Self-pitying professional victim compares himself to Leonardo DiCaprio in the Revenant

If anyone asks you what benzo withdrawal is like,tell them to watch The Revenant
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I couldnt help drawing the comparison betweent the Hell Leonardo’s character was going through and the torment of Benzo withdrawal. Never ending nightmare. Just when you think things are about to get better you are fighting for your life again. Repeat repeat repeat.

Member scores cult on delusional belief system i.e. “accidental addict” dogma

How Attempts to Distance from the Term Addiction Can Result in Harm
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I know of several instances in my real life and now have also seen a bunch on the BB board where people are more concerned with what they’re being called rather than whether the pharmaceutical protocol they’re following is helping them get well or hurting and delaying their recovery.

As long as they get reassurance they’re not nasty addicts, they can continue with their denial and keep popping whatever it is they’re still taking. The way I see it, people who so adamantly insist they are better than actual “addicts” are merely perpetuating the stereotype that a hijacked, addicted brain is some kind of moral failing. This attitude just makes it harder for others to take a clear-eyed look at their own situation and make changes for the better.

If a doctor put you on something and your brain got addicted to it and you had the strength to get off of it, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. But you also won’t increase the speed of your healing by heaping shame on others and trying to distance yourself.

And by the way, it’s completely screwed up how doctors treat EVERYBODY on this issue. The whole system is due for a major overhaul and it goes way beyond trying to school doctors not to call you an addict.

Re: How Attempts to Distance from the Term Addiction Can Result in Harm
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I don’t believe that people calling themselves addicts, accidental addicts or iatrogenically dependent can harm themsleves or anyone else. We all came here for the same purpose, to gain support and information in a quest to become benzo free or to receive support as the recovery process continues. Our members deserve respect at all times.

I certainly don’t see people “popping” medications because they don’t feel they are “addicts” and I have been here a really long time. Many people are polydrugged and need to take care of one medication at a time. Additionally, we are not an anti drug support forum, our focus is on benzo withdrawal. If someone decides they need a particular medication, there should be absolutely no stigma or judgmental attitudes towards them.

I see no “heaping of shame” on others and to bring this up, you are making an issue out of what is in all actuality a non-issue.


Re: How Attempts to Distance from the Term Addiction Can Result in Harm
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You’re just not getting it. No offense.

Take Tylenol start to vibrate?

Re: My journal
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Well im back,2 days ago i took some tylenol extra strength for some jerks i was having at night. I dont think it did me too good at all  :( . took away the pain i was having but gave me some anxiety that night and felt very tense the next day. I felt somewhat accelerated also and i couldnt sleep till bout 8 am woke up today at 5pm. Ate, went to a friends house and still felt somewhat accelerated.  really couldnt stop talking!  :-[ . and at the same time i felt tired  ??? . its now 3 am and i felt tired so i tried to pass out and i couldnt. was having all sort of irrational thoughts, like if i was tripping on acid or something felt like im dreaming but im awake. things didnt seem much real or my thoughts. was thinking of all sort of weird thoughts and still am  :( . I really hope this doesnt send me back into hell  :'( . i felt like i was doing pretty good overall, but that tylenol seemed to have put me back some. im gettin  that vibrating thing in my head again feels like someone is ringing a gong in my head. its so weird how im having all these irrational thoughts when my head feels SO clear, no cogfog or nothing!! hopefully it goes away soon.  :(

TRAP psycho laments destruction of his freak show

The TRAP Killer ?
Enough Is Enough

Forgive me, but I think I have just experienced something VERY unpleasant. Perhaps THIS creature is the person or company responsible for the effort to close TRAP….

I am appalled.

This offensive site has “WordPress” as its operating system.

I think it may be a case of referring this hate filled diatribe to WordPress for them to adjudicate whether the material and content therein violates their own policies.

Then having the appropriate jurisdictional solicitor/attorney issue the relevant “Cease & Desist” notice pending legal action against the miscreant.

As a former police officer, I know that there ARE laws against this sort of thing.

If this is the sort of vile hate that the TRAP mods have had to put up with, little wonder there is a concensus to close the TRAP Forum.