Cult tells addict she has brain damaged, keep tapering

Dangerous symptoms after fast valium taper? Can I die?
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I take Klonopin and Valium. I went off 5mg of Valium in 16 days after being on it for one year.
The first week, I felt fine and I was happy to be down one benzo. I was sure I could stay off it and would never need it again.
After about a week and a half, I began to feel very weak arms and nervous system problems. My arms were getting weaker and developing more pain by the day. Then I felt my body go into a spasmodic state, throughout one day, and it was breaking down (legs shaking, trouble breathing/swallowing) so I drove home from work like a mad woman to run and get some valium. I took 5mg and all of the nervous system issues ceased….

I have now reinstated on valium for the past three days and am getting more severe symptoms from going back on it — weak legs, arms, the feeling of about to pass out, numbness, tingling, electrocution feelings, thinking I need to call 911. It’s as if my body is telling me it doesn’t want it. I am so confused.

I am trying to drop off the valium again tonight because I think I shocked my body by both going off it and going back on it. I am not quite sure what to do, if these withdrawal symptoms and reinstatement symptoms are serious….After having messed with my valium, I have felt on the border of going into seizures, convulsions, or whatever one might call a central nervous system breakdown.

Big question: SHOULD I JUST STAY OFF THE VALIUM AT THIS POINT? What would happen if I just let my nervous system continue to breakdown and took no rescue dose?
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Re: Dangerous symptoms after fast valium taper?
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You have damaged your brain with the valium and your CNS is in revolt and breakdown all at the same time. Tapper again slowly it may take 6 months to a year. So that you can heal. All of those symptoms are classic w/d. Do not freak out it may take a year for you to heal.

Benzo Buddies members tired of horseshit about healing

Facing the unfortunate fact: for some of us, it's permanent
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Title says it all.

I’ve seen enough two, three, five year even 10 year off posts to know that there seems to be a set of preconditions which disposes some of us to permanent brain damage. Not sure what those are and of course the science isn’t there yet to tease this all apart. It’s an unfortunate truth.

11 months off, complete brain damage feeling in my head. Can’t think complex things anymore.

I’m puzzled just looking at this now?

Re: Facing the unfortunate fact: for some of us, it's permanent
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And please…

No “we all heal in time” here… I can’t take this horseshit line of patter any longer.

This is for people trying to cope with the reality of our situation and where we go and what on Earth we do from here

“Help! Should I take a rescue dose?”

Use of Benzo while withradwing
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Tomorrow I have a meeting with a customer of my company and am of course scared to death.

I know it’s not good, but after dumping all my Valium, I bought a couple of xanax tablets for just in case.

I am really thinking of taking one pill of 0,5 mg only for tomorrow.

Anyone been in the situation in which you have the urge to take a benzo for just the most difficult situation?

Ashton tapers cause female baldness

Hair Loss due to Long-Term Benzodiazepine Use
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Is there any proof or has anyone had significant hair loss from benzo use? I am 33, a woman and I am way too young to be thinning out. It has become quite embarrassing. I loose globs of hair a day, especially after I shower. This is terrible.

Long benzo tapers cause cancer?

Long Benzo Tapers cause cancer!
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I just finished reading an article that was withhold from the public from the FDA that shows long term benzo usage including taper time can cause throat cancer, bladder cancer, and testicular cancer in men as well as numerous cancers in women. This is very concerning as I thought benzos were safe.

Kooks salivate over new, useless benzo site

Benzodiazepine Information Coalition's Website
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Thanks to Baylissa Frederick (Bloom in Wellness) for posting the link on her Facebook page.

Here is a link to Benzodiazepine Information Coalition’s Website, a new resource for the community. It has comprehensive information which will benefit everyone and the “Many Faces of Benzo Withdrawal” video is excellent! Thanks to the founders and contributors:

Benzo Buddies approved taper destroys family

Tapered too soon?
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So earlier this summer I had posted a bunch about my wife and tapering a little too fast and eventually crashing which led on for weeks. Well, at the end of of all we wound back at her original dose of 2 mg a day of clonazepam. She stabilised, and pride wounded, we went on with life and started talking about tapering again when we thought things were OK enough. A few weeks back she transitioned to milk based titration but held her dose and then slowly we started to taper. Whopping thee days worth taking her from 2 mg to 1.97 and she seems to be OK but then some major life stressors came into play and before we knew it she had completely spiraled out of control. Did we start tapering too soon? Was she just not really stable enough to begin with and extra susceptible to stress and panic? It is so hard to tell but now she is walled up in the bedroom, fetal position, crawling out if her skin. I’m planning to call her doctor on Monday and am resigned he may bump up her dose, at which point we just hold for a while before thinking about titrating again.

I am beside myself. I am statring a new job next week and I know I can’t be so lax with my schedule as to try and be available for my wife when she is like this. Our daughter starts kindergarten right after that and I will have my hands full just taking care of the family. Its nuts, just nuts. Sorry to vent a little.