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Klonopin eater can’t get off the toilet, vows to keep tapering

Anyone struggling with diarrhea during taper?
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Hello. I have been tapering klonopin for a 4 months. I was on 8mg for 23 years. I’m tapering .25mg per 30 days. I can’t get off the toilet. I have lomotil that I have been taking, but it is not helping like it usually does. Has anyone else had this withdrawal symptom?

Re: Anyone struggling with diarrhea during taper?
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Hey, sorry you’re having stomach issues. That is no fun at all. I (like you) was on Klonopin and when I tapered I had bouts of diarrhea (and vomiting) that would come and go. And yep, when I had it nothing would help. I do believe this is all related to w/d. I was on 2mg for 7 years so with you being on 8mg for 23 years I am willing to bet this is all related to w/d. But again, it did pass for me but it took awhile. If it gets really bad that would be something most def worth getting checked out by the DR. I would hate to see you get dehydrated from prolong bouts of it. I wish I could give you some advice on what helped me, but nothing did. I had to just grin and bear it unfortunately. So sorry you are dealing with that, I feel for you

Re: Anyone struggling with diarrhea during taper?
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[…] – Bummer. Diarrhea is a really annoying s/x. I’ve had some IBS problems for years but worse during the taper.

I can say that eating more natural foods – fresh fruits and veggies apparently provided more fiber and helped the problem a whole lot. I also cut out most meat though have small amounts occasionally.

The diet change was due to high sugar levels from diabetes which the doctor said would require insulin if I did not get it under control fast. From my reading a whole food, plant based diet would regulate the sugar. The much improved bathroom issue was just a bonus.

I’m really sorry you are dealing with this and know it can be a serious problem. I hope that will level out for you.

All the best, LA

Another Ashton taper fails

Losing Hope at a Year Off
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I feel like I’m losing all hope of ever feeling normal again in normal situations. I’m basically a year off and my head feels like it could explode, and the depression is still terrible. I used to try stuff like meal changes, a few supplements, taking time off work, more water, more vigorous exercise, naps, and so on, but now it seems I have run out of stuff to try but other RX drugs. I feel like I’ve run out of people in real life to talk to about this, yet it seems I need to be talking about it constantly just to feel any semblance of normality. Where can I go from here at a year off? What can I do?

Kooks wonder if Justin Bieber has PAWS


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Justin Bieber in PAWs?
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…just something I was thinking about today… he had a run-in with Benzos from what I’ve read and now he’s suffering through some pretty significant challenges according to the news and some of his tweets. I wonder if he’s going through PAWS? Just a coincidence maybe.

Re: Justin Bieber in PAWs?
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if so, i’m sorry to speculate that fame or fortune won’t be able to buy him relief