Kook claims popcorn gave her hangover

Popcorn Hangover....Really?
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Feeling sorry for myself and trying to weather through a splitting headache last evening, I asked my husband to buy me Skinny Girl Popcorn and some ginger ale to snack on while Netflix watching. Uug…..boy did I wake up feeling awful with GI issues, worse headache than last night, and overall icky feeling. Going to be hard to get up and get dressed for my MRA scheduled for 3 p.m. today. So, I guess no more popcorn for this buddy! Sure wish I could string together more than three to four days in a row of feeling well!!!! Just when I get in a nice rhythm, boom, the hatch closes on my weary head and the waves rush back in I sure hope to high heaven that those reading this are feeling good, great, greatest

Addict follows benzo cult guru Ashton into oblivion

Please help spatial awareness disorientation issues
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Hi I’m new here
I’m feeling so distressed. I feel like I Search and Search but can’t find my exact symptoms.
I’m wondering if anyone who has spatial awareness issues can tell me what they experience.
I’m finding it so hard to put into words what I’m experiencing but basically everything feels off centre.
I can’t comprehend straight walls i over think everything and I feel disoriented. And try and square things off almost. I have only left the house a handful of times the last few months and when I do the roads feel off like they should go more to the left or right. Like the direction is slightly off.
I’m finding this so unbearable has anyone experienced these symptoms
I feel like I’m going crazy.
I tapered from diazepam Using Ashton method but these symptoms have worsened since weaning off propranolol.
I just can’t seem to get my mind to stop overthinking about this
Please help
Much love


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My husband has decided he wants a separation, and possibly a divorce. He can’t handle this, and is very mean and unsupportive in my quest for help. He has had enough and it’s only been a month. Anyone doing this on their own? How do you manage? I have nowhere to go, and nobody to talk to. I’m not working, and have very little income. He has yelled, screamed, and said some really nasty things to me. I went through a divorce 14 years ago because of horrific abuse, and that was really hard. I didn’t cope well and turned to drinking for years. I’ve been sober since 2013. I’m afraid I’ll fall apart again. I’ll be honest I took 2 A after the fight and I regret it. I just don’t know what to do or how to cope. This is overwhelming me. Have any of you gone through a separation, or divorce during wd? How did you do it? I am so defeated I feel like I will just give up. I am not as strong as many of you and tend to isolate and avoid anything painful. I have a long history of Ptsd, and trauma. Any advice is appreciated. Please no negative comments. I feel low enough


hey everyone back again
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I signed up years ago and I’ve decided to start being active here again. I was on Klonopin 2mg took 1.5 daily for 15 years and completed my withdraw back in 2012 I think. Due to covid stress I asked my doctor to put me back on .5 mg and I only take .25 for about 6 mos. I will withdraw again, it won’t be that bad. Its real easy. I started the tapping method which really works.

If you go on youtube and search “Tapping for anxiety” you’ll find lots of methods to reduce your anxiety without the help of benzos.

Benzo Buddies member: a bunch of nut jobs run Benzo Buddies

Re: Baylissa
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Thanks to all of you who continue to critique people who are just looking to help others they are disappearing one at a time, meanwhile no other people are popping up and helping those of us in hell try and survive. Baylissa has closed her doors now because of jackasses like […] on some sort of power trip trying to belittle those who have dedicated their life to helping encourage those of us struggling to survive. Who cares how they do it? If it helps talk people down from the brink of suicide like Baylissa has done for thousands of people, I just can’t with this site anymore. You’re encouraging people who are helping to stop helping meanwhile doctors and professionals continue to ignore our plight and more people commit suicide. A bunch of nut jobs run this site apparently

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Addict rejects doctors, family, work, therapist in favor of doctor-bashing cult

They Dont Believe Me
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Nearing completion of my 4th month. Things have just gone down hill this month with no windows. Waves to severe waves have consumed me, my family, my work, my therapist and my doctors.

I am starting to see cracks in support. People dont believe me when I say there are no drugs to fix this. Everyone wants me to take SSRI’s and/or other drugs. They see me in so much pain and dont know what to do so they go to what they know – drugs. It is frustrating. I tell them what I need when they ask – to tell me I am healing and it will get better. I am not sure they believe me when I say that is the support I need.

All of them keep asking ‘what do the ‘expert doctors’ recommend.’ They tell me not to rely on the internet or message boards. I keep telling them the doctors dont understand and that I am doing the right thing. I just need them to support me and provide reassurance that I am healing.

I am looking for concise but thorough documentation to help show them what I am going through and what I need. I tried to show them a book but it was too long. I showed them letters from others that made it through but they say it is not from an expert. Is there anything out there that is just right. That I can point to and say here – read this 4 page document. It will tell you what I am going through and more importantly what I need. That no medication or intervention will help other than time, distraction and positivity.

Please help.

Benzo Buddies censorship? What’s happening?

Re: In defense of Baylissa
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Quote from: [Buddie] on April 01, 2021, 05:41:20 pm
Baylissa tried to sign on with her real name and was asked by a moderator to change the username to something less identifying! She posted proof of this to her FB group. I saw the ticket about the name change. There was no intent to deceive here, simply her desire to come online and correct what she saw as misinformation about her practice.

^^^^^ … Yes, this.

It’s bizarre that almost the entire ‘Benzo Community’ knows this, except the very people that dealt with Baylissa’s application to join the BB forum don’t… The BB ‘Admin Team’ lead by Colin.

Something’s very wrong somewhere in the ‘Admin Team Communication Department’, that’s for sure… and it isn’t over at the ‘Bloom In Wellness’ office.

It’s right here… right here in this one.