Benzo class action suit will never go anywhere

Re: Benzo Class Action Lawsuit via Facebook Group
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I suppose that this went nowhere?

Maniacs at Benzo Buddies want to stick medical professionals that help hundred of millions of people in prison

legal action
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It seems to me that we been told benzos were not harmful and now we are damaged why cant the pharmacutal be held accountable. The medical field refuses to adknowlage there is a problem in the US because it makes billions chasing systoms .why cant we sue money would me happy. I am surprised the lawyers aren’t pursuing this. This is another day I cant work.
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Re: legal action
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Want to help people put the drug companys that sell this crap in jail.

Kooks compare themselves to people murdered by terrorists, want benefit concert

Benefit concert
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Ok, so they had a benefit concert for the injured in Manchester, England after the terror attack. They raised $22 million. Where the hell is our benefit concert for those of us who got injured by benzo’s and Z-drugs and lost our jobs and are on disability and with no health insurance and trying to make ends meet? Something is so wrong in this world. The terrorists are Big Pharma and we are the victims.

Re: Benefit concert
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Quote from: [Buddie] on June 07, 2017, 03:46:46 am
The terrorists are Big Pharma and we are the victims.

Well said. Unfortunately the rest of the world doesn’t see it that way.

Hophead begs cult’s permission to try Remeron

losing all hope
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I am losing hope to recover. Even if I am only fighting for such a short time compared to all of you.
I can handle it all, but not the insomnia.
I thought things were getting a bit better, I slept 17 hours last week. But the past 3 days I slept NOTHING. I feel relaxed, still stay awake, heart pounding, night sweats etc.
I am going to lose my job over this, my social life is already nothing for months.

Sure, I can still try remeron, but I feel I am masking the problem only by taking medication. And what if I take it for a while and have to cut back on that eventually, then I get rebound insomnia from that too? And I just really get depressed if I gain weight. I already gained a lot past years. My weight is healthy now, but I don’t want any more.

I need to get to work (interacting with a lot of people and making decisions). I took some time off, but it didn’t help with the insomnia at all.

I lost all hope for a good (normal) life.

Sorry, to complain, but I am crying my eyes out here….

Ashton disciples claim bug spray revs them up

Bug Spray
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I used a little bug spray yesterday night and I swear it reved up my symptoms so badly. Nerve pain was out of control!!!

Could it have been the chemicals in the spray? It had DEET in it too.

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It could be. Some people have claimed sensitivity to solvents during withdrawal (e.g. fresh paint or cleaning solvents).

Kooks add benzo hands to list of 90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

Dried, wrinkled hands???
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A new symptom has popped up for me now 7.5 months out from CT of Prozac – dry, hands that are wrinkled and numb to touch. I feel barely any sensitivity in them. Is this even normal? I’m really starting to question WD…I am having sxs that not many have or have had for a long time. Really concerned here…

Re: Dried, wrinkled hands???
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I have that, too, more in my right than my left hand. I find that leaning on my elbows when I use the computer. or even just using the computer makes it worse. Also try not to sleep on your hands or arms. I know I do that, but that’s how I sleep. As long as I’m awake I try to keep off of them, though.

Benzo Buddies members so sensitive humorous emojis can send them over the edge

“Many members are highly sensitive during withdrawal, hyper-sensitivity is itself a withdrawal symptom, and even something as simple as a ‘humorous’ emoji may be considered offensive by some.” – Benzo Buddies moderator

Special Kooky Monday on a Friday: Hemorrhoid cream affects benzo withdrawal

Hemorrhoid Cream?
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Does anyone know if this could cause side effects. I’m almost two years off K and have terrible anxiety and overwhelm. I’m still on 20 mg Elavil and 10 mg Buspar.

Attempt at sex with wife sends cult kook into instant panic

sex did me in
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i just tried to have sex with my wife and sent me into instant panic and anxiiety and dizziness, this crap has to stop i cant take it anymore, my life is on hold anyone else have this problem

Re: sex did me in
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I know what you mean.Has sex in Sunday and today I am not good.Cannot sleep and feel dp/dr.Unbelievably. 

Are doctors really to blame for thousands of benzo addicts in the UK? Of course not.