Brainwashed cult member wants to activate DNR if she has to be intubated from COVID-19, fears being sedated worse than dying

If have you be intubated due to virus....
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So, let’s hope this doesn’t happen to any of us but I am very concerned about this.

If ppl need to be intubated they are sedated and paralysed apparently.

I am now sensitised to all meds and still tapering.

If they gave me Benzos it would be horrific as you are all aware and I get severe adverse effects to all meds have tried to relax muscles in last year including g hallucinations and terror.

I couldn’t lie flat even on Benzos doe to spinal problems and now even with legs up can’t lie on back.

What the hell are we supposed to do in these circumstances.

I have a DNR in place so not sure if that would prevent them from doing it?

If worked and didn’t cause terror would hope for morphine but unless they were to give me enough to put me out of my misery the effects of that would be horrific as even cocodomol causes my terror etc to get much worse due to allergic sensitisation.

Benzo Buddies members call Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices sick joke

Re: Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices
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Intended to be off,

(if I’m joking: when?)

I think I was being genuine.

‘COMPARISON OF BENZODIAZEPINE PHARMACOLOGY’ Is that a joke ? Some of the onset of action figure are ridiculous. 2 mg clonazepam is supposed to be equivalent to 20 mg diazepam or 40 mg Librium.
And *gasp* 30 mg temazepam is equivalent to 5 mg diazepam ??

As a side note, the half life figures (at least when interpreted as common) are a mess.

That ‘information’ can hurt people ! Does anyone feel like sending them an email and kicking them in the butt ??’

I consider that table having a lot of potential for further iatrogenic harm. Maybe some people who have a mild dependency can switch from clonazepam to diazepam at a rate of 1:10. Same for other benzos. That temazepam conversion rate is a total joke, a sick one at that.
I could send them an email, but they wouldn’t listen. I’m not sure how serious they are if they post such a conversion table.

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