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Colin I was wondering if there was anyway to setup some sort of time delay, like they do now with the superbowl after Janet Jackson pulled a stunt several years ago.  This would allow the chat room monitors to yank something before it would be put up on everyones computer screens.  I don’t know if this is possible, but thought I would suggest it any way.


The point of Chat is that it immediate. Such a system would require moderation attention at all times to be effective – it would be enormous moderation time drain – I don’t think it is a practical solution. In any case, I’m not aware of a code modification that would allow for this behaviour. But, thank you for the suggestion.

The main point is that members are much better informed of the issues, and that we have a large active team of chat moderators to keep the space safe and happy. We will also have in place a number of technical changes that will help in this matter. It is mult-pronged approach. It is getting there.

Honestly, I think most members will judge the chat room to be improved by these changes.


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