Doctor-bashers turn on each other less than a month away from W-BAD – World Benzo Awareness Day

“We HAVE to stick together. We cannot NOT support any initiative that has even the remotest possibility of eliciting positive change. Please put any personal differences aside. Unless a proposed activity is illegal or unethical, please support it.” – Bliss Johns

“Preach!!! We are on the bleeding edges of a history making grass roots effort. We cannot afford division.” – Heather Solimine

“Also at issue here is how often I observe the benzo community turning on its own, hurting both well-meaning individuals and the larger benzo effort. Once judgment is declared, the conversation can turn so, so vicious. I think of Baylissa Frederick and Jennifer Austin Leigh, who have both given so much of themselves over the years to help people get through their hellish benzo journeys. They are positive, healing voices; both are highly knowledgable about patterns and methods involved in each person’s unique benzo journey and recovery. They both offer one of the few legitimate services for benzo discontinuation counseling and coping skills available. Yes, they do charge fees; but the costs are barely enough to sustain them. They do their work from a sense of purpose and need, with zero intent to exploit a vulnerable community. Yet over and over they are judged and attacked. And they always forgive and return because they are wonderful, deeply committed people who represent what is best about the community. But I worry; what if the day comes when one or both of them throw up their hands and say, Enough! ? Let’s protect our protectors. Let’s honor our warriors. All of them, which means all of you too —all who have or are experiencing benzo hell.” – Holly Hardman–notes/change-through-unity

Sad story of cult abuse

Intro of the thetruthfairy1947
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Hi! I have discontinued taking 1 to 1.5mg of clonazepam (Klonopin). The psydoc I had me taper beginning in June 2015. I took my last dose in September. As soon as I begin to taper I began having problems: severe headaches and bothersome nausea. Later i began to collapse by falling down and injuring myself. I went from ER to ER around my home but no hospital would admit, not even to a psych unit. I finally spent 6 weeks in a geropsychiatric unit during October/November. I got home in November and proceeded to get psychotic (thought I had worms under my skin–I was hallucinating) I had fallen several times and finally went to the nearby ER because I knew I was too crazy to be on my own. I told them this at the ER but they didn’t like the sounds in my chest so gave me a chest X-ray and came in about an hour later and said I had collapsed lung and broken ribs and they were admitting me to intensive care. I spent 14 days in the hospital to get healed and then I was transferred to the nursing home where I have been since December 5, 2015. I no longer hallucinate but have fallen out of bed three times since I came here. I am lonesome and hope to chat with others who suffer this same fate.

Self-pitying professional victim compares himself to Leonardo DiCaprio in the Revenant

If anyone asks you what benzo withdrawal is like,tell them to watch The Revenant
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I couldnt help drawing the comparison betweent the Hell Leonardo’s character was going through and the torment of Benzo withdrawal. Never ending nightmare. Just when you think things are about to get better you are fighting for your life again. Repeat repeat repeat.

After one year jail stint site mascot Flicko the Sicko spent a year living in a tent before being bitten by a tick