Freaks add “tooth zaps” to list of 90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

Dental pain?
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Does anybody have this? I was at the dentist last week and she said she thought my toothache and cold sensitivity was due to a crooked bite after I had some cavities filled in the spring. She filed some fillings down. Tooth still hurts though. Feel like I am starting to go crazy and imagine symptoms…..

Re: Dental pain?
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Tooth “zaps” have happened to me a few times during my taper. Like a nerve suddenly gets shocked. Goes away pretty quickly for me, but definitely weird and unsettling.

Re: Dental pain?
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Oh lordy yes, I’ve had no end of tooth issues from withdrawal. Your residual pain could be an irritated periodontal ligament, which takes some time to heal. Try not to bother it and be patient, takes some tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain. If you think you might have bruxism (tooth grinding, often at night) look into getting a good quality bite guard and wear it. If the cold sensitivity doesn’t go away, make sure they do some x-rays and you might want to have an endodontist evaluate the tooth.

Needs helper to drive car six months off happy pills?

To afraid to go outside! 6 months look just fine!! NOT
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Well, 6 months out, nobody believes that I am in horrible withdrawal, and have transisitioned from ‘cant go outside’ to ‘well maybe I can go outside…’ hey you look fine!… WTF is wrong with you? You are an AHOLE!! You are faking it!!

What do you all think? Have you had these problems? and nobody believes you, hey, you look to normal to be sick – whats wrong with you? You’re not sick…

I have been too dizzy to drive, yet I started driving again after 5 months of not driving a month ago – I saw my 90 year old neighbor get into his car, start it up and drive away, I KNOW he cannot see, I KNOW he cannot hear, yet he got in his car and drove?! Im like WTF, If this guy can drive, well I can… so the next day I got into my car and drove – with a helper, and I was successful -!!!

Comments please!!

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