Benzo Buddies tells members to read Scientology front group CCHR co-founder Thomas Szasz, mental illness does not exist

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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In the end, even the truth doesn’t matter, life is Just survival of the fittest and everything boils down to dominating other people, Wether you are right or not.

Our symptoms are caused by increased cortisol from our overloaded sentes, if you suggest that people go back to benzos or take SSRI, which would just exarcebate the issues then you are simply ill-intended and sadistic and Kill two birds with one stone: you put them through hell and diminish their […] capabilities while legitimizing psychiatry at the same time.

“Mental illneses” dont exist, deal with it. Go read thomas szazs.

Member: Benzo Buddies dangerous, harmed 10s of 1000s

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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Quote from: [Buddie] on November 10, 2018, 06:10:38 am
Do nothing!!! Everyone must do NOTHING. No matter what ails you! Only TIME will cure you … meaning just get older, that’s all we have to do, just breathe oxygen and stay alive.
I agree, I hate this attitude around here. If you’ve just gotten worse and worse and have ten times more symptoms than you had in acute, then you have a disease. If you haven’t healed after 2 years then it’s time to see the doctor, and you should probably be proactive and continuously see doctors the whole time before then too. This forum is dangerous, has harmed tens of thousands of people – It encourages disease by making people complacent about their health and the progression of a serious illness. Almost every amateur health community on the internet is guilty of this too – everything is about their disease and working strictly within their system of protocols whether that system deals with heavy metals, genetic mutations, tick borne illness, hormones, or psychiatric drugs/withdrawals. And worst of all they all seem to share the attitude that getting worse for indefinite amounts of time is acceptable or a sign of healing – there is no way out and method of undiagnosing yourself from their illness and their train of thought.
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Benzo Buddies leader tries (and fails) to calm his rabid anti-psychiatry flock

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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This thread is veering far off course now.

There are a couple of points I’d like to address. First of all, everyone agreed to follow rules and policies when joining the forum. This includes being careful with profanity. There are people who are sensitive to the use of profanity and while we don’t edit out each and every occurrence, mostly due to the fact we have a small team to moderate a large forum, it is important to post in a manner than is acceptable by all.

Please do not post profanity – disguised or otherwise – at this forum. Members will have differing sensitivities to the use of swear words, so it is better to avoid their use altogether. The use of profanity can also contribute to a less calm atmosphere. If a swear word is mild and infrequent, or if the member is particularly upset at the time, we might choose to let the rule infraction go unchallenged. Do not take any such examples of such leniency as a green light to post more of the same.

Secondly, we are not an anti-benzo, anti-doctor, anti-medical profession forum. There is a place and a need for medicine and doctors in this world. While some of us, perhaps many, have been subject to inferior medical care, your comments should only refer to your particular instance and not generally debase the entire medical profession.

I know a little boy very well that is still undergoing periodic chemotherapy sessions to make certain his cancer stays in remission. Where would he be without this care?

Anti-doctor, Anti-psychiatrist and Anti-medicine Comments

Whilst some of our members report negative experiences with doctors, psychiatrists, or the wider medical profession, and although we do not wish to outlaw comments about how members feel let down or mistreated in their personal medical care, you are not permitted to use this community as a platform to spread general anti-doctor or anti-psychiatry propaganda. Nor should you, unless you are posting a recommendation, name those involved in your healthcare.

Please read the referenced links for more information.


Why are you driving under the influence in the first place?

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So I have asked around and talked with my pharmacist also. What happens if we get pulled over and we are on our benzo (I don’t take mine until I get to work so it has 8.5 hours to wear off until my next dose, however I get paranoid I’m going to get pulled over and get in trouble. I’m not a bad driver, but what if something were to happen.


“I am the sickest person here”

Benzo lies? continued...
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As an aside here–I firmly believe that any or all of my thoughts could be lies. However, that seems irrelevant to me as I believe them. How is it helpful to know something is not true? If you believe it, it is true. Or am I missing something?

As a continuation to my thread yesterday, it was mentioned one particular lie was, “I am the sickest person here.”

