Kooks come up with new benzo withdrawal symptom: benzo cough (but it’s really mass psychogenic illness manifesting)

Does anyone have a benzo cough?
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I have really been suffering with this cough now since October of 2020. It’s so bad that it causes me to wheeze and it usually comes on at bedtime so it makes it very difficult to sleep too. I’m just wondering if anyone else has a bad cough they’re dealing with. I actually started to develop this cough after the doctor had prescribed some amitriptyline for me that threw me back into withdrawal. I’m just wondering when this might end. Also, was there anything you could do to make it any easier? It just seems to go on and on.


Re: Does anyone have a benzo cough?
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I too have a tickle/cough and have had it on and off for about 3 years. Sometimes it’s worse but then just like that it’s gone for awhile. Comes at different times of year. It’s very perplexing.

Re: Does anyone have a benzo cough?
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I had a benzo cough for awhile earlier on but its gone now. Just wanted to validate you – ya – its “thing”

Without Klonopin mental patient reverts to being nuts

Scared of myself
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I’m 6 months Klonopin free and one symptom I can’t shake is being scared of my body and not feeling safe in it. I feel out of touch and out of control. I look at my tattoos and have a panic attack because I can’t just “take them off.” I got the covid vaccine and was in full panic for 24 hours because I couldn’t “take it out” if I wanted to. I’m constantly questioning whether I’m actually alive or not and wondering if I’m dreaming or actually dead. I’m terrified all the time. I had a window for about 2 weeks but have been really stressed at work and am now in this wave. I’m always reading posts on here but I can’t help feeling entirely alone. I’ve lost 40 pounds so far and I’ve convinced myself it’s lymphoma. Any support I can get would be greatly appreciated.

Man losing everything to Benzo Buddies cult

My doctor set me back so much.....
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I have a doctor and a psychiatrist. Neither understand but my psychiatrist at least honors me. I cut from 3mgs to 2.5mgs three weeks ago. HORRIFIC…..today I saw doctor and decided to share my success….he didn’t share my enthusiasm. Told me best remedy is intense exercise. I’m 44 and I go to my mother’s on weekend and sleep. I used to have a wife home, competed in martial arts – boxing and Brazil Jiu Jitsu….now I’m lonely, sick, and tired….I feel like I’m going to lose my career… alone forever….I’m extremely extremely depressed today….no looking for sympathy. Just wanted to vent…. this is such a lonely process. My friends either don’t understand or don’t care or maybe they think I’m being dramatic or making excuses…

My doctor set me back….I work full-time..that’s all I can do..and barely. I’m sorry…..many of you have it much harder. I’m so sorry…..

Benzo Buddies has demonized doctors so badly its members are terrified of going to the dentist

Tooth extraction
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Feeling nervous about tooth extraction, in bad shape as it is with taper and I have CCI (neck instability). I have an infection m/abscess, wondering if this could be revving up wd symptoms, too long to list. Oral surgeon is reluctant to use all Carbocaine?? Anyone go through an extraction ok?

Coleslaw and grilled chicken wrap sends kook into outer space

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I am really not telling anyone not too….. just me venting over being a dummie. I was on a PPI for reflux for around 3 months. I’ve been completely off for about 3 weeks with NO issues. Tonight I tried to be brave. I ate a decent size bowl of cole slaw with my grilled chicken Caesar wrap. You know that one scene in the little mermaid, where Ursula the sea witch breaks the shell holding Ariel’s voice and you see this beautiful glowing ball going “AHHHHH-AH-AHHH”…… goes right into Ursula’s mouth and it’s like “BOOM” she’s all stunning for a disgusting sea urchin? Well that was me tonight with the cole slaw…. I was all “AHHHHH-AH-AHHH” while eating it because it was soooo good. And then an hour later I was like “BOOM” but it wasn’t in the stunning way. I realized with that “BOOM” that I didn’t swallow a beautiful glowing ball of shimmering goodness. I swallowed a big ball of Acid death! It BURNS!!!!!!!!! Why do Sea Urchins get the four leaf clovers?

Cesspool of Madness review: Fantastic!

Cesspool Of Madness is apt. LOL The Benzo Buddies site is a ridiculous joke of a “support forum.” Bunch of fearmongering, fruitcakes out to convince anybody on benzodiazepines that they are doomed for LIFE. HAHAHAA! Fools. Of course… everybody on benzos is doomed to be brain damaged for life. That’s the general consensus, having been a member of the cult that it really is. Keep it up, Cesspool! Keep on outing the poor, ignorant (in its literal sense) and willfully ignorant members/admins.^5

Cult lunatics fantasize about having police arrest doctors

What would happen if I call the cops on my doctor?
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I was just thinking to myself how I haven’t actually filed the Civil paperwork at the Courthouse so that I can sue all of the doctors responsible for this. And that could be a long process. So the other option was I was thinking I could always call the police station and have the doctor at the last hospital I was at arrested for letting me go home feeling like this.

I mean what would happen if I did that? What if I said that they need to be held accountable for injuring me and leaving me with a brain injury for a couple years? Would they get arrested? Because if so, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. And then I will press charges on them at court.

Now that I’m thinking clearly again (lol – editor), I’m going to screw them over as good as possible so that they can get everything they deserve. Nobody should be letting somebody go home like a crazy person when they can’t even think straight so that they can suffer for years and years. I don’t know why nobody else has called the cops on their doctors yet. Or has anybody else here done that?

Benzo Buddies kooks whine rain is making them suffer

Do rainy days affect withdrawals?
« on: May 20, 2021, 02:43:48 pm »


I have been in a wave since I was stressed out a week ago, and today I feel symptoms are really intense. I can not do what I could do yesterday. I blame it on today’s rainy weather,too but wondering if it affects withdrawals so much. I hope I am not alone with this. I appreciate your responses.
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Re: Do rainy days affect withdrawals?
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Now you mention it, it’s been raining here for weeks and I’ve been completely wiped out, absolutely exhausted. It could be something to do with the weather I suppose. SAD is a recognised condition.

Then again it could all just be coincidence. You can drive yourself crazy thinking about this shit too much, which I tend to do

Re: Do rainy days affect withdrawals?
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[…] I believe rainy days do affect us! We have had a lot of cloudy and rainy days I need sunshine!