Why are so many Benzo Buddies members bedridden?

Can't get out of bed. Worried.
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I had my bf’s parents staying at our house twice in three weeks. This stressed me out. Before that the pharmacist gave me quetiapine/seroquel made by a different company. I took this for about two weeks and was wondering why I felt so bad. It seems that it could have been that to blame.
Anyway, I am back on my original tablets but I can’t seem to get back to how I felt before this happened. I am stuck in bed because getting up is just too much right now. I feel guilty being in bed but this is such a bad wave.
Will my body go back to how it was before and has anyone else had to go to bed to ride out a wave? Thanks.

Ashton kooks flip out after eating venison, chipmunk

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I just ate some venison for supper and my symptoms flared right up what the fuck is going on i dont get it

Re: vension
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guess im the only one thanks for the help this website is unreal

Re: vension
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This should crack you up! I hunt chipmunk for the pelts. I was skinning them in the woods by the fire and had the idea if I ever had to survive out there I could eat chipmunks. So instead of just feeding the coyotes I cooked one on a stick. Very well done I might add and it was delicious just one test bite. For days I wasn’t feeling well and thought back to that incident when I went into a relapse. It’s so crazy how my mind keeps trying to find a definitive reason for feeling so bad over and over again. I’m fine now and you will be too. It’s just the physical and mental nature of the benzo beast! Take care and keep fighting. By the way always cook wild shit well done.