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Before my rescue doses caused a setback I used to eat a lot of overripe bananas as they were beneficial for my GERD, which before this setback was one of my only real withdrawal symptoms. I ate one ripe banana today and it revved me up. Is there some theory on why this is the case? Could this be because of rapid changes in blood sugar level? Or is it because of tryptophan in bananas?
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Addict regrets finding Benzo Buddies

I regret finding the truth
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I regret finding out the truth about benzos and finding BB. It dint help me one bit. I would have been medicated All this time and maybe It wouldn’t have been such a horror show. Maybe I could have at least finished collage.

I was so scared of doctors but by trying to do this my self I failed failed failed.

I just can’t believe this is it, idk how I got wrapped up in this garbage, my life was just starting, I was just starting to find myself. And now it’s all gone.

I should have joined the army, I would have rather gone out with some honor, instead of this stupid bull.
I would go now in a heart beat but there’s no way in hell I’d get though basic training.
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Six-foot-six kook claims to look eight months pregnant from a benzo withdrawal symptom that doesn’t exist

Benzo Belly Relief?
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Hi People.

Apologies if this question has been raised before, but one of my worst symptoms 20 months since finishing my taper is benzo bellly.
I’m a tall man at 6 feet 6 inches and always used to be a string bean.
At the moment I look like like a string bean who’s 8.5 months pregnant with twins!
I have read that the only thing that really helps benzo belly is time, but has anyone found anything that really helps to relieve the symptoms?
My poor stomach has never been so ill and is completely solid as if I have a bowling ball in my tummy.
I also have a lot of trouble breathing due to the size of my stomach to the point where I’m gasping for air and start to panic a bit.
Any updated thoughts on how to combat this dreadful benzo belly symptom would be very very welcome.

Thank you! X

Kooks worry whether hair dye will trigger a wave

Hair Dye
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So I haven’t colored my hair in 2 years and it is definitely time for a touch up. Now I don’t go to a hair salon to do it , I’ve always used the store boxed hair dye and its always come out great. Anyway just wondering if anyone has had any bad reactions with it or if it has reved up symptoms. Thanks in advance

Taper causes sexual confusion

The word bisexual = panic
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I am confused as to why this is happening now. I was perfectly satisfied with my sexuality and all the sudden I am questioning it. So much so that my new engagement makes me feel like a fraud and is sending me into benzo withdrawal symptoms…

I tried telling my boyfriend I am not ready for this commitment but he’s not listening to me. I took off the ring and my heart is shattered again.

I am in a serious wave. I am in so much pain…I would be totally fine coming out as anything that I am but why is this happening now? I’m 37, and did not have these feelings before. I always respected that community greatly, I’m super supportive because I understand their hardships. I just always appreciated men more so than women.

I remember my last inpatient stay I was roomed with another woman that was a lesbian. Totally fine with it just did not want her coming on to me. I have had a woman hit on me in my early twenties, I was not offended at all…just preferred not to date women, again I liked men.

I can sit here and convince myself I am straight, but I think I could also convince myself I am bisexual. I am again, absolutely fine being attracted to women, I just do not feel anything towards either sex right now…

I do however feel severe nerve burning when I think about being lesbian, feel a little better about bisexual. Bisexual seems maybe more natural for me? I can look at women and acknowledge their positive attributes and not actually fantasize about women right?

Same way I look at male attributes but definitely feel something, especially the thought of a strong man like my fiancé etc…sorry too much information.

I feel like if I say I am bisexual its a lie, but if I’m heterosexual it’s a lie. I feel like a fraud and in a wave of symptoms because of it.

I have barely eaten, been shaking, nerve burning, complete and sheer panic for two days. I would hate to come out now as bisexual and have it not be real or say that I am straight and have it be a lie. I guess I just have to be, with this beautiful ring and an uncertain future.

Benzo Buddies cult hero Parker goes back on benzos, panic ensues

Re: Parker new post?
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I think there is still a lot of confusion for BB members. Parker posted that she reinstated and this was placed in the Success Stories?? I know success stories have to be approved by admin. This is very confusing.

Reinstatements do happen but have been posted in an appropriate section. This was upsetting to say the least for many members. A brief explanation would be appreciated. Success stories are the only hope many people cling to. What happened here?

Re: Parker new post?
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I wish her well too.

But this just goes to show that not everyone who suddenly disappears from the forum goes on to heal. I’ve always wondered why someone as active, influential and devoted to the forum and people on here as Parker would suddenly disappear without telling ANYONE why she left, What happened, etc. If you look back at Parker’s posts before she “disappeared” she was literally posting multiple posts a day. For someone to just up and leave without coming back at all, something must have happened or they reinstated. People kept telling folks on here “well healed people don’t hang out on this forum anymore they move on with their lives”. That certainly isn’t the case here, and provably many other cases out there.

I’m glad she came back and told us. It’s a little odd she posted In the success story section, but at least now we know what happened.

Re: Parker new post?
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Oh, so that is why I couldn’t find it. Thought was going mad….
I am glad she is ok.
If I could reinstate and stay on I would.
I should have done that in December 2017 when tried and it still worked before damaged was caused to muscles and joints instead of listening to ppl on here saying not to and drugs are bad etc.
They were the right thing for me.
Now can’t take anything and body literally crushing itself.

Re: Parker new post?
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Well the truth here is that she did not go on to heal. That’s what I mean by people on here making assumptions about people leaving and healing. False reassurance.

Re: Parker new post?
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It’s just completely bizarre to me that someone who KNOWS how horrific Wd is and how long the suffering is would willingly put the poison in their body again. I’d die before I physically put another pill in my mouth. It’s different if the wd wasn’t as bad or long, but Parker was on here for like 7 years..

It’s like someone who almost died of peanut allergies would risk eating it again.

Re: Parker new post?
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I don’t think Parker healed and then went on drugs after. She was 32 months off and still bad.