demonization of big pharma and benzos…..similar trope over current “opiod” hysteria…blaming “opiod addiction” on Big Pharma and “oxycontin, etc. Big Pharma should be celebrated for providing us these ameliorative drugs.

as a “survivor” of many things including forced incarceration and Thorazine at a clip of 1600 mg. daily, should I have the right to flash my credentials any time you disagree with me and demand you apologize?

Whatever…regarding points missed– just trying to respond to a palpable hostile tone you have directed at me

Self-pitying professional victim compares himself to Leonardo DiCaprio in the Revenant

If anyone asks you what benzo withdrawal is like,tell them to watch The Revenant
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I couldnt help drawing the comparison betweent the Hell Leonardo’s character was going through and the torment of Benzo withdrawal. Never ending nightmare. Just when you think things are about to get better you are fighting for your life again. Repeat repeat repeat.

Alee Sun not so sunny

“Let’s say your mom had cancer and some assfuck posted shit about her that she was faking her illness, took pictures of her and distorted her face to make her look crazy and tweaky, hacked into people’s Facebook accounts and posted stuff on their page…” — Alee Sun

People with cancer don’t attack their oncologists.