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My husband has decided he wants a separation, and possibly a divorce. He can’t handle this, and is very mean and unsupportive in my quest for help. He has had enough and it’s only been a month. Anyone doing this on their own? How do you manage? I have nowhere to go, and nobody to talk to. I’m not working, and have very little income. He has yelled, screamed, and said some really nasty things to me. I went through a divorce 14 years ago because of horrific abuse, and that was really hard. I didn’t cope well and turned to drinking for years. I’ve been sober since 2013. I’m afraid I’ll fall apart again. I’ll be honest I took 2 A after the fight and I regret it. I just don’t know what to do or how to cope. This is overwhelming me. Have any of you gone through a separation, or divorce during wd? How did you do it? I am so defeated I feel like I will just give up. I am not as strong as many of you and tend to isolate and avoid anything painful. I have a long history of Ptsd, and trauma. Any advice is appreciated. Please no negative comments. I feel low enough

Benzo Buddies pothead loves grass, ‘super sad’ not to be smoking it anymore, swears Klonopin takes edge off marijuana-induced panic attacks

Re: Can marijuana help through benzo withdrawal?
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Marijuana elevates heart rate and therefore can trigger a panic attack. I was a daily pot smoker and 90 percent of the times I was great except for random bug outs. Klonopin took that edge off. Then when I was tapering in the fall I got massive attacks every time I smoked. My cold turkey was so bad in January I didn’t even bother trying it. I smoked one little hit the other night and my heart went[…]. I hear what you are saying about being hungry prior to smoking and how it can cause some anxiety that’s a real thing. But I don’t think pot is useful for benzo withdrawals. I love marijuana and I’m super sad to not be smoking it anymore. I don’t think it’s harmful, but I’d rather avoid a panic attack or chest discomfort. I may try some edibles at some point. I researched this to death because I so miss smoking it but from everything I’ve read it doesn’t seem conducive to the brain healing post benzos. If you try and it works for you congrats. Let me know how it goes. Lol