Suffering Benzo Buddies member regrets being brainwashed into stopping Valium

Re: What happened to Benzodiazepine Information Coalition?????
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I think it is important to say that for some people it is not the right thing to get off of them

I should never have tried to stop diazepam which I was on the same low dose of for 20 years for muscle spasm from spinal injury and surgery.

WD is literally crushing my spine and I am now paradoxical to all meds.

I had no interdose WD or to,ere veg on the diazepam.

I know ppl in dystonia groups who only get relief from Clonazepam some of whom have been on it for 40 years without problems.

Bone broth, tomato sauce, spices and ANYTHING containing glutamate sends Benzo Buddies members into acute

Bone broth and Glutamate
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Anybody have bad experiences with bone broth? Apparently it can contain glutamine, which converts to glutamate. We make our own broth with quality chicken. This last batch was simmered for 2 hours because it doesn’t release as much glutamate when cooked for a short time. I ate some yesterday and was revved up all night and sleep was horrible. Any opinions are appreciated.

Things we add in our food
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I’d like to know if adding spices, tomato sauce, or any other sauces to my cooked food can Rev up my symptoms… I used to eat anything with no trouble. But some times after meals I feel awful. Anyone with advise on this, please.

“A number of Benzo Buddies participants report that the overall tone of the group is judgmental and can border on abusive”

Benzo Buddies Support Groups: Do They Help or Hurt?

Irrational fear of furniture forces Bigglesworth to sleep on the floor (furniturephobia can be treated with medication)

Was exposed to insecticides please help!!
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Please, please no triggering comments. On Friday evening we had to have our master bedroom and bathroom and my sons room sprayed (baseboards) with insecticides due to carpet beetles. They said to not go in the room for 2 hours but we left the house for 24 to be safe. I am now in acute with horrific chemical anxiety, no sleep, can barely function because mental and cognitive are so bad. The product is no longer ‘airborne’ but something has gone terribly wrong!! I’m still tApering, I’m on.16mgs klonipin but now holding. Please, anyone help me!!! (The product the used was onslaught)
My husband is going to wipe the baseboards down tonight and I’m not sleeping in there but it’s sohard to even be in my house as I’m afraid to get worse!

Re: Was exposed to insecticides please help!!
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So sorry youre going through this. I can relate as I have severe chemical sensitivity, and cannot even be around new furniture without having breathing difficulties and over stimulation of my nervous system. I actually sleep on the floor in my bedroom with just a pile of pillows and some old blankets, because I am allergic to every new mattress I’ve tried. So much for claims of being hypoallergenic. All that memory foam stuff is a toxic nightmare for me.

I see this post is a week old so I hope you were able to get the situation under control and are feeling better.

Benzo Buddies angry at Jordan Peterson for getting better

Re: Jordan Peterson is in rehab for Clonazepam
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She said something like: Daddy is fine. He was having an allergic reaction to a medication. They removed the medication and now he is OK.

IMHO, I question that explanation. Who, besides a devoted cult follower would believe that?

Re: Jordan Peterson is in rehab for Clonazepam
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I watched his daughter on youtube. She stated they were putting him on a shorter acting benzo to help withdraw him. Funny how I was told over and over to do just the opposite. Hmm…not sure that’s the right way to go. The medical and detox community are really clueless about these drugs. Seems they think 28 days and get the drug out of a person system fixes this. If it did, this message board would not exist. Wait till he finds out that getting the drug out of your system with a rapid taper can cause more damage and then the real horror is just beginning. Unless he has logged into a message board like this he really has no idea what he is in for. Maybe he’ll be one of the lucky one, but from all my reading and on these boards, if it starts out bad trying to stop it only gets worse. If the rehab f-cks this up with him, which there is very good chance that could happen considering this is benzos not alcohol or opioids, a lot of attention will come down on this problem.

Re: Jordan Peterson is in rehab for Clonazepam
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I think it’s a lie. I came to this conclusion based on her delivery. It is inconsistent with the TMI way she normally speaks. She tells you he was on klonopin, tells you where every bone and joint replacement in her body is. She told us in detail exactly what happened to her mother including what was leaking and into where. . And now he had a mysterious reaction to a “medication” that she didn’t mention the name of. That is why I think she is lying.

Re: Jordan Peterson is in rehab for Clonazepam
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One minute you’re illegally leaking the first real televised expose on benzo damage, the next you’ve just had a bad reaction and are fine. Just your average survivor story.

Maybe you leave the hospital but it takes you a while to slow taper off your allergic reaction.

I had a lot of sympathy for this family, but they clearly don’t understand how important this shit is and how they are jerking around with people’s understanding of how damaging these drugs can be.

I will say this again, it pisses me off that no high profile person who has been through this has ever made any real effort to educate the public in any sustained way. Stupid EMINEM wrote like three albums on the theme of addiction and recovery (and relapse) and you’d need a decoder ring and a special Ashton edition of the urban dictionary to understand what drugs he’s talking about.

I read about this stuff all the time. People’s spouses die from benzo “overdose.” Next thing they’re cutting a comedy album. People whose entire careers are based on telling the ‘truth,’ and being confessional about their pain.

It is unfathomable to me.

Addict develops domatophobia after joining Benzo Buddies

Will I Ever Want to Go Home Again?
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I know I’ve spoken with a few people on this forum about this. This has been going on with me for about a year now. I don’t like going home at all. I get no joy from being in my own house. I feel mad at my family. I have no hobbies I want to pursue when I’m here. I can’t nap lately. It’s like the moment I’m gone for a while and then have to come back, I dread it. And when I’m here, I just feel mad and miserable. It doesn’t really matter if I’m home alone or not. I don’t know how many others deal with this. Being at home used to be the place I was most comfortable.

Klonopin for 10 days, Benzo Buddies for life

Re: HELP!! Do I need to taper?
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Not trying to scare you but I was only on Klonopin for 10 days and my doctor wouldn’t allow me to do an Ashton taper because I was only on for such a short time.

I was hooked by day 7, unknowingly, when I took half a dose one night and woke up with heart palps. Damn pills nearly killed me when I quit after a rapid taper that was basically a CT.

It’s been over 15 months and I’m nowhere near healed.

I’ve come to realize, however, that I am in the extreme minority. You’ll probably be fine though.

Paxil: 2000-2007
2/08: Adverse reaction to 9 days of Saw Palmetto extract for hair loss (PFS)
Klonopin: .25mg PRN 2/08-7/08
Prozac: 11/08-3/09

Drug free for 9+ years, life was great

4/19: Severe ear infection, temporarily deaf, tinnitus – rx Augmentin

4/26-5/1: Steroid taper pack

4/26-5/5: Rx Klonopin .5mg nightly by ENT for insomnia/tinnitus (heart palps on Day 7 with .25mg, dependent in a week?!)
5/6: Cut to .25 mg (cut 1mg tabs into quarters) – BAD symptoms. Run to GP for help
5/10: Cut to .125mg (per GP advice) – even worse symptoms, bad advice from doc
5/13: Jumped. WAY TOO SOON. HELL. Should’ve reinstated, basically CT. Didn’t have sufficient supply, GP wouldn’t prescribe more. Wrongly assumed short use would be short WD