Brainwashed Ashton cult members terrified of full moon

Full moon? Does it effect youv
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Does a full moon rev anyone up? I always see people talking about this

Re: Full moon? Does it effect youv
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Not me personally, no. One of the first nights I was actually able to avoid a panic attack.

Re: Full moon? Does it effect youv
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Yes, and has always affected my sleep before this benzo nightmare.

Re: Full moon? Does it effect youv
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Full moon is my friend as well as the universe.

Re: Full moon? Does it effect youv
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Yes, For the past five months on the night before the full moon and the night of my blood pressure spikes and I cannot sleep. It happened again last night! Apparently tonight the full moon is suppose to be particularly strong. Not looking forward to it!

Re: Full moon? Does it effect youv
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Yes, I have trouble sleeping with a Full Moon, worse with Benzo withdrawal but it had the same effect before I stopped using Diazepam, last night was miserable.

Brainwashed cult member grovels in shame after taking forbidden medication

Need help. I reinstated 2 weeks ago after 6 mos free
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I know I screwed up. I was on Ativan for 23 years. I didn’t taper correctly for over a year and was always sick. I jumped may 2017. I have been extremely ill ever since. In October 2017 I was getting much worse. I’ve lost 25 lbs, constant nausea vomiting anxiety and no sleep. Internal tremors were nonstop. I went back to the dr and he immediately put me back on Ativan. It’s been 2 weeks. It’s not helping much unless I take at least 3 mg daily. He doesn’t seem to care and I don’t know where to turn. I want to stop taking it and do a proper taper. I don’t know where to turn. Any advice would be appreciated. I am also on 900 mg of neurotin for past 2 years for fibromyalgia

Benzo Buddies member: “Colin Moran is the most important person in the entire world”

Re: World Benzodiazepine Awareness day videos
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These are good videos.
Thanks for posting them.

I wonder if Colin has been asked to submit a video.
At this time Colin Moran is arguably
the most important person in the entire world
of benzo withdrawal and recovery.

How can we have a World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day
without an awareness of the largest, and really the only
benzo recovery website on the planet?
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Moran had to intervene to save Flick from Jana (Rahke was later sent to prison for narcotics offenses)

Re: Flickster Blog
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hi Colin I was just noticing you mentioning to Genie about titration again. i am having a rough time with the every other week dry cuts now and have tons of liquid left over from when I tried a liquid titration recommended by Jana . It worked great for awhile, but I was cutting 3mg a month which was way too much for me even titrating and it caught up with me big time after 7 weeks. But I thought about doing it again now. I thought I could keep it at 1mg a month but the measurements on my syringe are hard to figure at that amount. 1.5mg a month would be much easier to figure how to measure. But that would increase my rate of taper by 50% and I am not sure that is a good idea either. I have to do something because I am sitting here at 10mg afraid to make another .5mg dry cut because the last one clobbered me and .25mg is impossible to measure with the pills. If you cut a 2mg pill into 8 pieces, you get no accuracy at all. from flick stuck in benzo hell

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Hi Flick.

Can you give me the details of your benzo regimen, and I’ll work out a taper that fits your needs. The system we’ve been developing means that cuts are very easy to measure. You will need a 100ml measuring cylinder, with at 1ml graduations. The methods means that you will be removing 1ml each day (or two or three days). It is the overall starting volume of liquid that allows the system to suit your need particular needs. I’ll explain more when you post the details of your taper, and the amount you’d like to cut, and over what period of time.

Background on Colin’s sick obsession with dual milk titration guru Jana Hill (now reinstated on benzos)

At the now defunct Benzo Detox Recovery, Jana claimed that Colin no longer owned Benzo Buddies. She raved that her dual milk micro titration method would finally be taken seriously. She denounced the tapering methods of Ashton, whom the hateful and bitter Jana called “old woman Ashton”.  She salivated over the prospect of the permanent closure of Benzo Buddies (with former members fleeing to the safety of Benzo Detox Recovery).

In the only reply to Jana’s delirious utterances, one of her paranoid cult members blamed Big Pharma for Benzo Buddies being temporarily down. It’s all a Big Pharma conspiracy to stop the world from knowing about Ashton and microtapering (with milk) – of course.

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BB’s is not just down. The domain has been bought by someone other than Colin Moran. The old place is no more. This seems to account for the sudden increase in new memberships. This is a surprise, of course, for many reasons. Anyway, it would be good to say that what we have been doing here is very different from what BB’s or other sites have done. We do not support the old and failed methods. We focus on how to get better as a taper progresses. BB’s site had stated that this was impossible. New people may notice that we have no arguing or attacking of people here. Different views are encouraged to be discussed. The owners of the ideas are not the issues. I believe that the people who come here want the different kind of help that is offered here. These people would have no reason to participate at these other sites. Mixing methods has no good outcome. One site is claiming the results of the MicroTaper as its own. This issue may come up. Be aware that I began this work in 2005. That is long before the imitatiors had heard the word, benzodiazepine. Google caches these things. Also be aware that I have coined terms to refer to benzo phenomena. These original terms are misused by some sites to send traffic to them instead of this intended site. I expect some things to change soon, but the focus will not change. This thread will be added to. Anyone who has input can place it here or in a new thread. Honest and earnest discussion is encouraged. This helps all of us to learn. We don’t want to be so satisfied with a status quo that we don’t seek new knowledge. Jana

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I was from there. I have friends there too and we do support each other (more on moral support). I am going to miss them; not sure why the site is closed; hopefully not because of the drug company. This is absolutely immoral if that is the case.