Cult lionizes Stevie Nicks but always leaves out she abused illegal drugs

Stevie Nicks: ‘I was the worst drug addict’

  • Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks was so addicted to cocaine, alcohol and Quaaludes she blacked out and nearly overdosed repeatedly
  • She wore gold and turquoise bottle inlaid with diamonds around her neck so she was never without coke
  • To avoid body searches by customs in Europe, they hired Hitler’s private rail car complete with the elderly attendant who served the Fuhrer

Before Stevie Nicks checked herself into rehab in 1986, she had snorted so much cocaine it tore a hole through her nose. She bought $1 million worth of cocaine and it burned a hole in her nose the size of a dime. Rumors spread that she had to have the drug blown up her derriere by an assistant.

“All of us were drug addicts,”  the 66-year-old rock icon admitted to Rolling Stone. “There was no way to get off the white horse and I didn’t want to,” Nicks said.

Some poster girl for Ashton’s Church of Benzos huh?

Wikipedia follows Big Pharma’s orders: World Benzo Awareness Day to be deleted, World Toilet Day to remain

Re: they're trying to delete W-BAD wikipedia page - we must act
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There are reasonable arguments that it should be a development
page for now, but there are many articles on Wikipedia dealing
with lesser “days”…. so by that standard alone it should remain,
with some improvements. The atrocity of pandemic benzo ruin
requires an awareness day, and an article on WP.

Re: they're trying to delete W-BAD wikipedia page - we must act
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Pig Day
Towel Day
World Turtle Day
World Toilet Day


World Benzo Awareness Day campaign shuns perverted Benzo Buddies leader

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Hi Red,

The short answer to your question is: no, I have not been asked to submit a video. To be frank, I do not even know who is behind BAD and have no contact with them.

The slightly longer answer is (assuming I was asked) that I would be unlikely to participate by providing a video. I see my role more as providing a support and discussion space for those going through, or have gone though benzodiazepine withdrawal. I leave campaigning to others; those who are better at it (and who are more driven to do it) than me. And, of course, some of them have been doing for very long time – two decades or more. We all have our parts to play.
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Benzo Buddies member: “Colin Moran is the most important person in the entire world!”

Re: World Benzodiazepine Awareness day videos
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These are good videos.
Thanks for posting them.

I wonder if Colin has been asked to submit a video.
At this time Colin Moran is arguably
the most important person in the entire world
of benzo withdrawal and recovery.

How can we have a World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day
without an awareness of the largest, and really the only
benzo recovery website on the planet?
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W-BAD – World Benzo Awareness Day

“It was even suggested that Valium should be added, like fluoride, to the drinking water. Together people would be blessed both with tranquility and strong teeth.” – Prof. Heather Ashton, December 2011

W-BAD – July 11th (Ashton’s birthday)

The date was designated (by whom?) in recognition of Ashton’s contributions to the anti-psychiatry / anti-doctor / conspiracy theory cause over so many decades – together with all of the help (encouraging them to waste years, sometimes decades, of their lives on useless tapers) she has given to so many people around the world. She treated less than 400 people but what the hell…

Participation can be as simple as:

  • Telling any one person that July 11 is World Benzo Awareness Day (could be yourself if agoraphobic)
  • Suing your doctor
  • Sharing something on the Internet (the one activity the kooks are able to do no matter how bad their wave is)
  • Donating $1000 dollars, or more, to Scientology or its front group CCHR
  • Attacking a psychiatrist (or other doctor), nurse, office receptionist, family member of Big Pharma employee, total stranger, etc.
  • Putting a pamphlet in someone’s letter box, handing one out, leaving one on a bus seat or something…

Avoid words like:

  • Addiction
  • Addicts, users, abusers, etc.
  • Misuse, abuse, use, etc.
  • Benzos (even this abbreviation has been bastardized in some media so need to be careful – BZ / BZD / BDZ are acceptable medical abbreviations)
  • Hail Xenu