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Re: Accept it's permanent.
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Quote from: [Buddie] on September 22, 2019, 06:15:39 pm
Xanax withdrawal is permanent. You’ll feel better 95% whenever it does happen but never 100% it’ll always be lingering symptoms until your casket drops. Don’t get upset or think I’m trolling. It’s based off reading success stories and Ashton patient studies. People make up excuse as saying..” oh they completely heal never come back to post and want to move on with life.” Sadly that’s called denial of the fact these lab made meds change your body chemistry and most cases can’t successfully revert to original function. Everything is haywire so going back on benzos won’t help no matter how high dosage or time you try to stable it. Long story short..benzos does damage that’s both temporary and permanent.

I recovered completely, 100%. You are welcome to read my Success Story:


Your bitterness is obvious and it is your choice to believe what you wish. However, you speak as if you have compelling evidence to back up your claim, yet there is none.

Writing in bold is considered ‘shouting’ and is disallowed on the forum. I’ll be editing the format to a normal resolution.


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Ex-Benzo Buddies moderator: 20k laboratory microgram scales worse than useless, members being harmed by brainwashing

This is from the valium taper thread, and it kind of proves that microtapering with inaccurate jewellers scales is totally pointless & unreliable if one wants a stable withdrawal. However, it’s still heavily marketed on benzobuddies as a perfectly valid and acceptable method to keep tapering and many [believers] members (including team members) swear that they can detect a 0.125mg dose reduction.
That’s nonsense as valium has a very long half-life and the body can’t detect such changes in a day (there is such a thing in pharmacology called a ‘threshold dose’.. you just never hear that on benzobuddies), and even if it could the methods they’re using are so unreliable there’s no way anyone’s measuring accurately in micrograms, and even if they were using $20,000 laboratory microgram scales, the drug itself has a -20/+25% tolerance?
It’s garbage that keeps people in fear and tapering for years when they could quit benzos in less than 3 months. They also advise long tapers from thienodiazepines which are designed with a significantly safer withdrawal profile and are far less addictive than traditional benzos. That’s funny because they don’t even know what they are on benzobuddies.
Good job a thoughtful ex mod created an RC benzo sticky for them while being attacked left, right & center at a time he was simultaneously suicidal, poly-withdrawing, recovering from a heart attack, grieving the loss of his brother and being severely harassed on & off the forum by the clique that are defended by the admins there, eh.
But never mind science, or facts, eh. Let’s just keep spreading nonsense and keep enabling mentally ill people to stay mentally ill and refuse proper treatment from those evil doctors.
A few posts up it was labelled by other buddies as a “tolerance myth spread on the boards” and then dismissed.. so I wonder how well that member who found the data will be treated hence forth. Not well I can imagine, going on my past experiences.
Yeah, real supportive environment there, all admin-approved, too, unless they don’t like you for shining light on their unsafe jewellers-scale microtapers, in which case you’re targeted in the same way Scientologists target their opponents!
No surprise there, though.
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So I guess this means they are supposed to have exactly 10 mg. of diazapam in each tablet if that is the dosage. I would think it could be off by a miniscule amount per manufacturing but to be off 20 % of a prescribed dosage would be scary. Thanks for posting this.
My pleasure. I’ve also read about the 20% “myth” on these boards. And you’re right it would be really nasty for us, but for those using generics for a heart condition or something of a similar ilk, it could be deadly.