Benzo Buddies advice for insomniacs: 20 pretzels and an avocado

Try eating AVOCADO!!! Helps deep sleep
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Ok guys this is something I tried in the past and worked for but due to the Extreme brain fog I don’t do it as much anymore but try eating a whole avocado maybe 2-3 hours before bed and like 20 pretzels 30 mins before bed. Don’t have huge meals!! Really take care of your stomach throughout the day.. In the past when I tried this I’d achieve some deep sleep even after days of light and broken sleep. Recently I tried it and waaaahhh laaah. I achieved some deep sleep again but it gave extreme brain fog the day after so I cut it back down to just pretzels at night, but give it ago it might workout for you. Pls let me know if you tried and it worked out for you. 🙂

Re: Try eating AVOCADO!!! Helps deep sleep
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Gonna try it tonight, sir.
You could tell me sleeping upside down while playing a kazoo with my butt would help and I would try it.

Do you need to go blind in order to join Heather Ashton’s benzo cult?

Freaking out
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The side effects have gotten a little too much for me this week because they are hitting areas that are huge triggers – my eyesight. I’m an artist and design for a living. I’ve been able to work throughout this ordeal but now things are complicated because I have visual snow. I need to go for an eye exam to rule out actual eye damage, but eye exams are a huge stressor for me. I have fainted in my last two exams, and that was WITH Klonopin. What the heck do I do now? My fear is actually enough for me to want to skip out on the appointment completely which I know is stupid but I don’t want to faint. I don’t know what to do or how to cope right now. I cried hysterically earlier. The exam isn’t until Thursday morning.

Re: Freaking out
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I cancelled my appointment. I can’t do it :(

Anti-psychiatry haven Benzo Buddies compares hospitals to prisons, warns members to stay away

Psych and detox facilities
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I am watching Orange is the new black when I can, and cannot shake the feeling that American psych hospitals and (possibly, don’t have any experience with those) detox facilities are way too similar to prisons.

How you cannot leave the facilities, or have much of your personal stuff, phones, even a kindle, how visitation is limited, how you have this ancient wall phone, how you are treated like a child, how your complaints are ignored, how you are stuck with medications they think are best for you and not given what you need (I was refused my asthma inhaler once, despite wheezing!!!), how the food is awful and without much regard to your food sensitivities, how you are forced to the social activities. Some places it’s even physically dangerous, because they mix violent manic patients with detox patients.

Re: Psych and detox facilities
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Although I’ve never been in a mental hospital, I have been to a voluntary hospital detox, sent there by a well meaning but clueless doctor to get off xanax. It was only 4 days, but it was awful. I don’t recommend this to anyone. Far from being an “easy” way to get off benzos, as some seem to think, it’s literally going from the frying pan into the fire for most of us who’ve experienced it:

Nine years ago, I went to a major Seattle hospital for “detox” where the doctor was supposed to be a “benzo expert.” He wasn’t, and I only saw him for a few minutes the whole time. All they did was cold turkey me off a high dose of xanax, feed me, and monitor my blood pressure for 4 days. I was the only benzo person on a floor full of alcoholics, and there was NO follow up treatment or counseling. Price: $16,000 (2009). Afterwards, I had hellish relentless symptoms that never stopped. These were so bad that I reinstated 4 months later, only to taper off a few years later. I’d kindled by then, and it 2.5 years for me to heal.

One thing, and I say this from my own experience. It might be better to limit watching tv shows or movies that disturb you. We tend to be extremely emotional and suggestible during withdrawal, and it’s often best to limit our exposure to such upsetting things. That’s what I did, and it helped. I focused on positive distractions like classic movies, audible books, spirituality, art, crafts, and short trips and walks out of the house. Anything that took my mind of my suffering for a little while,


Re: Psych and detox facilities
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Oh my gosh, your detox experience sounds horrible!

I’ve had that too, though, at regular hospitals: monitor blood pressure for several hours, and charge a thousand or two for it.

I’ve been bed ridden for 10 months, so I’ve watched all the feel good shows already. If you can recommend anything particular, that’d be great!

Re: Psych and detox facilities
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In my opinion….Detox centers are a waste of time and money. I could of done the same CT to me at home and had more money in my pocket. The pain and suffering would of been the same. The aftermath of what you experience when you leave a detox center is horrific. Your in a lot of pain searching for answers. I highly advise against it.

Re: Psych and detox facilities
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Yes. I wish doctors were not leaving their patients hanging and cutting them off, thereby forcing these dangerous detox situations. The revival of the market for the benzos had already happened in a big way in the last 10-15 years, and there is no backing out of it just like that, right now. What was prescribed needs to be carefully and slowly de-prescribed.

Third time the charm?

Going for it for a 3rd time
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I was put on Klonopin 22 years ago when there really wasn’t anything much about it on the net. Over the course of the years I went up yo 8mg thanks to the doctors , Realized I was in deep trouble and slowly titrated down to 4 which was hellish and then stopped for a few years . I then began my titration to completely get off of the 4 mg 10 years ago. Not an issue at all and stepped off at .25mg and within a month or so all hell broke loose and I tried to stay with it but it got the best of me when I landed in the hospital. Reinstated at 4 mg and have held until now. I am now 64 and feel that this is my last chance. The klonopin isn’t working. I have many issues as a result. Neuropathy in feet and fingers, heavy sweats, feeling like bees are stinging me all over my body and tinnitus that comes and goes especially when anxiety flares up. If its not working as in my brain wants more like it did last time and I am in pain now and seeing it worsening. I am getting very little sleep and my adrenals are not doing well. What else can I do. So, wish me luck. Any help or advice would be seriously appreciated. I wish all of you the best life can offer.

MSG is like garlic to vampires for brainwashed Benzo Buddies members

MSG affecting sleep?
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Does anyone find that consuming MSG have an effect on how you feel or how you sleep? Anyone found a diet that helps you feel the most stable? Thank you

Re: MSG affecting sleep?
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I was really sensitive to MSG and I could tell whenever I injested some. Especially when it was the type added to food vs natural MSG. Now it doesn’t bother me at all. I can eat anything I want.

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