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Thoughts on Baylissa: hydroxicine, physiotherapy, could these hurt your taper?
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OK so I really like Baylissa, her energy, her book (although I’ll never understand why she did such a fast taper), and the way she overcame it and now is helping so many people. I was watching a youtube video by her and she says some people are not healing and they think they’re going everything fine but they’re doing stuff that hinders their taper, and she gives examples: alcohol, weed, (ok these are obvious), but then she says: antihistamines, physiotherapy, supplements of foods…

So apart from the gabapentin and the trazodone for sleep, I don’t sleep and the doctor said ok take hydroxicine too at night (antihistamine). And then as my muscles are so stiff I go once a week to a physiotherapist for deep tissue massage. So I think, oh great, so the hydroxicine and/or the physiothrapy could be what’s preventing me from stabilizing after my bad crash and updose (please no comments on kindling and tolerance, don’t want to hear it).

Any thoughts/experience on healing in spite of hydroxicine, psycotherapy, trazodone, gabapentin and a little ounce of chocolate some nights? I’ll skip the chocolate tonight for sure.

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Re: Recovery a lie?
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Sorry, I thought I gave her credit at the bottom when I copied and pasted, but I can’t do that as I don’t have edit or delete rights to my posts.

Well, you sure have managed to “forget” each and every time.

Do you have any idea how much time it has taken to go through and put disclaimers on all of these posts?

Any future spamming by you of Baylissa’s sermons will be deleted, and you will be placed on Post Moderation.

LAST warning– if you have any questions or comments, take them up at the Helpdesk.

Benzo Buddies censors Dr. Jenn’s LAST EVER workshop

Jennifer leigh's acceptance workshop
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Hey All

I went through Jennifer Leighs Acceptance workshop this month and it was really helpful in trying to dial down my panic and it was great having her posting a 10-30 minute live video every morning to start the day. Helped with my morning monophobia.

The course work has a large amount of content, and I filled a lot of a notebook with the interesting points of view.

She takes an angle of not concentrating on ruminating on symptoms and timelines and concentrates on positivity and spirituality.

$55 for the whole month in December and it’s her last one.

I have to highly recommend!

Please spare the critical critique of Jen and Bay on this post, this is just my personal experience with this workshop and I realize that many of you do not see this type of support as helpful. thank you.

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Dr. Jenn and Baylissa both victims of threats from vicious benzo withdrawal community


A Dialogue With Baylissa

“Please don’t let Mike59 freak you out. He struggles with a deeply emotionally disturbed and scared ‘vulnerable child within’ (wow… how is that for a diagnosis? 🙂 Damn I’m good (I say humbly)… Teehee.”

Who are you to diagnose me with anything? I’m not struggling with anything.

“He is a cyberbully and stalker which means he is a coward.”

Calling me a stalker smacks of libel to me. I am not stalking, nor have I ever stalked, anyone.

“Let a Chuck Norris type/look-alike write something and see if he will put it on his site.”

Find your “Chuck Norris type” and I will gladly accommodate you. This statement of yours comes off as a sick fantasy of me being beaten to a pulp. Are you okay? You don’t sound okay.

“Years ago I was concerned about what he used to put on his page, (mainly because it made so many people upset), and I eventually had them removed.”

I’ve never removed, at your request, anything about you from this site. There has never been a single request from you to remove one pixel of content – not one pixel. You’re lying to your followers.

“I have successfully sued the Daily Mail for defamation – something all the lawyers I contacted said was one of the most difficult things to do, some said impossible – so much so that people just allow them to get away with it.”

You’re not going to intimidate me. I have the right of free speech and that right is protected under U.S. law – the highest U.S. law – the Constitution. If you, or anyone else, feels I’ve libeled them please hire an attorney and take me to court. I welcome it.