Brainwashed Benzo Buddies members check soap, deodorant, perfume for alcohol

I have a theory...
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Considering that any tiny bit of alcohol on things like deodorant, soap, perfume can cause a noticeable effect on me. Should we use GABAA Antagonists to balance things out? Or does natural glutamate from food already helps? Like, when people drink Alcohol and they have a flare up that last for days, they heal that flare up from eating???

what do you think?
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Re: I have a theory...
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I think you should look for soaps, and deodorants that don’t contain alcohol. Read the back of the products and look. Or call the 800 # listed on the back. And give up the perfumes since most do contain alcohol. Maybe some do not, but I don’t know since I don’t wear any myself.

And for heavens sake, don’t take any gaba a antagonists “to balance things out.” You’re off the benzos and gabapentin, so just get on with life. “Gaba antagonists are drugs that inhibit the action of gaba and produce stimulant and convulsive effects. They”re used mainly for counteracting overdoses of sedative drugs.” (Slight paraphrasing from Wikipedia; you can read this yourself.)

Natural food with glutamate is a good thing no matter what the circumstances. And many people who have withdrawn from benzos can never drink alcohol again while many others can. It depends on numerous factors-genetics, how hard withdrawl was, number of withdrawl attempts, number of “brain meds” involved and more. It’s really an individual thing as we’re all different people with different Central Nervous Systems.

So your “theory” is what exactly?

“May I please have a glass of wine with my Klonopin?”

A glass of wine while Tapering
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Hi All,

I am down to .25 a day of klonipin (.125 8am and .125 8pm). My psychiatrist said it’s okay for me to have a glass of wine at this point if I want to. I have a date this Friday, and would like to have a glass of wine, no more than that because I don’t want to get awful side effects.

My question is, if I have the wine before my 8pm dose, do I still take the 8pm dose? My doctor doesn’t seem to think there’s an issue as it’s only .125, but wanted to know others’ opinions/experiences.

Thank you!


But Matt Samet admitted abusing illegal drugs and alcohol…

“Over the years, I’ve shredded body and mind with poisons and palliatives, and sweated out the mess: benzos, booze, marijuana, muscle relaxants, opiates, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti­psychotics, coffee, sugar, computer games, food, puke, shit, piss, blood.” – Matt Samet, Beauty in the Breakdown

I may have reached a pain specialist by using a book
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Hi everyone,
Many of you may be aware of the book “Death Grip” by Matt Stamet from 2013. Anyway I seached “benzodiazepines” on the county library site and it was the only book which came up (and this is a BIG county) but anyway I dove into it and since I was seeing my “pain management” doc for the 2nd time I took it along. He’s a younger guy and had already said he’d never heard of Ashton. His very large and expensive group does NOT ever prescribe benzos which I told him was great on visit #1. However, he is clueless of the masses which are going to be coming to him broken from these things. I just wanted to share that he showed a lot of genuine interest, and will hopefully read the book (I gave him the library slip for the title). This, plus talking my psychiatric nurse practisioner into doing a micro-taper with me, wow I hope to be planting a seed to help many people sometime in the future.

BTW this book has already been mentioned on the archived threads here. Stamet is/was a rock climber, now recovered from benzo hell. His book is fabulous and really digs into the experience of the medical and psychiatric systems and how they sideline us and polydrug us. It’s pretty radical because he did a fast taper so suffered bad protracted w/d. If you’re easily scared or in that spot, maybe not a read for you. Otherwise, great. Recommended for jocks, especially.
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One beer sends cult member screaming to Benzo Buddies to ask the Ashton disciples if his brain is ruined forever

Beer Setback
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So I had 1 beer for Dyngus Day this week. Within two hours I got a horrible headache and felt like craip. I didn’t sleep well that night as well as last night too. Have I ruined my ability to sleep. I used to be able to fall asleep..mind you I would wake up a few times, but at least I could fall back asleep. It feels like I’m back in acute with the type of sleep I’ve had these past few nights.

Have I ruined everything that I’ve worked for with one beer? Can beer really trigger such horrible insomnia? Or could it just be a wave that I’m experiencing? I’m 4 months and 1 week out. Thanks so much for your help! 

“When can I get wasted again?”

When can I drink alcohol again without making acute withdrawal symptoms return?
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I c/t’d (cold turkey) from 3-6mg of alprazolam a little over 5 months ago. I took it everyday only at night for approx. 2-3 years for nerve damage due to a herniated cervical disk and subsequent partial temporary paralysis of my right arm along with severe nerve pain and arm spasms. It was the only thing that relaxed the nerves so I could sleep without pain. (Needless to say, all the pain in my arm stopped once I stopped taking alprazolam. I still can’t believe it) Well, I didn’t know you couldn’t abruptly stop taking xanax and I didnt know you couldnt drink alcohol (I did the entire time I was on the mediation) So for the first month I did drink here and there after the acute phase was over, but found that it just wasn’t the same so I stopped drinking completely almost 5 months ago, along with stopping cigarettes and cutting out almost all sugar. I’m not saying I want to get drunk, I just want to be able to enjoy a glass of wine without bringing on a tremendous panic attack (haven’t had one in a month) and setting back my recovery to square one or inducing a seizure. Can any of these things really happen after almost 6 months since I took my last pill? Will it really be as bad as some claim from only one glass of wine? I’d like to be able to enjoy something for once again after suffering for this long. I’ve given up almost everything that I once loved. I’m feeling a little better now during this 6th month but I don’t want to set myself back either. I keep telling myself that everyone’s body is different so if I was able to tolerate it in the very beginning, will I be able to again at this stage? The only thing I can’t tolerate now is physical activity. It brings the head pressure back more severely. Head pressure/dizzyness & extremity numbness are my main remaining symptoms. Does anyone with experience at this stage know what I should expect?
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