Benzo Buddies snobs think they’re not addicts but are

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It’s been a while sine I frequented this board, mainly due to the snobbish attitudes of many posters.

Those that seem to think they are above those who have fell into the trap of dependence ” Through non fault of their own”

Those of us you would deem scum/junkies/low lives etc.. The type of people who would sneer at anyone who arrived here through no fault of there own – the drain on society!
There addiction is different to mine because I have a nice job, car and family etc.. ”

Well I hate to tell you – we’re all in the same boat! ”

I’m not one of these so called dregs of society – I’m lucky, I am physically healthy and a positive member of society. Yet I see myself always one step away from being in the gutter at all times.

So please after all these years away I hope you exercised these snobbish attitudes from this board?

Member asks if everyone at Benzo Buddies gluten, dairy, and sugar sensitive

Is everyone gluten, dairy, and sugar sensitive?
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I hear people eating everything and people eating very restrictive. This is giving me severe food anxieties as I’m not sure what to do. So far I’m limiting everything, but have already become very sick and bored with what I’m eating and still loosing weight. How many people do not limit their diet and find nothing bothers them and what month after withdrawal are you in? I think most people tapering can still eat what they want till they’re off. Just curious to know.

Kooks attack Christian members of Benzo Buddies

Re: Do you believe in afterlife??
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I personally believe in a God that created the entire universe and sent his only son Jesus to die for us to save us from our sins. That when we die we either live for eternity in heaven or hell depending on whether we have accepted Jesus as our savior. That gift of salvation is free to us all, if we chose to accept it or not is up to us. God gives us free will to chose and will never force it upon us.

Re: Do you believe in afterlife??
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Quote from: [Buddie] on July 01, 2021, 04:58:45 am
I certainly hope there is a better life after this one. Because this one has rather sucked.

I agree.
Hope there is no reincarnation as do NOT have any interest in coming back.
I kind of think there is nothing that I can possibly imagine.
I think the Heaven/Hell thing is childish concept and used to control people.

I listen to Alan Watts and think he is brilliant but don’t understand it! Hope there is some universal consciousness or something that gives this meaning…

Kook claims popcorn gave her hangover

Popcorn Hangover....Really?
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Feeling sorry for myself and trying to weather through a splitting headache last evening, I asked my husband to buy me Skinny Girl Popcorn and some ginger ale to snack on while Netflix watching. Uug…..boy did I wake up feeling awful with GI issues, worse headache than last night, and overall icky feeling. Going to be hard to get up and get dressed for my MRA scheduled for 3 p.m. today. So, I guess no more popcorn for this buddy! Sure wish I could string together more than three to four days in a row of feeling well!!!! Just when I get in a nice rhythm, boom, the hatch closes on my weary head and the waves rush back in I sure hope to high heaven that those reading this are feeling good, great, greatest

Benzo Buddies censorship? What’s happening?

Re: In defense of Baylissa
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Quote from: [Buddie] on April 01, 2021, 05:41:20 pm
Baylissa tried to sign on with her real name and was asked by a moderator to change the username to something less identifying! She posted proof of this to her FB group. I saw the ticket about the name change. There was no intent to deceive here, simply her desire to come online and correct what she saw as misinformation about her practice.

^^^^^ … Yes, this.

It’s bizarre that almost the entire ‘Benzo Community’ knows this, except the very people that dealt with Baylissa’s application to join the BB forum don’t… The BB ‘Admin Team’ lead by Colin.

Something’s very wrong somewhere in the ‘Admin Team Communication Department’, that’s for sure… and it isn’t over at the ‘Bloom In Wellness’ office.

It’s right here… right here in this one.