YouTube benzo videos terrify cult members

I saw scary videos on youtube. Are they true?
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I am about to begin my liquid taper of klonopin this week. I went online to see how other people were doing it just for some pointers and some of the people on youtube make titration sound like it is impossible. One person on there who posted alot looks like she is about to die. Please tell me she is just nuts. This was very discouraging and it scared the h#### out of me.

Who the hell is Don Killian?

Don Killian
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Don Killian has said he is not doing anymore videos and I’m personally gutted. his words of inspiration, hope and encouragement have kept me going. He supports out of the goodness of his own heart and researches endlessly. Because of some controversy and bad mouthing of Don, which I find disgusting, particularly as it’s from people he has helped get through this, he is wrapping up. Please, if you have had contact with Don or benefited from his videos and writings………. please let him know and encourage him to stay. WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET. I don’t understand how this can happen.

Heather Solimine censors my YouTube comments about a recent cult suicide

I simply pointed out Bill would likely be alive if one of his so-called friends had called the authorities on him. Heather proceeded to give me a very condescending lecture on Big Pharma’s torture chambers (sane people call them hospitals), peppered with gems like the “majority of medical professionals do not know how to handle these situations” (how she arrived at that conclusion is anyone’s guess). She also told me how she pretended to be okay after a friend – fearing a suicide attempt –  called the police on her earlier this year. I am not a doctor but I do believe if someone is suicidal they need professional help, from a doctor or psychiatrist, not from people who tell them not to go to the hospital (because it will make things “worse”). That’s not right. Some would even call it criminal.

RIP Bill.

Church of Ashton: ‘Global governments and Big Pharma behind giant conspiracy to enslave us all on benzos’

Wayne Douglas’ (Organizer) Public Address: W-BAD 2016 and Beyond–UCJ3NI&

Mike Fiftynine
Why do you blame doctors and/or psychiatrists for drug addiction? What about the patient’s responsibility? None? Zero? Detox facilities/units know very little about successfully detoxing addicts from benzos? Are you kidding? Doctors/psychiatrists are ALL ignorant (except Ashton)? Do you have a medical degree? Do you have any medical education, at a legitimate university, at all? Or are they ALL controlled by Big Pharma? Tens of millions of people have been helped by BZDs. The overwhelming majority of those people have no issue whatsoever stopping the medication. Those that do are not even a tenth of a percent. Your campaign is anti-science, and thus anti-human. Thank God you will never change anything.

Hard to see them leaving my comment up, much less responding to it in a sane manner, so putting it here for posterity.


Healing From Psychiatry: The Artist’s Perspective

Alee seems to be full of hatred toward medical science. She comes across as a perpetual victim – blaming doctors, psychiatry and Big Pharma (who have literally saved hundreds of millions of lives with their skill and their medications) for her tragic situation. The book has the feel of a hateful and vulgar masturbatory exercise for a tiny subculture. Not recommended.