Without realizing it, member describes Benzo Buddies (as a cult)

Re: Titration, Patents, and Fantastical Claims
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The practice of granting secret, esoteric wisdom that is accessible only to the elect through loyalty to a charismatic but flawed figure who dispenses their occult knowledge through personal revelatory insight while shunning and then casting out members of the group who do not practice exact adherence to a set of seemingly arbitrary dictates while still accruing a devoted coterie of followers, may or may not be applicable to this person, but it sure seems like the attributes one would ascribe to a cult.

We need a method (or probably many methods) of healing that is public and reproducible. That is one of the goals of working together. Perhaps one day a Benzo-savior will appear before us, ready to bath our minds in the waters of true healing, and we will all be:

“remade in the way that trees are are new,
made new again, when their leaves are new,
pure and ready to ascend to the stars.”

But until then, I feel like there is a lot of real work to do.

Kooks upset media hasn’t mentioned Ashton’s passing

Re: RIP.....Prof. Heather Ashton..
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It’s very odd. She died two weeks ago, and there’s not a word about it in the media, anywhere. No obituary that I could find, and no news stories. Not even CNN has reported it – even though CNN is about to broadcast a show about benzos on October 6. You would think at least CNN would note the passing of this woman, whose very name has become synonymous with the benzo issue. But they haven’t, at least not that I can find.