Benzo Buddies member hits the nail on the head: “We are a small minority”

Are we a small minority?
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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, or if it’s been posted before.

Are we, who undeniably have been done tremendous harm because of the reckless over prescription of benzos, in quite a small minority? I know thousands of people use this resource and thank God for it. But given how widespread the use of these drugs is (tens of millions of users?), if the suffering we are going through afflicted even a significant minority of those people, it would be impossible to keep a lid on it, and the condition would be more widely known. Surely.
I’ve had 3 GPs in the last year and I am satisfied they know absolutely nothing about benzo WD. Genuine ignorance.
Are we just incredibly unlucky?

A ‘benzo epidemic’ without any victims

There are no reliable (or for that matter unreliable) statistics on the number of people allegedly victimized by Big Pharma’s benzodiazepines. The claim of millions of benzo victims is based solely on dogma created by the infamous Scientology front group mis-named Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). If you ask any of Ashton disciples to provide evidence, of their claim, they inevitably fumble and the offer nothing but a litany of excuses on why there is no evidence to back up their spurious nonsense. Yet, if you join one of their ridiculous benzo victim groups you will hear cult acolytes repeat – like mindless sheep – that millions are suffering. They’re suffering all right – suffering delusions.

Church of Ashton: “Global governments and Big Pharma behind giant conspiracy to enslave us all on benzos”

Wayne Douglas’ (Organizer) Public Address: W-BAD 2016 and Beyond–UCJ3NI&

Mike Fiftynine
Why do you blame doctors and/or psychiatrists for drug addiction? What about the patient’s responsibility? None? Zero? Detox facilities/units know very little about successfully detoxing addicts from benzos? Are you kidding? Doctors/psychiatrists are ALL ignorant (except Ashton)? Do you have a medical degree? Do you have any medical education, at a legitimate university, at all? Or are they ALL controlled by Big Pharma? Tens of millions of people have been helped by BZDs. The overwhelming majority of those people have no issue whatsoever stopping the medication. Those that do are not even a tenth of a percent. Your campaign is anti-science, and thus anti-human. Thank God you will never change anything.

Hard to see them leaving my comment up, much less responding to it in a sane manner, so putting it here for posterity.

World Benzo Awareness Day manages a pathetic 388 “likes” on Facebook

In 2008, approximately 5.2% of U.S. adults aged 18 to 80 years used benzodiazepines. That amounts to 18,502,000 Americans in 2016. World Benzo Awareness Day has managed to get 388 sad people to like its page. You do the math. Yet the kooks say there is a benzo problem – an epidemic! This worldwide epidemic only exists in the Kook Echo Chamber that is the Church of Ashton. In the real world, there is no problem, no problem at all.

1800? I am sure Big Pharma is terrified.

Re: XANAX is a nightmare - it must be stopped!!
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Quote from: [Buddie] on May 16, 2016, 04:18:14 am
Alprazolam /ælˈpræzəlæm/ or /ælˈpreɪzəlæm/, available under the trade name Xanax … The first approved indication was panic disorder and within two years of its original marketing Upjohn’s Xanax became a blockbuster drug in the US.

Those of us who took it on a long term basis are now paying for corporate greed, BIG MEDICINE greed, and BIG PHARMA greed in spades…

What can we do to put an end to this?

Join the Benzo legal group on Facebook. Strength in numbers. Over 1800 members. FB: Benzodiazepine Awareness & Legal Action

Anti-psychiatry ‘movement’ threatens hunt down doctors and put them out of action

End Psychiatry leader lashes out at woman who benefited from ECT

Melissa Ortega: “ECT is a last-ditch effort at stabilizing profoundly depressed individuals. These are people who tend to have suicidal ideation and for whom other therapies have failed. Studies–that can be replicated, which means they are SCIENCE and not fear-and-ignorance-based anecdotes–show that ECT is extremely effective for these patients. Stop sensationalizing medicine. Unless you know what you’re talking about, and it’s apparent that you don’t, stfu and stop stigmatizing people who could benefit IMMENSELY from this treatment.”

Susan Wales: “I find it interesting how Daniel claims to be an advocate for misdiagnosed and ill informed people, which is a good and noble stance, yet can so viciously attack another human being in such a hateful and evil way – which completely negates the thoughtful humanitarian he is trying to present himself as being. Sharing one’s own thankfully positive outcome is in no way a statement on or advocacy for any other person’s experience. Attacking a fragile person who struggled mightily for her own survival is vile and frankly, an evil and merciless act.
I truly hope not one more person respond to this vitriolic hateful person.”

Daniel Carter: “I’ve personally watched hundreds destroyed by psychiatry, many of whom are dead.
You’re spitting on their graves and you should be ashamed.
Don’t try to oppress my form of expression and protest against TORTURE. Fuck tradition. Fuck oppressive psychiatry and fuck anyone who thinks only of their own happiness and is incapable of considering what it would be like to be force treated unnecessarily.”

ChaCha Lambert: “Daniel Carter you are a misogynist asshole”

Izzy Swank: “It’s sad, it’s really fucking sad, that you have no empathy for the people struggling with mental health disorders so bad that they need follow through with such extreme treatments.
I, too, wasn’t an advocate for ECT for the longest time. Watching how depressive disorders can destroy people’s ability to function first hand really changed my mind though. And you know what? Despite the lack of research and negative side effects, it appears that it worked for someone closet to me in my life, and for that I am BEYOND thankful.
Quite frankly, I think you should go fuck yourself.

Narcissa N David Dyste: “I think Daniel does have some other issues going on though…he lashes out even when people aren’t arguing with him…”

Daniel Carter:I may be an asshole at times, but I do it for a good reason and at least I can admit it, Aimee. Forced psychiatry is nothing short of criminal and you seem to have a conflict of interest when it comes to your happiness and advocacy, at the expense of VICTIMS of torture. That’s if you even care.”