Cult realizes it’s only a handful of self-pitying kooks, clinging to harmful beliefs invented by a madwoman

The rest of the internet has glowing positive reports about benzos.
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It seems that the rest of the internet loves benzos and does not share the negative experience that we do. They don’t believe in side effects. They don’t believe in withdrawal syndrome.

They either don’t withdrawal at all or have a minor 2 week withdrawal, and this is with heavy doses. Some have gone on and off of the meds over decades, dozens of times and never experienced kindling or any problem going off whatsoever.

I’m in several support groups for issues like insomnia and IBS. Whenever a question comes up about what meds they’re taking or what meds cold be helpful, benzos are always eagerly suggested. Whenever I warn about the dangers of benzos, 10 people come to the aid of the person who mentioned the benzo to argue against me.

I have been banned from groups. I have been told I am fear mongering, am negative, am lying, am selling something, or have an underlying disease, and that I’m wrong. It is so frustrating. What is going on here?

Are we really a like a 5% minority of super sensitive people with weak gaba function or diseases? (5% LOL not even close, try something like 0.000001% of all benzodiazepine users – editor)

Re: The rest of the internet has glowing positive reports about benzos.
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My doctor says that what I went through with Klonopin was rare. However, coming on this board assures me that I am not the only one who has suffered horrific effects from benzos. I’m curious as well to know the percentage of people that go through what we have gone through with benzos.

Re: The rest of the internet has glowing positive reports about benzos.
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Its true. The majority of people have few problems getting off benzos. But you were banned, so that’s good because they were not good sites for you to be on. “I Don’t Want to Belong to Any Club That Will Accept Me as a Member.” Groucho Marx. lol.

Professional victim rage = LOL

Seen elsewhere:

Using the word addiction to describe benzo injury blames the patients inherently. So easy to say dependent.
For those who feel they did suffer with both — then just write both, and explain what they both mean.
Not complicated. Every time you lean on addiction incorrectly or singularly it’s making it look like abuse and compulsion are the reason we got sick. Not helpful and completely infuriating at this point.

Addict throws online pity party after being accused of laziness

Because I'm sick ,I was called a LAZY BUM!!
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I tried to post this before but I guess it didn’t go through. I was called a “Lazy Bum”. People don’t know how debilitating this ordeal is unless they go through it themselves or have a illness that keeps them from doing ordinary things. I pray I get healthy and can go back to work next year. I go to CBT and read self help books, to help with my severe anxiety.However, this W/D has made my inner ear Disease so much worse that I have vertigo,ear pressure and horrible balance everyday. I want to know who could work under those conditions. I’m not talking about minor dizziness either.Head spinning the whole nine yards. People so quick to judge us and that probably couldn’t even handle a week of this torture!!! I been going through this for almost two years. I do feel pathetic but it’s not my fault I know .The Doctor should of known better. I’m stuck suffering and being criticized for it SMDH.

Heather Solimine censors my YouTube comments about a recent cult suicide

I simply pointed out Bill would likely be alive if one of his so-called friends had called the authorities on him. Heather proceeded to give me a very condescending lecture on Big Pharma’s torture chambers (sane people call them hospitals), peppered with gems like the “majority of medical professionals do not know how to handle these situations” (how she arrived at that conclusion is anyone’s guess). She also told me how she pretended to be okay after a friend – fearing a suicide attempt –  called the police on her earlier this year. I am not a doctor but I do believe if someone is suicidal they need professional help, from a doctor or psychiatrist, not from people who tell them not to go to the hospital (because it will make things “worse”). That’s not right. Some would even call it criminal.

RIP Bill.

Kooks add ‘electrified teeth’ to list of 90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

Electrified teeth!
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In the trailer for Holly Hardman’s upcoming documentary “As Prescribed,” there is a man, a fellow benzo victim, who mentioned that his teeth feel “electrified.” I’ve been complaining about this symptom for years! It’s as though the interior of my teeth, especially the ones at the top and front, are hooked up to a nine volt battery. Anyone else have this or is just me and the poor guy in the trailer? 

BTW here’s the link to the trailer. Excellent!

Freaks seek superstar addicts to recruit to Church of Ashton

Famous benzo victims?
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It’s occurred to me that I’m not aware of any famous / celebrity victims of benzos. I think this is quite strange. Benzos were found in the toxicology reports of Whitney Houston, Prince and Michael Jackson.
Eminem is well known former Valium addict. But he clearly didn’t go through many months of withdrawal hell like most victims here. If he did, we’d know about it. Same for those mentioned above.
Stevie Nicks has spoken out about Xanax, but only in as much as she said it made her feel emotionally dead and sapped her creativity.

It makes me more sure that we’re in a very unfortunate minority of users who have such an appalling time withdrawing.
I suppose some benzo using celebrities might just avoid withdrawal by keeping on the pills, and they’ve certainly got the financial resources to do so…but how come no one is known for hitting tolerance WD?
The WD experience is so debilitating that they’d be unable to function as performers / actors/ politicians for a significant period of time…and surely anyone going through this hell would speak out?

A ‘benzo epidemic’ without any victims

There are no reliable (or for that matter unreliable) statistics on the number of people allegedly victimized by Big Pharma’s benzodiazepines. The claim of millions of benzo victims is based solely on dogma created by the infamous Scientology front group mis-named Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). If you ask any of Ashton disciples to provide evidence, of their claim, they inevitably fumble and the offer nothing but a litany of excuses on why there is no evidence to back up their spurious nonsense. Yet, if you join one of their ridiculous benzo victim groups you will hear cult acolytes repeat – like mindless sheep – that millions are suffering. They’re suffering all right – suffering delusions.

Professional victim: “I never knew it was addictive”

Benzo Victim of 20 years
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Hello All. I was prescribed Klonopin 20 years ago for sleep. Was upped small doses over the initial years due to intolerance. My high water mark was 6mg of K. Realized 10 years into the poisoning that I needed to get off. It took 2 years but I got myself down to 0. Was at 0 for 2 years and began suffering severe panic attacks. Psych put me back on and eventually upped to 6mg of K again. Over the past 18 months was able to wean down to 1.5mg but am stuck at this level. Still have hope of getting to 0 again and staying clean of this toxic med. Glad to meet you all. It is possible to get off of benzos and stay off.