Taper terror: 5 mg of Versed for colonoscopy causes complete collapse

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I need major reassurance!
I’ve been having a hard time lately, a very hard time.
As some of you may know I’ve been struggling to get off a very short time use of Ativan.

Following a colonoscopy in late Oct, where I was given Versed, things have been very bad.
I can’t remember anything, I can’t concentrate, lots of visual and auditory problems.
I also have lots of POTS like symptoms, my body is not holding onto liquids at all, I drink and it goes right through me-literally!!!
Given this, I’m getting tons of dizziness and feeling faint.

I moved to liquid Ativan in Jan and have only been able to taper down to 0.699 mg, and that nearly killed me.

I’m having to file for long-term disability, as my short-term disability has been used up.
I can’t even fill out the paperwork, that’s how cognitively challenged I am (I have a masters degree in engineering and run half of the engineering department for a large municipality – so I’m normally very sharp and with it).

I just found out that the Dr at the colonoscopy gave me 5 mg of Versed!!!

This is why I’ve been the way I am.
I’m now convinced that I will never heal, and I also am feeling very defeated, like I will never be able to get off this drug.

At first I was tapering 0.007 mg a day, I crashed and burned on that, waited two weeks and started 0.001 mg per day and crashed on that after 16 days. I can’t even go 0.001 mg per day!!!!

I feel like my body is shutting down, it feels like my brain is not working at all correctly anymore?
During the day it feels as if I’m fighting to stay alive – very weird feeling.
I do have a bunch of tests coming up to see if they can determine a problem

I don’t know anyone else on this board that has had this happen!!

I need major reassurance that I’m going to be able to recover from this!!

I wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain from the headaches!

Please, please someone, tell me this is going to be ok!!!

I’m very distressed, I don’t want to die from this, I don’t want to leave my girls!

I can’t take years to get off this drug!!
It feels like it is killing me now!

Please help!!!

Winnie :'(

Cold turkey leaves addict unable to have sex with wife (or even masturbate)

Sexual issues during WD
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I made C/T from lormetazepam 24-1-21 and I’ve bit hit by my 1st long wawe. I experienced ED related with insomnia and anxiety. I lost night erection and was basically unable even to “have sex with myself”.
Then I had a small window during which I started to feel normal. More arousal, better erections, masturbation ok. Anyway I was too anxious for having sex with my wife.
I tried to force myself taking some tadalafil (Cialis) and it has been horrible. I became even more anxious after taking it. I just told my wife it’s not worth trying.
Even worse. We started watching a film together and I couldn’t stand thrilling scenes. I didn’t sleep and a new wave is starting. I’m back to the point where I can’t do anything.

I think it’s mostly related with insomnia and anxiety but I’m afraid of developing a vicious circle insomnia – ED – depression.

Have you ever experienced sexual issues during WD? How did you manage them? How long they lasted?

PS: how can I add my benzo history after my posts?

Re: Sexual issues during WD
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You’re definitely not alone. Since I’ve been on benzos my sex drive has been decimated. Before I was on them I was on opiate maintenance, and just on opiates I was able to have a healthy sex life with my girlfriend, so that shows how much benzos kill your libido. Try not to get caught up in the mental struggle about it because it will get better with time. Personally I haven’t gotten off benzos yet so I can’t speak to when things get back to normal after you stop taking them, but it will happen. It’s totally normal to be freaked out by random things while you’re in withdrawal too. The fear center in your brain is going haywire along with lots of other parts of your brain. Going cold turkey must be extra tough. By the way, if you want to add your signature go the profile option, then go to the “forum profile” option. It’s definitely a good thing to have so people know where you’re coming from.
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Crazy person asks other crazy people if it’s okay to eat sushi rolls

Healthy food question?
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I have been having some issues with food lately, so trying to be mindful of what I eat. Thoughts on plant based foods and sushi rolls??? Love both but don’t want to upset the apple cart!

Kook wants to sue psychiatrist for $40 million dollars

I'm in the process of suing my old psychiatrist for 40 million dollars
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So I decided I’m not going to sit back and let doctors get away with what they do and I would rather get rich by getting the money I deserve. So I’m going to sue my old psychiatrist for 40 million dollars by getting a judgment against them in court.

It’s really not difficult, you just come up with a number for all of your time lost and income lost and all of the suffering and pain that you deserve compensation for oh, and you provide the proof and you ask for a jury instead of a judge. You go to the court and you file the paperwork with or without an attorney.

I called an attorney in the mountains where I used to live and I said I want their assistants to guide me through the legal lingo but I’m going to do it with or without them and they sound interested. I said I‘m going to sue for exactly 40 million dollars because I was on them for 20 years and I will need money for the rest of my life going forward as well so I’m asking for 20 million in the past and 20 million going forward.

I already have a great story for the jury and everybody will be on my side because nobody trusts the government or Psychiatry anymore. There’s nothing that Psychiatry can do about it and they’re going to get sued and I’m going to win whether they like it or not.


Marijuana, Vyvanse, Klonopin, Zoloft and xanax. 😣😣 Help appreciated!
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I’ve been taking vyvanse at 60mg and Zoloft at 100mg since I was a kid. I started smoking weed in high school and haven’t stopped, although I am an enthusiast and think that it has various discovered and undiscovered mental and physical health benefits. Anyways, The benzodiazepines I have only been on for 1 year. They have completely thrown me out of whack. My short term memory is horrific ever since I was prescribed klonopin but at first the benefits outweighed that so I completely overlooked it. I just don’t know which drug my mind is more addicted to and how to go about quitting the benzos specifically.

ANY and all advice I thank you in advance for. I never dreamed a medication could make you feel this lost and confused.