I can prove that is true. There is no way anyone in recorded history has come on and off benzos as many times as me. I could not include really anything much in my signature. Here is a more complete timeline, although no way my memory could capture it all. When you’ve read this, you will all have to admit that I am doomed because it is known that after a rapid taper, which I did, the sxs last longer and are more intense. If you come on and off numerous times the sxs last longer and are more intense. I have come on and off more than 50 times. Nobody in the world has done that. I have read people’s sxs here last for years and they are not kindled. If that is the case then mine should last for decades. I am super kindled. Far beyond any of you. That is science, not benzo lies. Here is a timeline which is so long no one will read. Not even sure why I am posting here at all. Just want you all to agree I am unique and should cash in.


On .5mg. Klonopin from 1989 till 1995. Rapid 1 week taper inpatient.
On Klonopin again briefly following hospital. Not sure if I came on and off a few more times, but probably.
Off benzos but on and off various ADHD drugs and antidepressants, etc. fora few years.
On depakote (a GABA-ergic drug) from 1996-1998 (so was I ever really off benzos? Sort of.)
No benzos from 1998 till 2001. But during that time I was hellishly obsessive. Which makes me believe I never really healed and definitely won’t now since I am much worse now than then.
2001 I had ativan. On and off a bunch of times until 2004. Up to 20mg. at a time. Rapid taper inpatient. Afterwards, 22 rounds of ECT (during which they give you diprivan and probably midazolam I am guessing).
No benzos from 2004 till 2007 or so. I think.
No idea how many times between 07 and now that I have come on and off, but I ordered a whole bunch of times from Indian pharmacies and got my mother’s prescriptions and would taper myself off of them and on and off over and over again. I also had Carisopradol and ambien a bunch of times. I would go months without anything, then back on again.

Enter 2017. I started slow taper. Could not hack it after 6 months.

I went to Virginia. Did rapid flumazenil taper. Been off for over 70 days now.

My point here is that I am scientifically, absolutely the sickest person in the most terrible position that has ever happened. There is no way anyone here or who has ever lived has come on and off as many times as me, at as high a dose as me or who has cold turkied and rapid tapered as many times. No way, don’t believe you.

In short, I am doomed.

These sxs will last for 30 years and will continue to be a living nightmare. They are never going to let up and they will increase in intensity until the day I die. FACT.

No way you could prove me wrong.

And as extra evidence that I am doomed, even if you did, my obsession wouldn’t allow me to believe you. My mind is gone. I don’t exist. I am only this. Forever.


Wedman Withdrawal
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I am joining BenzoBuddies because I am going through benzo withdrawal and want to learn more about what to expect. I was on temazepam for 5 years at 30mg at night for sleep. I started experiencing withdrawal about 3 months ago. I have been tapering and now on 7.5mg daily. I expect to finish my taper in 2 weeks. I am on trazadone and gabapentin.

Benzo Buddies members question sanity after joining anti-psychiatry site

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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Quote from: [Buddie] on November 02, 2018, 05:50:26 pm
I don’t want this to be controversial but I’m having a hard time seeing people that are so sick years out. I’m having a hard time believing it’s still withdrawal (except for cold turkey people).

Maybe we shouldn’t be telling them it will get better. Maybe they do need to be on an anti depressant.

Please don’t attack the post. I’m just questioning the quality of life if the suffering goes on for so long.

This is exactly how I feel. People keep saying I’ll get better because I’ve only been on them 2 weeks and some change and got like this. And it’s November and this all happened end of July. It’s so tiring. I’m willing to take anything. I’m too young for this. It’s so depressing. I question my sanity everyday. I obsess over it. I’m like a caged animal in my damn head.

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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This thread me realize I need to take a break temporarily from BB. Can’t obsess over this.

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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Geez did anybody read the disclaimer ?

Can someone tell me how to delete this friggin post?

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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Can one get floxed from eye or ear drops?

Re: Are we telling people the wrong thing ?
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Quote from: [Buddie] on November 02, 2018, 08:09:57 pm
Can one get floxed from eye or ear drops?

Yes, I have seen it a few times on here.