Kooky Monday: Benzo belly is back!

Benzo Belly
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I see this term thrown around a lot. What exactly is it?

Re: Benzo Belly
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It’s sort of a catch-all term for belly/G.I. symptoms. It includes, bloating, reflux, nausea, weight gain, weight loss, and may also include constipation/diarrhea.

Booze hound unable to compose basic sentences, spell at a child’s level, but healing

sign of healing!!
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well i did quit drinking 2 months ago and had a 5 day window last week, yesterday and today were pretty rough it was real bad yesterday, theres a few symptoms that dissapeared , the dp/dr is gobe, the depression has lifted for the most part, im still batteling with anxiet and insomnia, also this week i noticed i was not as bloated and belly wasent as swollen,so when i was drinking before was i preventing my healment? i went from aperiod when i got off benzo i quit for two months i went back on drinking after for a bit then i quit for around a month and half then went back on and now i have quit for two months it seems my symptoms were alot worse this time when i quit, just abit ago i felt a pop in my ear and my pounding head was gone, is this a sign of healing? seems these waves arent as bad as the were a month ago.

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